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    Well, another year, another game of FIFA. Now I'm not new to the franchise I've played every instalment bar 2010 so I'm not new to this and I don't hate FIFA so before this review starts sounding too negative, let me get that out in the open.

    Now I'll start by talking about the gameplay, every year EA introduce big gameplay features and when it receives negative criticism they do it all again the year after, so as is tradition they've done it again, overhauled everything with the new Frostbite engine. If you've played previous instalments you'll know keepers have been a huge issue in the past, are they improved in 17? Slightly, they'll make the saves they should make but they still mess up in true FIFA fashion, they also have a knack of palming away 95% of shots which usually land in the worst places. Finishing is much harder in this game, shooting just isn't very good. Tackling/Defending is also harder, in 16 they introduced a system where tackles will sometimes allow you to retain possession, now it seems when you tackle them they still retain possession a lot of the time and well it seems to be a huge issue that will be resolved with their yearly gameplay overhaul update... Hopefully. Player instructions, another thing that worked well in FIFA 16 and we're asking ourselves, what happened? They don't seem to work as intended on this game, the main issue is asking the full backs to stay back on attacks, instead they ignore you and bomb forward at every occasion. Overall gameplay feels slower and much more sloppy, dribbling is significantly harder and it just feels like an overall downgrade from other FIFA games.

    I'm going to take this little patch to talk about the most anticapted new game mode in FIFA in years, The Journey. If you don't want to read on as I go a little more in depth, here's a perfect little summary, "good idea, poor execution". With that said, let's go into why, first disappointment came when with the announcement when we learnt that this wasn't going to be our story we'd get play, it would be that of Alex Hunter. Every little boys dream, you start at approximately 8 years old (not sure if the age is verified at any point so this is what I'm going with) your game goes to a penalty shootout and you score the winning penalty infront of a scout. Fast forward about 10 years and you and your best friend Gaz Walker are at an exit trial, after you impress you get the choice of any Premier League club. Here comes the disappointment, it's only 1 season long, there's no European football and there's no international football. For reference I went to the club I support, Arsenal. It's an enjoyable experience so far, we've gone through pre season and about 6 premier league games. It's loan time, i did particularly well in all my games but found starting was impossible for me and so I went on loan and while at a big club, I'm not sure if you can stay at your parent club and without going further into the story and spoiling it, this is where it goes downhill. EA forget that this is supposed to be a story and it soon merges into a be a pro career mode where you just play through the games as they come along, and any cutscenes or story advancement is few and far between. The story that does come though is awfully predictable and cliche so you've figured out what's gonna happen and how it will all end in about January. Injuries are rarely achknowledged and are just waved off, when your main striker is injured (the position I chose) I had Danny Welbeck (another striker at Arsenal) who never gets a look in, why? It's never explained, it's never even achknowleged. Before the transfer window ends your team sign a superstar player, in my case it was Angel Di Maria, who isn't even a striker, yet for the first game was thrown in there at striker just so I had a reason not to start on the pitch. 90% of other BPL clubs, including the likes of West Ham and Bournemouth sign Harry Kane, which is just outright ridiculous. It's the little things EA the unrealistic things that, let's face it you were just damn right too lazy to do anything about. Not to mention their use of repeating cut scenes or the interviews being outright bad, interviews sound incredibly awkward and after about the fifth interview they start asking the same questions and getting the same answers. To summarise, it was a nice start and they got the first few months right but it just became a chore to play afterwards when it felt like nothing more than just a pro career mode, another disappointment is that they make wages a factor, they tell you how much each club offers and even more how much you make but there's absolutely nothing to do with it.

    Career, now this is going to be short because as we all know EA don't really care about career and again it's been completely overlooked with the exception of having Targets such as shirt sales and youth profits, yeah that's pretty much it. If you have 16 and are primarily a career mode player, best not waste the money on this just yet, there's nothing new to justify the purchase.

    Ultimate Team, EAs favourite game mode as it's the one with all the micro transactions. Two main things are added; Squad Builder Challenges and Fut Champions. Squad Builder Challenges is actually something EA should be praised for adding because they're fun and actually allow you to get some good packs and players that won't cost you an arm and a leg. The concept is you have to build a squad around a certain amount of requirements to get packs, players or coins and usually doing a number of them under 1 category grants an even bigger reward. Now it's not frequent that I praise EA for adding something that in the long run could lower the money they get from micro transactions but good job on this one EA. FUT Champions is another game mode that can give out some good rewards, only one downside, it's not really for the casual player, with the rewards at stake you know everyone is going to be trying their hardest to win and everyone will do everything they can to do it. If you enjoy playing FIFA casually at your own pace, you may not enjoy what comes with this one but if you can push through, the rewards are worth it. Although just to add with the new FUT Champions mode having dedicated servers which are primarily in the US and Europe. I've seen a lot of people who aren't fortunate enough to be there such as Australia and South American countries have suffered a bad connection in this game mode, so take that into account.

    Pro clubs is the only thing where there's been a change, for the first time in years. The way your pro progresses is where the change is, how you play affects which stats improve and when you get enough improvements you get skill points which you can spend on attributes. That pretty much covers it.
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    TheGreatKoalaSounds like they took a step back and headed towards the shockingly bad FIFA 15(the worst football game in a long time), rather than the quite bad 16, quality wise
    Posted by TheGreatKoala On 11 Oct 16 at 08:03
    White WyvernI definitely agree about The Journey being a chore. The cut scenes were the only thing I looked forward to. I was playing on easy, scoring 5 goals a game yet I'm sent to Aston Villa? Terrible writing.

    Anyway, good review man.
    Posted by White Wyvern On 13 Oct 16 at 00:40
    Tucky90So far I can't justify giving this game anything but 1 star, They have made no progress in anything and have only made things stupid like penalties and corners among other things. Fitness continues to be bullshit as your player are done by half-time but the computer has full fitness in the 80th min.
    Posted by Tucky90 On 01 May 17 at 18:34
    usrhlpI like the journey but it really has become a chore to play i am no longer interested in playing it so have decided to sim the training sessions and I just want to complete the game for the achievement. I am the single greatest striker that has ever played the game. I am on legendary skill level and I was at everton and in 6 games scored 48 goals.....apparently i wasn't good enough for everton so they loaned me out after buying Harry Kane. They subsequently lost to man u 14-0...IDIOTS laugh i chose to play for newcastle who are now 220 goals to the good at the top of the championship and we are in the semi finals of the league cup against man city, should be an easy trophy for us. Everton made a mistake loaning me out but there is nothing you can do about it. The story mode, as mentioned in the review above, has to make some predefined actions to progress the story but NO CLUB in the world would ever loan out a striker that has a goal average of 8 goals per club. So this was my biggest bug bear, the fact you could do nothing about it and had to be loaned out for no good reason even if you were the greatest player that ever lived. I am going to complete the story mode but right now i score three or 4 goals to ensure i get my 10 out of 10 for game rating then i put my controller down and walk off to do something else and let the computer play the rest of the match without my intervention and having alex hunter just stand in the middle of the pitch doing nothing (the manager isn't happy but he won't dare sub me!)...i am simply no longer interested in playing it... i just want to get to the end / sim the games/ reduce half time to 2 minutes as 4 is just far too long! (you cannot do any of those things) cry
    Posted by usrhlp On 31 May 17 at 11:12
    Posted by MagmaticNevada8 On 14 May 21 at 06:12