1. FIFA 18 Walkthrough OverviewUpdate notes

Hello and welcome to the FIFA 18 walkthrough on TrueAchievements. My name is Wahito Burrito and I'll be guiding you through the best way to unlock all the achievements for this title. Here is a summary for all the achievements:

  • There are 44 total achievements worth 1000G
  • Most of the achievements will come naturally or can be obtained very quickly however achievements for The Journey can take a while as you have to play through the whole game mode and The Big League achievement in Ultimate Team is a long grind and is what will take so long to complete this game. Be warned there are a few glitchy achievements which can get annoying if they don't unlock.

The game is very repetitive when it comes to certain achievements however you can just pick away at them when you have free time and it shouldn't take you any longer than 60 hours to 100% the game.

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