3. FIFA 18 Career ModeUpdate notes

Career Mode

Very simple and easy achievements can get a little complicated but follow all the steps and you can get all the achievements in less than 15 minutes.

Start off by making a new career mode being a manager and chose a team with a high budget like FC Barcelona or PSG and make sure you disable first season transfer window so it shows off. Now straight away go to squad then squad hub and list a few players on the transfer market. Now leave that for now and go to the transfers and search up any player and approach to buy him, then just wack the amount all the way up into the high millions like 50-100 and then finish the negotiation. Then negotiate a contract making sure you give them what they want to make them happy. When it comes to wages offer more than their current and give a nice signing bonus and the achievement will pop.

Now find a player who has a release clause on them and when you approach to buy accept to pay their release clause, once again finish their negotiation and you get the next achievement. If you don't have enough money just start up a new career mode but remember to copy step 1 and put players onto the transfer market.

Now simulate a week or two in and go to the breaking news and then transfer news and look for something where it says this team are looking to sign so and so and then press cn_LS and put him onto your shortlist. Now go onto your transfer hub and you should see them. Look at the overview and see if it says if another team is in negotiations with them, if so sign them as soon as and negotiate their contract to unlock the next one.

  • Sniped

    In career mode, compete for the same player with other teams, and win the negotiation war


Now simulate until you get a transfer offer for one of your players. When you do go into the negotiation and make sure to add a sell-on clause, also make sure you set it to something stupid like 1% so the other team will accept and if they do all your achievements for career mode are done, if not wait for another player and try it on them.

  • Investor

    Sell a player and negotiate a Sell-On Clause with the buying club


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