5. FIFA 18 Ultimate TeamUpdate notes

Ultimate Team

There are a lot of achievements this year in Ultimate Team and some of them can be very grindy so make sure you are ready for the repetitiveness of playing a lot of matches against the AI. I'll start off with the walkthrough for the easier and shorter achievements and save the worst for last.

Objectives & SBCs

Daily Objectives are easy to complete and are things like, win a game in single player seasons or buy a fitness item from the transfer market. If you can't do any of them they refresh every 24 hours so you'll have a new set to complete. You can view your Daily Objectives by going to the FUT CENTRAL tab on Ultimate Team.

Once you've completed your first objective you have another 4 to complete, make sure that you have enough time before they refresh because you don't want to get half way through and then have to do them all again. Once you've completed all 5 the achievement will unlock.

Weekly Objectives can be a lot more difficult and will take longer to complete but luckily you only need to complete on and not a whole set of 5. Some of these objectives can be score 10 goals with a player from a certain country or play 12 matches. Unlike daily challenges you have a week to complete these and like before they will refresh so if you can't complete any just wait it out for an easier one. You'll probably unlock them without even trying if you go for the other achievements.

Squad Building Challenges are difficult to complete but there are some very easy ones that you can do to get these achievements. You can get to them from the SINGLE PLAYER tab on Ultimate Team. When you are on the SBC menu go to Basic and complete the "First Exchange" SBC. Very easy to do all you have to do is put any bronze player from your club in and submit.

Now complete "The Second Step" and "The Third Step" to unlock the next achievement.

Now that's left to do is to complete another 17 SBCs, now I'm going to say this but buying fifa points is the quickest and easiest route to take however it is possible without, using coins that you earn throughout the time playing open bronze packs and keep all the players you can get, you'll likely get a few bronze packs from daily challenges too. When you have enough players complete the Bronze Upgrade SBC, this is where you need to put 11 bronze players into one SBC and you'd need to do this 17 times so roughly needing 200 bronze players to do so, you can do the Silver or Gold Upgrades too.

Game Modes

The next 3 achievements are very simple and should take less than 3 hours to get. Everything you need to do is located on the SINGLE PLAYER tab on Ultimate Team. You will need to play a game of Squad Battles which you MUST win, play the Team of the Week doesn't matter if you win or lose and FUT Draft. If you are having difficulty with the FUT Draft just make sure that you chose a difficulty that is best for you and make sure your team has 100 chemistry. You can do this by choosing players who are from the same league or nation. You'll need to win all 4 matches to get the achievement and it will cost you 15,000 coins or 300 fifa points to start a draft. You can still get the achievement on the online version however it is significantly harder and single player is pretty much a guaranteed win.


When I say I left the worst till last I meant it! This achievement is seriously grindy and can take you along time to complete. You have to get to Division 1 on Ultimate Team, to clarify you only have to get to Division 1 and not win thankfully making it a little bit easier but none the less. If you are skilled enough by all means play the online seasons however I recommend playing single player seasons instead. In each season you will have 10 matches to play and a certain amount of points to gain promotion or win the title. You will get 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss. Using my method down below you should only have to play roughly around 60 matches providing you win all of them which can be a challenge. The best advice that I can give is to use the coin boosts in the catalogue which you can access using cn_RS so that you can upgrade your team as soon as possible. By now you should have some coins already and I will tell you my team which I used so that you can work towards it or swap players out if you want:

Formation 4-3-2-1 but you can also use 4-3-3

GK: Heaton - not the best, somehow became overpowered as soon as he got loyalty (play him in 10 games)

RB: Yedlin - very fast right back, would strongly recommend

LB: Pereira - he is a right back however he played fine in left back and once again very fast and has good all round stats

CB: Smalling - what can I say this guy is super strong and tall, one of the best defenders out there

CB: Lindelof - cheap defender that does the job

CM: Lallana - this guy is an amazing dribbler and also has great passing

CM: Bakayoko - absolutely amazing player has great defensive stats but never use him to shoot as he only has 49 shooting

CM: Dembele - has amazing dribbling and high phsyical

LF/LW: Son - has great pace, shooting and dribbling the perfect winger basically

RF/RW: Lucas - he has 93 pace making him rapid and also has 86 dribbling

ST: Jesus - again another rapid player, not the best shooting however has 87 dribbling

Again like I said before that is the squad that I ended up with so you can work towards getting it player by player and should only take you a few seasons to get. If you feel like a player doesn't play well for you then swap them out for someone else straight away to get your team perfect. Make sure that you have a manager too as this can increase every players chemistry by 1 point so you get an extra 11 which can help if you have players out of position. Let's start then shall we.

When you chose which season you want to chose make sure you check for entry requirements. These are requirements in which you have to full fill to enter, most of them are 11 silvers players or have a certain amount of chemistry which is what I would personally go for since having silver players can limit your choices when it comes to good players. I would also recommend going for a season that has a low amount of points to gain promotion, this just means you will have to play less games however the difficulty may be harder so if you want to play an extra game or two per season then chose the easy option which will be the first one, but if you are up for a challenge usually the second from the left is the best. Now play through all your games and once you get the right amount of promotion points your season total will go to a green bar always check before the next step but when you start the rest of your season matches just play for around 1-2 minutes in game time and then leave, it will give you a loss but it will make the season finish quicker and you will go to the next season anyways. By the time you get to Division 1 you will have unlocked the last 3 remaining achievements for Ultimate Team. Congratulations on all your hard work.

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