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  • ollietwoollietwo292,973
    06 Nov 2019
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    Simply the worst Fifa ever produced...
    I like to play on very hard difficulty but the AI just play extreme keep ball and the player movement is non existent....
    Passing is extremely random- I can literally have my analog stick held down solid to the right yet my player will pass left or backwards...
    You only control about 50% of what each player actually does the other 50% is random and this helps EA control the market so players who are spending big money on Fifa points get boosted but they will never admit this.
    I am normally a weekend league (fut champions player) high online division etc but this game is unplayable, it is more down to luck than skill as I can play 10 games online, completely dominate 9 of those but be lucky to win 2.

    Pointless, waste of time and money
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    SoppiestSquash8So true about the passing. It's driving me crazy. I'll have a perfect through ball lined up, push the analog stick hard in the direction I want to pass, and they'll just haphazardly fling the ball in the other direction. I've conceded so many goals in division rivals and in ultimate team in general due to the poor passing mechanics in this game. I got it for $30 and it feels like a bad deal.
    Posted by SoppiestSquash8 on 30 Nov 19 at 16:04
    RheinadlerAs with any FIFA, there is a lot of random stuff going on and I also believe that they mess with the game to manipulate people into paying up, but the possession meta is far better than last year's AI press meta. If people manage to keep the ball from you like that, you are probably refusing to press.

    The passing changes are also an improvement for me because it makes tiki-taka more skillful and your passes are disturbed by the enemy press. If you keep passing into your opponent, try taking another touch or just passing sooner.

    And the biggest problem of FIFA 19 - the cross spam - has been nerfed into the ground, even though it mostly benefited weak players and therefore goes somewhat against EA's agenda. I think your review is pretty one-sided.
    Posted by Rheinadler on 21 Jan 20 at 13:51
    MagmaticNevada8This review is so biased thats its borderline banter bruv
    Posted by MagmaticNevada8 on 07 Jun at 11:18
  • H0LYSH1PH0LYSH1P217,059
    01 Oct 2019
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    With most FIFA's there is a lot of speculation leading up to the release on how good or bad it will be. However, this FIFA is a big step forward in a series which, in all honesty, became a little stagnant and very much the same year-on-year. The new refreshed look and new parts to each game mode has secured a lot of FIFA fans for the year. Ultimate Team moving towards an objective based season system has massively improved the addiction to this game mode and I am hooked on hitting the targets daily and weekly.
    Career mode has had a huge development with press conferences, a new player to manager relationship section, scouting changes and some leagues having background title changes. These changes have made a very unchanged game mode become almost brand new again and it is changes I love.
    Pro clubs, the amazing game mode that is Pro Clubs. My favourite I must admit and the changes to the skill tree paths and more detailed system for upgrades has catapulted this to being a must play with friends. I would highly recommend this game mode as the league system is still amazing (as always) and the custom cups make for an exciting time against random clubs or other friends clubs.

    Overall, the game is fantastic and will be played for many many MANY hours. It is better to play with friends in my opinion but solo/alone the game is addicting and will entertain you for many hours qith its high variations of game modes and detail