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    02 Dec 2008 02 Dec 2008
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    Repetitive and no longevity. These two characteristics sum up the majority of ‘Street’ type games in what is slowly becoming a quagmire of a genre. So enter the latest football entrée into the bog of foreboding.

    My first experience of the game pitted my team of 4* players against a similarly ugly looking bunch of 3* players. Pleasantries were not exchanged and the myriad of football balancing skills ensued. With enough skills performed under my belt, followed by a deflected shot, I had achieved my ‘gamebreaker’ – a special power, which on my next possession I activated, gave a goal on the first shot. I regained possession quickly after the goal kick and subsequently scored again – and again. Here we are, 3-0 up, and only 30 seconds played. What manner of madness is this?

    OK, I’m a sore loser. Easy difficulty or lower is my best friend. The next hour of me vs. CPU games resulted in an entire clean sheet. Even a quick foray into the challenge mode yielded little resistive powers behind the three CPUs powering this Microsoft console. Team after team, challenge after challenge, all fall under my spell of apathy, despite all the players being of the same level.

    I see many games like this recently – they insist on a five star rating system but refuse to let anything have only one or two stars. Where are the crap players? Where is the team I can fob off to friends in local multiplayer?

    Despite all of this, EA can yield some small home comforts – the menu system in this sports game incantation is clear and easy to navigate (unlike other EA regular outings), and the sounds in game are appropriate – not stellar, just appropriate.

    Multiplayer on Xbox Live is very empty – little in the way of players online (just watch, EA will close this server too), and thus games with a friend are mostly what you’ll get. I was getting no lag with UK to US games. The five minute time limit on ranked games is also a downside, as it makes one Xbox 360 achievement a jolly waste of time.

    As for the achievements themselves – a visit to an achievement website will quickly net you all but 2 ‘offline’ achievements and the online ones. But do not despair! The 2 offline ones to which I refer involve playing with certain teams you can unlock in challenge mode. Should one wish to not soil their boots by treading through challenge mode, find an online friend who has, have a game of Playground Picks, with them hosting the game and picking the relevant teams for the achievements. The online achievements require only a friend or gaming buddy, but each player will need 25 ranked wins * 5 minutes a game = 50 games total, or 250 minutes plus loading screens.

    On the DLC front, 300MSPs gets a pack with teams to unlock and 3 new stadiums. Also, easy achievements.

    Overall, a sub-par repetitive football game with no longevity. But easy achievements.


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    Acko93A very fair and accurate review.
    nice one :)
    Posted by Acko93 on 08 Apr 09 at 01:00
    ERIKDOTCOMSince this is the street version of FIFA, is there like, no rules or something?
    Posted by ERIKDOTCOM on 24 Oct 09 at 14:40
  • nonsystem2nonsystem229,356
    07 May 2010
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    In this game you can play football on the streets as football stars, like Ronaldo and Rooney. You can play with friends on the same Xbox 360, or on Xbox Live. You CAN'T create teams or players. angry You also can't earn achievements in Practice mode. cry


    Gameplay is good. You can perform funny tricks, run on the walls, and watch replays of goals. You can also perform Gamebreakers to win the match. Also this game has easy controls. But this game hasn't variety of tricks. cry


    Sound is good. Soundtrack is not bad. But some sounds are unrealistic. Also some soundtrack too boring.


    Graphics good, but too "cartoony" for Xbox 360. But moves and tricks are realistic.

    -----------------------------------SINGLE PLAYER--------------------------------------------------------------------9/10----------------------------------------

    AI is great. Game modes are cool. But you can't create teams and players.


    Multiplayer on Xbox Live is bad and boringggggggggg. sleep cry shock redface But multiplayer on the same Xbox 360 is cool.

    Summary: 36/50
  • Lambo Fan 08Lambo Fan 0853,139
    25 Apr 2010
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    I first played fifa street for the nintendo gamecube, and fifa street 2 for the PSP and thought they were the greatest! But I bought fifa street 3 thinking it would be the same as the first two, but I was wrong, DEAD WRONG, what I saw was a mess. The controls were stiff and sloppy, the gameplay was boring and the whole concept of the game was horrid. I thought changing the difficulty would improve it but yet again I was wrong, the easiest game to play was 3.5 stars, a nightmare.angry

    All I can say I hope EA dont release a FIFA Street 4 because I wont be buying it, 40 quid down the pan.angry