FIFA Street 3 Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

This walkthrough for FIFA Street 3 is written with the idea to help out people who have some difficulties with some of the achievements in this game or don't know how to unlock new teams, challenges or areas. You can do all of the challenges in any order you want, but it's better if you stick with one objective and finish them off. In this game, the story line is based on progressing through the Fifa Street challenges.

In the story walkthrough, we'll go through every possible match you need to play including challenges, which are needed to unlock new teams. If you don't need to play a challenge to unlock a certain achievement, I'll tell you as well. There are a few achievements that can only be unlocked while playing online. Since the servers for this EA game are closed since February 8th, 2011; the online required achievements can NOT be unlocked anymore. If you have just recently picked this game up, you can expect to only get 730G for this game or 980G with DLC.

The Arena Pack DLC, this pack gives you 3 new arenas to play in, (Riverside PM, Jungle and East End). This pack is very quick and easy to complete if you have already completed the FIFA Street challenges and unlocked Predators and the Veterans. This pack can be found on the XBox marketplace and is reasonably cheap considering it is an EA product at only 300MSP.

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