FIFA Street 3 Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

Everyone knows FIFA (football or soccer depending on the area you live in) & how the game works: pick a team with 11 players, play against another team of 11 players & try to win by scoring as many goals as possible. To win a match, you might need a certain strategy but not in a FIFA Street game. Ever since the first game in the series got released back in 2005 for PS2 & the original XBOX, people who didn't even like the regular FIFA-games had to admit this was a huge innovation. Instead of trying to open a spot to get the ball against the back of the nets, you now have to build points by doing tricks which can be are very variable from juggling to dribbling. The controls can be found here.

Some important things to remember:
- Every achievement uses the term 'Lead FIFA Street 3 Profile', which basically means the first player signed into Xbox Live.
- 'Gamebreakers' are the best way to score a goal. Remember gamebreakers DO NOT guarantee a goal, but you will score 90% of the times. If your opponent is in gamebreaker-modus, try to score a goal to deplete his Gamebreaker-meter to zero. You can extend your meter by doing tricks & scoring a goal.
- The gamebreaker-meter will fill using tricks, which you can do with juggling (Y-button), doing style-tricks (with LS) or running on walls (press & hold RT near a wall). - For head to head matches you need 2 controllers otherwise you cannot play them which means you cannot complete all the achievements in the game.
- While defending, tackling does not mean you get the ball every time. You can tackle using the A- or X-button. Mostly I used X, since the players have a bigger range to win the ball.
- You can choose any difficulty you want. Personally, I played on Medium (basic setting) but new players can try building up their difficulty in the Game Settings-menu. Difficulty does not disable achievements so you can play on Easy to make this a quick one.

How to unlock teams:
Predators: Complete the Adidas challenge in Fifa Street challenge.
The champions- Complete the Champion challenge in Fifa Street challenge.
World stars- Complete All-Stars challenge in Fifa Street challenge.
F50- Score 5 goals in the Fifa Street challenge series.
The veterans- score 1 gamebreaker goal in the Fifa Street challenge series.

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