2. Fable II General hints and tipsUpdate notes

Hints & Tips

- Cooperative:

Fable II supports cooperative multiplayer where two players over Xbox LIVE share the same screen in a single hero's adventure. This being said, the cooperative play isn't as good as it would seem as sharing a screen with someone else means that your partner must stick close to you and isn't allowed to venture off too far, this means exploration is very limited.

It's worth adding that a nice feature of the cooperative is that if you see another hero do a certain thing this could unlock achievements for you. Notice that "Or see another hero do so" at the end of most of the achievements indicates that if you let your cooperative partner do something you can't, you'll both earn the achievement.

- Money

Those who have played previous Fable games will know that you can purchase property and make a steady income overtime. In this case you can actually earn money while you're not playing the game; purchasing businesses or houses in the game will earn you cash while your console is off, so the next time you play the game you will get all the money you have accumulated while you weren't playing. See below for my sneaky tip on getting rich quick.

You can alter the clock on your Xbox 360 by as much as a month (this is the maximum amount of gold you can earn at once) to get a nice payload when you turn it back on. Do this repeatedly for heaps of cash. You must be offline to do this as Xbox LIVE will alter the clock otherwise.

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