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Fable III

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Fable III Achievements

Most Earned

Hand in Hand
Hand in Hand5 (5)You've held hands with another person. What better way to make a connection?
The Guild Seal
The Guild Seal10 (10)The Guild Seal reacted to your touch. You're a Hero! But then, you knew that already.
Total Warrior
Total Warrior11 (10)Killed enemies with Melee, Ranged and Spell Attacks. Which is your favourite then?
He's a Woman. She's a Man
He's a Woman. She's a Man5 (5)Heroes have long been free from the boundaries of normal society. What is normal anyway?

Least Earned

We Need Guns, Lots Of Guns
We Need Guns, Lots Of Guns80 (20)You collected every legendary weapon, which makes you something of a legendary collector.
Set Them Free!
Set Them Free!96 (40)What does freedom mean to a talking piece of stone? Free speech, one supposes.
Fashion Victim
Fashion Victim69 (20)You own every item of clothing in Albion worthy of a Hero. And more than a few that are unworthy.
Lab Notes
Lab Notes61 (30)Crazy witches aren't the only ones who long to change their nature.
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