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Fable Fortune servers are shutting down in March

After just two years, the servers for the Fable spin-off Fable Fortune are set to close in March. This leaves you with a month to grab any achievements you might want or need from the card game.

Posted 3 years ago by Sean Carey

Who Would Make An Xbox Super Smash Bros. Roster?

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is out for Nintendo Switch today, and it marks the de facto end of major 2018 releases. This got us thinking, who would make an Xbox Smash Bros. game roster? We've come up with 20+ famous faces.

Posted 5 years ago by Mark Delaney

Fable Fortune Plays Host to a Double Silver Weekend

Following its launch from Game Preview on February 23rd, a Double Silver Weekend is available in Fable Fortune. Silver is Fortune's in-game currency which allows players to purchase card packs.

Posted 5 years ago by Kelly Packard

Fable Fortune Update 0.5.0 Details

Patch 0.5.0 for card collectible title Fable Fortune brings a new Silver income source, Mass Salvage of unwanted cards, guaranteed Fabled and Mythics from card packs and a major rebalance.

Posted 6 years ago by Lucy Wood

ID@Xbox Gamescom 2017 Montage

There are currently more than 1,500 ID@Xbox games in development. The traditional montage trailer showcased 14 of those titles that are coming to the Xbox One within the next 12 months.

Posted 6 years ago by Rebecca Smith

Full List of Xbox One X Enhanced Games

We know the Xbox One X is coming on November 7th and we know lots of games are going to support it, but until today we didn't know exactly what games those would be. There's over 100 titles.

Posted 6 years ago by Claudio Barata

Fable Fortune 0.4 Patch Information Announced

New patch information, semantically labeled the 0.4 patch, has been released for Fable Fortune. The patch, which introduces and alters a number of things, is highlighted by the introduction of friend invites.

Posted 6 years ago by CognitiveCaveat

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