Fable Heroes Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

Note- Fable Heroes is a great extension to the Fable series, in the form of an arcade game. It is an action game (Beat 'em Up) in which you go through various levels of the different Fable games, where you then collect coins and kill enemies to get to the end. These coins can be used to level up your characters, giving them different abilities or boosts. On top of this, it has several mini-games that will help you get coins too. If you are looking for another Fable game with a fantastic storyline, this is not for you. In this walk through, we will go through the achievements in ways I feel are the best to go for. They can be done in any way, however, these are how I got them, and feel are easiest.

1) Start the game and run through the levels of Light and Dark Albion. During your run of Dark Albion, you will be doing various things that are required to get different achievements. You can try to get gold medals on your first run, but it is not recommended. Later in the game, you will be able to unlock many abilities that will greatly help you achieve the gold medals. On this run, you should probably just be enjoying the game and picking up some easy achievements.

2) Once you are done with your first run of the game, you should clean up achievements to unlock tiles on the Inner Board. Once you have most of them cleaned up except for the "World Champion" achievement (Get a Gold Medal on all Levels), you should work towards buying ALL the abilities for one character.

3) After you have bought all the abilities on one character, you will have access to their "Inner Board". This gives you many different abilities that will greatly help you gain all your Gold Medals. In this part, you should try to gain these abilities and finish off the "World Champion" achievement to complete the game.

Good Luck!

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