Fable: The Journey

Fable: The Journey

Xbox 360

Fable: The Journey Achievements

Most Earned

The Open Road
The Open Road20 (20)Your story has begun, but where will the road lead you?
Saved by the Sun
Saved by the Sun21 (20)You escaped the Devourer... for now.
In the Palm of Your Hand
In the Palm of Your Hand23 (20)The power of the gauntlets is now yours, but so is their burden.
Roadkill12 (10)You ran down an enemy with your cart. Consider investing in a plough.

Least Earned

Medal Gear Solid
Medal Gear Solid343 (60)Earn a Gold Medal in every Arcade Mode challenge.
If I Only Had a Brain
If I Only Had a Brain128 (30)Destroy all 20 Arcade Mode Scarecrows.
Pedal to the Medal
Pedal to the Medal167 (40)Earn a Silver Medal in every Arcade Mode challenge.
Heavy Medal
Heavy Medal80 (20)You earned a Bronze Medal in every Arcade Mode challenge.
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