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Hazar Khall
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Hazar Khall
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Posted on 18 August 19 at 11:18, Edited on 18 August 19 at 12:01
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Some puzzle games do bring a nice change of pace, in both difficulty and mechanics, enough so that they stand out in some way. At least, in the sense of being different. Break the mold, if you will....
Sadly the "mold" this oddly named title wants broken... might actually be literal, green, and hairy mold. You're welcome for that.

Hello, and welcome to my review.

Factotum 90 is a puzzle game, developed/published by TACS games, revolving around the player controlling two robots remotely. It's highly suggested that you are a human controlling them, but, it's never touched on.

With a lackluster story, but easy 1000 gamer score, lets see what this adventure had in store for us.

The story is clearly stated, yet has a few holes and unanswered questions to it.

You are on board a space ship, deep in space. If the location were ever stated, I never caught on. You ARE shown a picture of the ship next to an asteroid belt, with wide space everywhere around it, so whoever was driving was doing a very, very poor job.

The ship in question is dealing with quite the extensive list of problems. Engine failure, life support, hull breaches, chemical spills, the works.
Like any decent corporation before them, the owners of the ship decide that NOW was the perfect time to activate the ONLY set of robots where you are... though explaining it like you just got to the ship itself.

You are tasked, puzzle style, with going floor to floor, with the only communication coming via intercom by the aptly named Tacs.
If the ship has any other inhabitants, or if both Tacs and yourself are just lonely robot dudes, is never really shown.

The in game puzzles are tackled by the use of initially one, then a set of robots.
Movement is done with the left stick, the Y button switches between them, A uses computers/buttons, and X picks up/puts down objects.

With that said, the controls are touchy at times, and certain hazards require a veeery precise touch to micro adjust your course... something this game really isn't equipped to handle.

Puzzles are solved by moving platforms, directing lasers, clearing barrels and other obstacles and such, all with the goal of moving both robots, whom start in different locations, to the same exit elevator.

While you are told at times you are completing one task or another (clearing hazardous gasses, restarting life support) none of this has any bearing on game play past initial game mechanic introduction. You WILL see more hazardous gas as you go on, not just up until you've fixed the "major problem".

In typical fashion, the levels get harder as you go on, but as you play in vacant levels, never meeting anyone past on the intercom, and never seeing the end results of your tasks, the game feels repetitive rather quickly.

While understandable from a small title company, trying to publish and develop their own game, it's rather clear that both sound and graphics were done on a budget.

The graphics are rather low quality all things considered, the in game computers and lifts looking really low tech, and again as the levels are bare past the obstacles, the repeated designs in wall, floor and hazard skins just sticks out.

The sound was just as uninspired, and in truth, I put on my own youtube playlist after only a few minutes, as sound was in no way much of a help in this game.

Honestly, around a 3-4 without a guide, though the game spikes at a 6-7 at times expectantly.
Some of the levels proved to be a bit of a challenge, though you aren't exactly trying to beat the game here, just hit certain levels to do certain achievements... I'm expecting, at least, for most of those reading.

There are times that an obstacle or challenge might stump you, but in truth, there are times the detection for platforms, or buttons, or lasers, again just didn't work quite as intended, which proved more of a hassle.
This would cause more time to be spent readjusting a box, or causing me to restart a level, just to get positioning of robots correct.

As well, the 100% isn't that hard to obtain, as you are looking at going about a third of the way through the story, all of which will be a grind.

This game isn't really that hard, most of the time.
It's issue is that it is very bland, it's hardly engaging, and its replay value is non existent, relying solely on you liking its increasing difficulty.

The achievements require you, mostly, to do things repetitively. Switch between robots 1000 times, blow up so many barrels, use so many computers, none tied directly to levels per say, outside of waiting for certain game elements to show up.

The game sits at about a 2.
If the 100% were any harder, any longer, or if Tacs opened his yapper any more, the score would be lower. This completion really isn't out of anybodies reach, and it sits at 5.99$ usd, so is really just more of a time sink.

Still, it was actually a rather unenjoyable experience. I found myself not caring about the story that far into the game, rather disliking the cut scenes after a while, as they got longer and they were all unskipable.

For full disclosure, from start to finish what I saw of the game was bad, I bought it anyway to see if it really WAS that terrible and to get the completion. It was, I did, I wanted it off my HD. I guess "was it worth it" doesn't matter now, but I'm glad I don't have to do it again.
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