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Posted on 11 November 10 at 02:07
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*This review is based off of about 3 hours of gameplay. So far it's fun overall. I'll change anything if further gameplay deems it changeable.*

Story - Faery is the story about you, a fairy, just reawakened to the world after a long stasis. The world has stopped believing in magic, and the mists have started to destroy the realms of faery. Oberon awoke you to either go save the world or die trying, rather than sleeping through it.

Gameplay - Pretty standard turn based RPG here, male or female character decided at creation, 3 person limit group, exp to level up, etc etc. There is no money, every piece of gear is either found in chests or given as a reward for quests. The conversation is similar to Mass Effect's wheel, where your replies are summed up in a word or two. There's even a basic "paragon" and "renegade" system in effect, down to the responses listed in blue and red text. A bit different from other RPG's is the way you upgrade your character. Instead of a standard skill tree, you put your skill points into what's basically an "evolution", where you put points into tattoos, wings, tails, antenae, etc. They change your physical look, as well as give you a new spell/ability.

Graphics - Not bad for an arcade game, but definately nothing groundbreaking. Not much overall color, and I did notice a little bit of graphics tearing and discolored pixels.

Sound - Even though during conversations the characters move their mouths, there is no voices. The rest of the music is pretty standard repetitive RPG fare.

Controls - Over land, you fly around as your character with the left stick, moving the camera with the right stick. Holding down the left stick speeds your character up tremendously. You can raise and lower your altitude by moving the camera or using the left and right triggers. 'A' is used to open chests, start conversations, and confirm conversation choices. Battles are turn based, selecting the attack or spells using the left stick, confirming with A, cancelling with B.

Achievements - Most are non missable story related achievements. The remaining few are doing every quest in each zone. So far it appears you can backtract to previous zones, so shouldn't be too hard to pick up every achievement.

Like I stated above, this is all based off about 3 hours of gameplay. Ignoring the fact there's no voices, and the kinda meh graphics, the game is still pretty fun. A lot of the quests have at least 2 different ways to complete them, but mostly the choices are either fight or negotiate. Should be a nice in-between RPG after the big name RPG's are completed and you are waiting for more.
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