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    27 Jun 2022
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    Fall Guys puts 60 players against each other in a series of physics-based game modes. The challenges range from solo races to a finish line to an assortment of team-based activities, such as quirky games of football, volleyball etcetera. There’s always one goal in mind, though: be the last one standing.

    As a contestant, you’ll control a blubbering jellybean with the willpower of someone who’s consumed their body weight in alcohol. There are only a few moves at your disposal: jumping, grabbing, and diving. Each is used to gain an advantage over other players across three to five rounds in an attempt to reach the final challenge and secure a crown for your ultimate triumph.

    Using over-the-top physics, you can imagine Fall Guys makes this is harder than expected. As each match begins, players clamber over each other in a desperate attempt to get to the head of the pack. It’s chaotic, intense, and hilarious, all in equal measure.

    Match sets start with a solo race, tasking players with simply making it from the beginning to the end, with the level ending once a certain number of players have made it over the finish line; the rest are disqualified.

    However, it's not as simple as making it from one end to the other.

    Many obstacles will block your path, attempting to separate the sea of players surging toward the end. Pendulums swing with pummeling force, platforms rotate in shifting directions, and see-saws seesaw from one extreme to the other. You’ll stare death in the face when a gigantic banana flies toward you at Mach speed.

    To keep players invested outside of challenges and being the last man standing, Fall Guys has a progression system that employs its own version of a battle pass. Players can unlock different skins, outfits, and emotes using coins and crowns, the latter of which are earned by winning games or achieving certain levels in the battle pass. Several of the achievements also tie into this so there's a good reason too!

    As of now, daily outfits are affordable after a few matches, ensuring that players don't have to grind to receive new cosmetic items. It’s refreshing that Fall Guys doesn't feel like it's leaving players behind or locking certain items behind a paywall.

    The achievements are fairly easy here with some exceptions for the completionists. Winning a total of 20 episodes and especially winning 5 episodes in a row will be a challenge for sure for many.

    As the game is free to play, there's no reason not to try out this 60 player Co-Op frenzy that is Fall Guys.
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    TheGreatKoalaI watched a couple of clips and all i got were takeshi's castle vibes so it is downloading as i type.

    Really enjoying it so far, its the right combination of silly and fun
    Posted by TheGreatKoala on 27 Jun 22 at 12:12
    Kerman7A valiant attempt at describing the game in detail but there are so many incorrect statements (almost one for every paragraph) it can't be considered a fair nor useful representation of the game.
    I think it does however represent the giddy feeling some might feel when playing it, which can be useful to readers.
    Posted by Kerman7 on 08 Sep 22 at 12:05
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