Fall of Light: Darkest Edition Walkthrough

2. Game Basics

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Fall of Light is an isometric hack and slash where you control a warrior who is accompanied by Aether, an Indigo Child that you must protect as you journey through the game. Your character has a health meter (broken into nodes- you start with 5) and a stamina meter that you must manage as you attack/block and run.

There are many different weapons, both one-handed and two-handed, that are found in static locations throughout the world (nothing is random). I found combat to be easiest with the two-handed Bastard Sword found fairly early on, eventually upgrading to a similar, stronger Giant Sword. You start with a one-handed sword and shield and in my opinion, combat with one-handed weapons is difficult, even against easy enemies.

Each weapon has an auxiliary effect called a weapon skill that has a chance of occurring each time you hit an enemy:

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  • cn_LS Move
  • cn_RT Normal attack
  • cn_RB Hard attack
  • cn_LT Block (if you have a shield equipped)
  • cn_LB Swap to the Lantern (note that you can run faster while holding the lantern)
  • cn_A Interact
  • cn_X Call Aether to you or tell Aether to stay in place (press), Take Aether by the hand (hold)
  • cn_X Trace a path to Aether (if she has been abducted or killed)
  • cn_Y Open inventory menu
  • cn_B Roll (press), Run (hold)
  • cn_RS Lock onto enemy (press)
  • cn_left Swap weapons
  • cn_up Heal
  • cn_down Activate Shadow mode
  • cn_start Pause


Aether is your companion that you must protect as you progress through the game. She will follow you automatically, crouching and cowering when enemies are close. Enemies will mostly ignore her, although they may attack her unintentionally as they are trying to attack you. If she is killed, you will get a prompt to bring Aether back from her ashes. You can press cn_X to trace a path to her provided you are in the same area where she died.

Throughout the world, shadow enemies will occasionally appear and attempt to abduct Aether. You have several seconds to kill them and if you don't do so in time, they will take her to the nearest jail cage. You can press cn_X to trace a path to her and when this happens, you need to make it a priority to find her jail cage and pull a nearby lever to release her.

While you are close to Aether, your sword will glow indicating that she is "increasing your strength and ability." I'm not sure if this increases your combat damage but it should improve the chances that the combat skill occurs. You will find Shrines of Wisdom throughout the game and each one increases the chances of a specific combat skill.

You can press cn_X to tell Aether to stay where she is. Press it again and she will come to you. If you hold cn_X, you will take Aether by the hand and she will run along with you. Note that after doing this for 10 or so seconds, Aether will fall down and then move slowly for a short amount of time.

Whenever you transition to a new area, make sure that Aether is nearby (or that you are holding her hand) so she goes with you.


There are three types of Shrines in the game:

  • Shrine of Power (dozens throughout the world): respawn point, heals and refills healing charges, respawns all enemies
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  • Shrine of Wisdom (5 total): grant Combat Skill upgrades
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  • Shrine of Courage (4 total): unlock Echoes from the Other side (required for the good ending)
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The Amulet of Shadows

You receive the Amulet of Shadows early on. This item grants you a limited, refillable healing ability that starts with three charges and can be increased to 10. You can press cn_up to heal five units of health per healing charge. Healing charges are refilled by resting at a Shrine of Power.

The Amulet of Shadows also allows you to consume a healing charge to enter Shadow form. This lasts for several seconds indicated by a depleting stamina bar and during this time, you have unlimited stamina. I thought this would be helpful but I tried to use it and found it to be worthless.

The amulet also provides a "level up" meter that fills as you kill enemies. Once it's full, rest at a Shrine of Power to empty the meter and gain an additional node of health.


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Fragments of Luce

There are 100 Fragments of Luce that can be found throughout the world and you need all 100 for an achievement. 70 can be found in static locations and 30 come from killing the three Giants (each drops 10). Some fragments are visible out in the open but most are inside breakable objects- crates and jars- that emit a purple shimmer indicating that a fragment is inside.

Breakable objects contain nothing else so there's no reason to break any that I don't point out as containing a fragment.

The Blacksmith in the Desert will give you the Giant Sword (the best weapon in the game) once you possess 50 or more fragments.

For each fragment, I'll indicate progress with two numbers- the first being progress in the current area and the second being total progress.

The World

The world is made up of several distinct areas.

  • The Place without a Voice
  • The City of Yersinia
  • The Forest of Separation
  • The Water Dungeon
  • The Dying Land (the desert)
  • The Fire Dungeon
  • The Mountains of Solitude
  • The Electricity Dungeon
  • The Swamp of Desolation

There is some nonlinear inter-connectivity between the areas. The City connects to the Forest, the Desert, and the Mountains. The Forest connects to the Water Dungeon and to the Swamp. The Desert connects to the Fire Dungeon and to the Mountains. The Mountains connect to the Swamp. The game explains a ramp in difficulty from the Forest (described as a 1 skull area), the Desert (described a s a 2 skull area) and the Mountains (described as a 3 skull area) so you should go through the areas in that order in your Normal playthrough.

The goal is to collect the three elemental shards so that Aether can use them to open a gate in the City of Yersinia that leads to the final boss.


There are three different Endings: good, normal, and bad. You can get the bad ending after getting the good or normal ending by reloading your checkpoint and taking a specific action.

After acquiring each of the three elemental shards, you must carry Aether to a sunray in a timed sequence. You cannot fail any of the sunray sequences otherwise you are permanently put on the path to the bad ending. If you fail one, you can continue to the bad ending but you would need to start over in order to get back on the path to the good or normal endings. I'll explain and provide videos to show the way to handle each sequence since succeeding with them is vital for achievement completion.

The good ending also requires finding the four Shrines of Courage whereas the Normal ending requires not finding them.

Books, NPCs, and Giants

There are seven books, seven NPCs, and three Giants that you must find/interact with fully/kill for the associated achievements. I'll explain these in detail in the walkthrough.


You'll die a lot as you progress through the game. The first time you do, an achievement will unlock:

One chants out between two worlds in Fall of Light: Darkest Edition
  • Unlocked by 190 tracked gamers (99% - TA Ratio = 1.00) 192

When you die, you permanently lose any level-up progress in the meter and you respawn at the last Shrine of Power you rested at. Aether will die whenever you die and her ashes will be left at the place where you died. You can press cn_X to trace a path back to her.


From the in-game pause menu, I suggest you max out brightness to make things easier to see.

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