Fall of Light: Darkest Edition Walkthrough

3. The Place without Voice

The Place without Voice

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You'll gain control of your character in a small area and as soon as you walk forward you'll be prompted to press cn_X to call Aether. Do so and she will come to you. You will be told that you can hold cn_X to take her by the hand, so do so to see how this mechanic works. You can let go and she will follow you automatically.

To your immediate left are two capes that you can interact with to adjust your appearance. Interact with a book on the desk at the bottom (Book I, 1/7), then head upward and interact with the orange hint on the ground to get info about Aether. Continue forward to find another hint on the ground telling you that you need a weapon to defeat enemies. Head to the left and follow the path around and upward into another stone area. You will see a body in the first room on the left with a purple shimmer- interact with it and you will receive a Fragment of Luce (1/5, 1/100).

Continue along the path leading upward and you'll see a lit up object on the left side. Weapons are always indicated by this sort of shimmering light. Pick up this shield with cn_Y (it will be auto-equipped) and you'll be told that cn_LT is used to block. Continue upward (you'll see a weapon off to the right- we'll be back for that soon) and you'll trigger a brief cutscene. Talk to the witch NPC until she repeats herself, then open the nearby chest and pick up the lamp. You can toggle to the lamp with cn_LB which adds some extra lightning around you but if you maxed out brightness as I suggested, this is rarely helpful. Note that you can move more quickly when you are actively holding the lamp.

Carefully go behind the stone structure to find a Fragment of Luce (2/5, 2/100), then continue along the path to the left. The hint in the ground will warn you to watch your step, so continue across the next bridge until you reach the gate to the cemetery. Open it, then interact with the hint on the ground for an explanation of Shrines of Power.

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Approach the shrine, press cn_A to kneel in front of it, and an achievement will unlock:

The Garden of Live Flowers in Fall of Light: Darkest Edition
Consacrate a Shrine of Power
  • Unlocked by 152 tracked gamers (79% - TA Ratio = 1.12) 192

To the right of the shrine is a sword- pick it up and you'll be told that you do a normal attack with cn_RT and a hard attack with cn_RB. You'll also be told that you can press cn_RSc to lock onto a target. Kill the cowering enemy and move into the graveyard. Take the path on the right side and you'll notice several enemies around the area. You want to engage enemies one at a time whenever possible, especially until you get a better handle on combat and a stronger weapon. Combat in this game can feel a little clunky and the basic sword has very little range, so your best bet for engaging these enemies is to hold up your shield, get close and circle behind them, then attack them after they attack you (which you should be able to avoid or block).

An important attack combo is cn_RT, cn_RB which does a normal attack followed by a hard attack. You'll need to learn weapon range, attack timing, and stamina management in order to be successful in combat.

Just ahead three is a ground hint that explains blood crystals and recharging the lamp, but I honestly never had any reason to worry about this (you can switch to the lamp, then stand near them and hold cn_A to refill the lamp meter). The path forks again and you'll see a shielded enemy to the right. Ignore him and take the left path, killing a few more enemies along the way. There's a trap to the left of the big tree that emits a yellow light when you get close and knocks you down briefly, so be aware of that. You can roll through it to avoid being knocked down. In the upper left part of this area is a crypt door and interacting with it will trigger the first boss battle with the Guardian of the Graveyard. You want full health for this battle so if you've taken damage from the enemies (which is likely), I suggest resting at the Shrine of of Power, then making your way back. Should you die to this boss, you can run back to this area past the enemies and they will be locked out of the boss area as soon as you enter, but they will follow you in initially until you've tried to open the door to make the boss appear.

The Guardian of the Graveyard is a strong knight with a flaming sword that has two different types of attacks. He will start by attacking you directly with his sword and your best bet is to try to circle around him to avoid (or block) his attacks, then counterattack with a hard attack. You'll have to work out the timing of his attacks and manage stamina to get your own attacks inefficiently. After a short while, he will crouch and call down a shower of burning projectiles. These projectiles will track your movement and the only way to avoid them is to roll away with cn_B right before they hit you.

Once you defeat the boss, an achievement will unlock:

The Guardian of the Gates in Fall of Light: Darkest Edition
Kill the Guardian of the Graveyard
  • Unlocked by 57 tracked gamers (30% - TA Ratio = 1.85) 192

Approach the orange light to enter the Temple of Melancholy. Once inside you will be told that you can press cn_X to ask Aether to stay where she is. Do so and interact with the hint on the ground which tells you to roll to avoid the trap (the plate on the left with several circular nodes). Roll past it, then interact with the lever on the wall nearby to open the door on the left. Continue left to trigger a brief cutscene, after which you will receive the Amulet of Shadows.

You will regain control in an ethereal area.

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Go right and interact with the NPC at the end for some backstory. You'll then be back in the temple where you should notice a new symbol in your HUD with an empty meter and three nodes (uses) that you can increase eventually. Interact with the ground hints as you exit the temple for a full explanation of the Amulet of Shadows (most importantly, you can press cn_up to use a node from the amulet to heal five units of health).

Backtrack to the Shrine of Power and rest to refill your health and amulet uses (remember that this brings all normal enemies back, as well). You'll notice that the new meter will start to fill as you kill enemies and if you die, you PERMANENTLY lose all progress in the meter, so be very careful. Once the meter is full, you can rest at a Shrine of Power to empty the meter (level up, I guess) and receive an additional node of health. It couldn't hurt to make a few runs through the enemies in the graveyard to fill the meter for an extra health node before moving on.

I'll quickly point out the area up/to the left of the shrine where you'll see a hanging jail cage with a nearby lever. As you continue through the game, shadow enemies will occasionally appear and attempt to abduct Aether. If you fail to kill them in time, they take her to the nearest jail cage which you can press cn_X to illuminate a path to. If Aether is taken this way, you'll want to stop whatever you're working on and release her from the jail cage before attempting to progress further. Not only do you need her assistance with various tasks but you can't interact with shrines when she is not with you.

Backtrack towards the starting area and interact again with the witch NPC (being sure to advance her new dialogue to the point that it repeats). Continue backtracking until you pass the stone area where you got the shield and if you follow the path to the right you'll see an area with a square crate. Smash it with your sword to reveal a Fragment of Luce (3/5, 3/100). Head down and into the starting room, break the barrel on the right, and grab the Fragment of Luce inside (4/5, 4/100). Then head back and take the path to the right. Kill two enemies and you'll see a bridge on the left, but continue straight and you'll see a hut at the end of the path guarded by a strong enemy. This black knight has a few attacks that either deal multiple nodes of damage or flat out one-shot you, so approach him with extreme caution. After he is dead, flip the switch in the hut to open a door. Head across the nearby bridge and kill the four enemies in this area one at a time. Then carefully follow the thin path heading upward (toggle the lantern for better visibility) and enter the Cave of Sorrow which contains a Shrine of Wisdom (1/5).

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Kneel in front of it and you'll get a notification that Aether's power has increased. Backtrack from here all the way to the stone area where you found the shield. Step on the grey circle and a hint will appear that explains runic circles. Enter the room on the right and Aether should sit on the fountain. Climb the pillar at the top to get to the grassy section, then walk straight upward to drop down the area below where you can pick up a crossbow. Use cn_left to toggle between weapons and fire the crossbow to get a feel for how it works. Press cn_RT when it's empty to reload it, but note that this animation takes a few seconds. The crossbow will be very useful for the next stretch of the game until you get to what I consider to be a vastly superior weapon- the Bastard Sword. Enter the swirling lights to be teleported to the runic circle and then make your way upward back to the graveyard and rest at the Shrine of Power.

Use the crossbow on these enemies to get some practice with it. Be sure to reload after killing each enemy, firing off any remaining shots in order to do so. As you approach the black smoke blocking the path in the upper right area, you'll get a prompt to break down the shadows. This will trigger the first encounter with shadow enemies that try to abduct Aether. Leave them alone and they will do exactly that and you can get an achievement out of the way. Once she has been abducted you can press cn_X to trace a path to her location, which is near the Shrine of Power. Interact with the lever near her jail cage to free her, unlocking an achievement:

The Rescue in Fall of Light: Darkest Edition
Free Aether from a jail
  • Unlocked by 41 tracked gamers (21% - TA Ratio = 2.16) 192

Make your way past where the smoke was blocking the path and you'll find another Shrine of Power. Rest before entering the nearby cave and consider grinding out a level up if you're close before moving on.

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Enter the Cave of Whispers and as you start moving right you'll notice traps on the wall that shoot arrows. After passing the second set, a wall will break revealing a strong enemy and a weapon. This enemy will take damage from the arrow traps if you can lead him into them. He hits hard and has a lot of health and killing him is optional (the crossbow might be a better option than direct combat). The weapon on the ground is a dagger which I found to be completely useless. Continue past two more sets of arrow traps, climb a ladder, and drop down on the other side to pull a lever so Aether can progress with you. The nearby floor hint will suggest fire for progressing, so switch to your lantern and burn the spider web blocking your path.

The next floor hint gives some combat details and the next two enemies are reasonably tough and should be taken out with the crossbow. Each requires five shots each to kill, and be sure to reload after each one. Continue along the path to the right past a few hanging bodies and touch the last one to collect a Fragment of Luce (5/5, 5/100). Back up and kill the enemy with the sickle by luring him towards you, noting that five crossbow shots will not kill him so you'll need to finish him off with the sword. Proceed into the next room and heed the floor hint by avoiding the central opening and instead hugging the left wall to avoid an instant kill trap. The next floor hint will suggest collaboration, so get Aether onto one of the square panels on either side, then press cn_X to keep her in place before moving onto the other yourself which opens the way forward.

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Follow the path upward to exit the cave.

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