Fall of Light: Darkest Edition Walkthrough

4. The City of Yersinia

The City of Yersinia

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Once outside, cross a bridge and rest at the Shrine of Power, then interact with the nearby ground hint for a bonfire explanation. Interact with the bonfire to unlock an achievement:
Fire walk with me in Fall of Light: Darkest Edition
Kindle a bonfire
  • Unlocked by 23 tracked gamers (12% - TA Ratio = 2.88) 192

Bring Aether with you as you follow the path forward. Make sure your crossbow is reloaded as you'll be approached by a knight that can be killed with five shots. Reload again and continue, killing another knight along the path. When you reach a bridge you'll see a stronger shielded knight and an archer beyond him. You should try to aggro both and keep the enemies aligned so that the archer shoots the shielded knight in the back as he comes towards you. Then take out the archer, which can be annoying as he will shoot several shots before needing to reload, which is a good time to close the gap and attack him. After he is dead, continue forward and there will be two strong knights with halberds to kill- aggro them individually and soften them up with the crossbow, then finish them off with melee attacks. You will then reach an open area with a closed gate in the distance.

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Upon entering the open area, three shadow enemies will attempt to abduct Aether. Kill them but don't approach the gate or a laser will shoot you. Inch left and a knight will come at you from the bottom, so take him out and continue left to aggro a second knight. Once he is dead, approach the grey pillar with the orange symbol and interact with it to deactivate something, then climb the nearby wooden structure for a Fragment of Luce (1/10, 6/100).

Head up some steps on the left and kill the knight that charges you, then kill the archer in the next area. Try not to go too far left so you don't stir up the Halberd knight across the gap. Go to the bottom of the area to rest at a Shrine of Power, then carefully take out the archer and knight at the top of the area again (you should be able to catch them off guard with the crossbow- archer then knight). Stand under the nearby tree to find that one of the hanging bodies is alive.

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Talk to it and she will give you an apple, then keep talking until she repeats herself. Approach the lower bridge, kill the knight that comes at you, then go across to find a ground hint. The nearby cage contains a giant that is far too tough to bother with now so don't use the lever to unlock the door to the cage. There are three such giants that must eventually be killed and each drops 10 Fragments of Luce. In the area above the giant is a jail cell that could potentially house Aether should she be abducted, so keep that in mind.

Head back to the right and when you get to the open area with the gate, stay at the bottom to avoid the laser. Walk along the stone path up to the building and aggro a knight from the top right, then kill him with the crossbow. You want to be careful not to drift too far downward until the knight is dead as there is a new type of enemy down there- an assassin. As you near the grassy patch it will come at you, so take it out with the crossbow if you can. Then inch down/right to aggro another assassin but be careful as there are two more knights slightly farther to the right. Once they are all dead, you can open a chest at the bottom with a shield upgrade which you might as well take (replace your current shield). Then head to the top/right and interact with the second grey pillar to disable the laser at the gate. Head downward and kill two more assassins in the area below, then break a crate on the wooden pier to reveal a Fragment of Luce (2/10, 7/100). Follow the path downward to a pedestal with an Amulet of Shadows upgrade which adds another usage node.

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You can now approach the gate and pull a lever to open the way into the city. The path inside immediately splits left/right/upward and you will see a new enemy patrolling this area that looks like a witch. Five crossbow shots will not kill them but will weaken them enough that one additional sword attack will be lethal. Head right first and you'll notice a shimmer on the second barrel in a group of four. Break it for a Fragment of Luce (3/10, 8/100), then continue right to find a Shrine of Power and rest.

Head back to the left and fight your way past several enemies. Continue past the entrance and follow the path heading left. After the path turns upward you will see three assassin enemies together. Carefully kill them and continue until you see a path branching to the right. There are four enemies here- two normal and two shielded- so carefully kill them one at a time and loot the Bastard Sword from behind the fountain, exchanging it for your Sword and Shield. This was a major turning point for me with combat as I found that the Bastard Sword's range and increased damage made combat much easier. The cn_RT, cn_RB combo kills almost everything and my general plan of attack was to let enemies walk into range and attack them as they did. Beware, though, that it takes a lot of stamina to use so you'll have to practice with it to familiarize yourself with its range, speed, and how much stamina s required to do the normal and hard attacks.

Remember that since you can only hold the weapons in your two active slots, the original Sword and Shield will be left on the ground where you picked up the Bastard Sword should you have a desire to change back at some point.

Backtrack to the main entrance and from here, the plan is take the upward central path (head back to the Shrine of Power to heal first if you need to). You should encounter a few more witches and then you'll see some steps that lead down to the next area where you'll be attacked by two assassins. Kill them and continue along past a locked gate to find a large door that you can open.

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You may be attacked from the right by a strong shielded knight so kill him and continue right rather than going into the church. I found success with a cn_RB, cn_RT combo, then backing up to wait for stamina regen and repeating. Kill a second shielded knight and follow the path to reach a Shrine of Power. Make a note of the barrier on the right- this leads to the final boss so you will be returning here at the end of the playthrough. Backtrack to the giant door (you'll need to kill the two shielded knights again) and go inside. Interact with the book on the front bench (Book III, 2/7), then talk to the Priestess at the altar. Exhaust her dialogue, then break the pot on her left to reveal a Fragment of Luce (4/10, 9/100). Flip the switch at the top of the stairs on the left side of the room to open the door on the right, then enter the Place of Lost Memories.

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You'll see some moving sawblades that you need to avoid as they will kill you instantly. Go to the top of the area left of the sawblade and kill a shielded knight and as you go around the second sawblade on the right you'll aggro a giant knight. Try to kite him into a sawblade for an instant kill, otherwise you'll have to engage him directly. As you round the last sawblade you'll have to kill another shielded knight, then you can continue to the right. Enter the first opening you come to, kill an assassin, and flip a switch to open a door. Continue forward and once the room opens up you'll be approached by an assassin. Just ahead you'll see a slow spinning fire contraption that you need to be careful with as the fire will kill you instantly. Circle around the top and once you get just out of fire range, inch down to see a dangerous black knight. You do not want to go toe to toe with these guys as they can one shot you sometimes, which is very annoying. Bait him into your combo attack and when he is dead, circle to the front of the rotating contraption and take the downward path where you'll be attacked by a halberd knight and an assassin. You'll see another assassin in an alcove on the right and after killing her, break the five gold pots to reveal a Fragment of Luce (5/10, 10/100).

Continue downward past another shielded knight and through the door that opened earlier. Beware of another black knight in here and break the barrel in the bottom left corner to reveal a Fragment of Luce (6/10, 11/100). You'll find a chest with a Halberd in the next room that you can test out if you'd like (you can always return here to swap back to the Bastard Sword if you want but I stuck with the sword). Backtrack to the fire contraption and go right but be careful as you'll engage another black knight. After killing him, grab Aether by the hand and cross the spike traps along the top wall to avoid getting hit.

You'll notice a symbol on the ground. This leads to one of three secret areas that Aether can unlock after collecting one of the three elemental shards. There is an achievement for finding all three that I couldn't get to unlock in normal mode. I'll point them out and then remind you to go to them in your Nightmare playthrough as the achievement works there.

Continuing right, you'll come to a larger room and see a strong shielded knight.

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Engage him like any other enemy by baiting him into your normal, hard combo, then keep distance while stamina regenerates and repeat. Moving further right after he is dead, you'll find a new mage enemy that shoots fireballs at you. Once you've gotten his attention, move away and kite him around a pillar so that you can get an angle on him without being in the line of his fire attacks. Once he is dead, interact with a book on one of the bookshelves (Book IV, 3/7), then lead Aether to the far right bookshelf where you can interact with it from the right side to push it, revealing a lever. Pull the lever to open the door back at the start of this area. Head all the way back left and exit upward.

You'll be back outside and as soon as you step forward you might aggro some knights. A ground hint will mention skulls that indicate difficulty which I'll explain shortly. Kill the knights in the immediate vicinity (they will die to a single hard attack from the Bastard Sword) with the goal of heading to the left. Carefully kill the black knight by a bridge, then go across to find a Shrine of Power and rest. Continue to the left and kill two witches, then go up some stairs to reach a more open area. You may see a witch patrolling at the top and that upward/right path leads through an alley and to a jail cage which you may never need to visit unless Aether gets taken there by shadow enemies. For now, go downward and find a path to a walkway with an archer that you want to kill (you can roll through his arrows to get to him). Follow the path the other way to kill a second archer, then return to the open area to kill a strong shielded gold knight guarding a gate with normal/hard attack combos. Once he's dead, you can pull the lever on the wall to open the gate but don't go inside yet. You may also notice a somewhat hard to see skull above the gate- this is what the ground hint was talking about earlier. Later gates are marked with two and then three skulls indicating an increase in the difficulty of the area beyond.

From here, head down/left until you aggro a black knight. Remember to be very careful and use your range to keep them away from you, ideally connecting with normal, hard combo attacks. Kill him and continue along this path to find a glowing entrance on the right. Keep moving down along the path to kill another black knight, then break a barrel along the bottom wall and collect a Fragment of Luce (7/10, 12/100). You can open the nearby gate if you want but it's not necessary as there's no reason to come back here again. The glowing entrance leads to a room with a few knights and a chest with an Axe so you have no need to bother going inside.

Backtrack to the Shrine of Power and rest, then return to the previous area with skewered corpses and fight through the enemies to continue to the right and upward.

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You'll see a foggy path ahead, so continue through it and you'll encounter a strong knight with a large hammer. You can soften him with the crossbow before finishing him off directly, then continue upward and you'll see two crates on the left, the second of which contains a Fragment of Luce (8/10, 13/100). You'll also trigger some shadow enemies around here, so quickly kill them to prevent Aether's abduction.

Approach the wooden steps just past the Fragment of Luce and you'll get a prompt to talk. Do so and exhaust the dialogue with this NPC behind the door, then continue upward. You'll have to kill another assassin before reaching a set of steps that lead into a larger area. Inch forward to aggro the knight on the left and kill him, then you'll see a strong red knight in the distance. There is another normal knight to the right so try not to go towards him while you bait the red knight to you so you can kill him with normal, hard combo attacks. Kill the remaining knight, then approach the gate and pull the lever to open it. This gate is marked by two skulls indicating an increased difficulty. Don't enter, continuing instead to the right.

Fight past two witches and you'll see a glowing entrance and a stronger witch nearby. Ignore this area for now and go downward to find a Shrine of Power. Rest here, then head right along the fencing and down some steps. There are several enemies along this path that eventually leads to a weapon on the ground- a crossbow upgrade. Swap this with your current crossbow and break the nearby barrels to reveal a Fragment of Luce (9/10, 14/100).

Make your way back to the glowing entrance above the Shrine of Power. Carefully kill the stronger witch (after which you may be attacked by shadow enemies) and enter the Place with No Name. Whatever you do, do not approach the closed gate on the left or you will be instantly killed. Instead, interact with the statue holding a bowl to place the apple given by the hanging NPC earlier.

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You can then safely open the gate to and continue left and down some steps where you will have an option to "Kneel.". Doing so will cause an NPC to appear. Talk to him and exhaust his dialogue, then make your way around to him and attack him. Kite him around and use normal, hard combo attacks (are you noticing the trend?), being careful to keep distance so he can't attack you. It took me several combos to kill him and after you manage to do so, an achievement will unlock:

The Emperor-Over-the-Sea in Fall of Light: Darkest Edition
Kill the King
  • Unlocked by 3 tracked gamers (2% - TA Ratio = 8.00) 192

He may very well one-shot you but the Shrine of Power is close by so just run back and try again. If this proves to be too troublesome, you could try to come back later with a stronger weapon but I can't guarantee that the King will still be here (although he should). After killing him, Luce's Sword and Shield will appear on the ground by the tomb. I chose to swap the crossbow for Luce's Sword/Shield, giving me a slow and fast melee weapon, but you may prefer the ranged ability of the crossbow.

Before leaving, break a crate along the top wall to find a Fragment of Luce (10/10, 15/100). Then head outside and continue to the right. Follow the path around the corner and kill the three nearby enemies. Head into the building on the left, kill the enemies that immediately attack you, and interact with a book on the first bench (Book II, 4/7). Exit and head upward where you'll encounter three more enemies at the end of the path- a normal knight, an archer, and a strong knight with a giant mace. After killing them, pull the lever on the wall to open the gate marked with three skulls. Then backtrack slightly and enter the building on the right. You'll immediately be attacked when you entering and after killing the two enemies, approach the nearby pedestal for an Amulet of Shadows upgrade.

From here, the goal is to backtrack pretty far through the city to the first of three gates (the one with a single skull above it). Start by resting at the nearby Shrine of Power, then head left, down through the foggy alley, and left through the area with skewered corpses. Cross a bridge to rest at a Shrine of Power, then continue left to get to the gate guarded by a gold knight.

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Go through this gate to reach an area called the Forest of Separation.

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