Fall of Light: Darkest Edition Walkthrough

8. The Swamp of Desolation

The Swamp of Desolation

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You'll begin on a wooden path in the Swamp of Desolation. Take care as you can walk off the wooden path and into the swamp at any point but there are only certain ramps out of the swamp and back onto the wooden path. You will take damage over time while you're in the swamp, so make it a point to get out quickly if need be. Also, note that Aether does not seem to keep up very well so you'll have to constantly press/hold cn_X to call her to you.

Follow the path to the left and downward and you'll be approached by a lizard warrior. Kill him and continue downward. Pass a left branch and take a right turn, then follow this linear branch to a Shrine of Power. Backtrack to the main path and continue down/left. From a short left branch, you can walk across a short stretch of swamp onto an island to the left and break a wooden crate for a Fragment of Luce (1/10, 81/100). Then run back and continue forward along the wooden path. After turning right, the path will fork down or right- continue to the right. Continue past a treasure chest with a useless Mace++ and the path will turn downward and lead onto a blue island where you'll be attacked by a lizard warrior and a lizard sorcerer. Continue forward and you'll see a structure on the right with a lizard warrior and a weapon- a Warhammer ++ (don't bother). Keep heading down the wooden path and you'll see a Fragment of Luce (2/10, 82/200) in plain sight. Continuing on, the path forks again- the downward branch leads to an exit to the Forest so continue to the right. Kill another lizard warrior, then take the upward branch to kill two lizard warriors and break a wooden chest with a Fragment of Luce (3/10, 83/100).

Backtrack and continue right and after the path turns upward, you'll see a Fragment of Luce (4/10, 84/100) on a dead end path to the right. Continue taking the path upward and you'll see a glowing shrine guarded by a knight with a flaming sword.

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Kill him, then interact with the Shrine of Courage (4/4) and you'll be teleported to an ethereal area. Work through this area and interact with the red hospital bed in the back. You'll then return to the swamp with a notification that an Echo from the Other Side has been unlocked and an achievement will unlock:

White Tulip in Fall of Light: Darkest Edition
White Tulip392 (40)
Collect all Echoes from the Other Side
  • Unlocked by 2 tracked gamers (1% - TA Ratio = 9.79) 192

Open your inventory with cn_Y to see that the microchip symbol in the upper left is fully lit up, which is the second requirement for reaching the good ending (the other being that we didn't fail in bringing Aether to the sunrays during the three sunray sequences).

Continue upward along the path to reach an island with a glowing symbol. As you get close, Aether will run to the symbol and open the way to the nearby structure, which is one of the three secret areas required for the Down the Rabbit Hole achievement. The other two are in the City Church and the Desert, but this achievement would not unlock for me in normal mode. I'll walk you through getting it completed in the Nightmare playthrough.

Break the jar on the left side of the wooden structure to find a Fragment of Luce (5/10, 85/100). Press cn_X to tell Aether to stay put and go into the swamp behind the wooden structure. Run straight upward into the swamp to find a Fragment of Luce (6/10, 86/100), then quickly run back to solid ground. From here, backtrack pretty far along the wooden path. Ignore a downward fork and continue left, then the path turns upward. Cross over a small island and the path turns left, going past a chest. You then want to take a downward fork.

Follow the path forward and ignore the left branch for now, instead continuing downward. Follow this linear path past several lizard warriors until you see a Shrine of Power. Collect the Fragment of Luce (7/10, 87/100) on the left path, then break the wooden crate at the end of the upward path for another Fragment of Luce (8/10, 88/100). Rest at the Shrine of Power, then backtrack and take the left path you skipped previously.

As you progress left you'll see an upward branch that leads to the jail cage where Aether would be taken if she was abducted by shadow enemies. Continue left and onto solid ground and read the ground hint.

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As you move forward you'll be attacked by a new type of knight. Kill him, then collect the visible Fragment of Luce (9/10, 89/100). Head left and down some steps and you'll see a chest in the middle of a circular area. This is a trap so stay as far away from the chest as you can by hugging the upper wall as you continue to the left. Collect a Fragment of Luce (10/10, 90/100) at the top of some steps, which is the final randomly found fragment as the remaining 10 are dropped by the giant in the cage in front of the City of Yersinia.

There's nothing left here that is required. You can continue forward to eventually find a Flaming Sword that is weaker than the Giant sword if you want, otherwise just backtrack to the exit back to the mountains.

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