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    08 Jan 2009
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    Fallout 3

    About the Game (taken from the www.xbox.com)

    "Vault-Tec engineers have worked around the clock on an interactive reproduction of Wasteland life for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own vault. Included in Fallout® 3 is an expansive world, unique combat, shockingly realistic visuals, tons of player choice, and an incredible cast of dynamic characters. Every minute is a fight for survival against the terrors of the outside world—radiation, super mutants, and hostile mutated creatures."

    Gameplay ( 9 / 10 )

    Once again, the company aces the open-ended RPG genre with something unique and original. Now, I know the Fallout series has existed for a while now, but the execution of Fallout 3 is, simply put, brilliant. With what seems to be a mix of Oblivion (same engine, after all) and Mad Max, you'll travel across the desolation of what was once Washington, D.C in the hopes of finding your father, who left in the middle of the night. If you've never played Oblivion, the game is a first-person RPG, in which you have access to a myriad of guns and melee weapons, from sledgehammers to laser pistols, and the ability to roam a very huge, very open, realistic-feeling virtual world. The main storyline of the game is only a fraction of what Fallout has to offer, and you will get caught up in learning the stories of the Wasteland's survivors over hours and hours of fun and interesting missions.

    Graphics ( 9.5 / 10 )

    While the graphics will impress you from the time you take your first few steps in the world, the impact of just how awesome the graphics are will fully hit you when you step out of the vault for the first time. Who knew desolation could be so beautiful? With a bit of a personal account, and having played the game for well over 30 hours, I never saw the same landmark or face more than once. At this point in time, I couldn't imagine a game having better graphics. My only problem with the graphics would be the stiff head movements when you talk to people. Body language would add a touch of realism to the conversations that I feel is the game's only true weak point.

    Sound ( 9 / 10 )

    The physics-related sounds (jumping, crouching, throwing objects, punching people) are very much spot-on to what you'd expect. Gunfire sounds miraculously accurate, especially when hearing the slow-motion firing while using V.A.T.S. to blow someone away. However, the voice acting suffers. Aside from Liam Neeson's voice talent, the quality of the voice acting can stoop pretty low at times. There are moments when you will truly feel the plight of a wastelander who has been held captive my mutants, and times when you will question if a survivor really does care that his family just died infront of his eyes. Judge the believability of each line for yourself, if you care about something like that.

    Replayability ( 8 / 10 )

    The open-ended fun of the game will have you playing every side quest while you explore, but you probably won't end up picking this up again, at least not for a while. Therefore, I'm going to count that, as well as the loading of a previous save to roam, murder, pillage, and rescue, as a good reason to replay the game.

    Fun Setting and Atmosphere
    Thorough and Involving Storytelling
    Fun Gameplay (V.A.T.S.!!)

    Long distances of traveling with nothing to do, at times
    Same couple songs on the radio
    Very vulnerable followers

    Rad-X, Mentats, Jet, Psycho, and a few bottles of Nuka-Cola


    Gameplay ( 9 / 10 )
    Graphics ( 9.5 / 10 )
    Sound ( 9 / 10 )
    Replayability ( 8 / 10 )

    Overall ( 8.875 / 10 )

    This game will be talked about for years to come, in the same way that BioShock still somehow ends up in every conversation involving video games (whether you liked it or not!) Every person in the game feels unique, every building feels like it has its own story. You will end up exploring more than you ever need to just to see all the treasures this game has to offer. If you're not one to play a single-player game over again, give this baby a rent, but be prepared to have it out for well over 5-6 weeks... Trust me.
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    matdanEasily more replayable on the PC and looks a little better.
    Posted by matdan on 20 Dec 11 at 02:32
    DeathofRats09This is a 10/10 game.
    with the dlcs for fallout 3 it does make it worth playing again,if you finished the main game before getting the dlcs carry on from your save when you have added the dlcs.
    Posted by DeathofRats09 on 07 Dec 13 at 02:27
    FullMoonBeaverIt is a fantastic game. But saying that you never saw the same face? Tenpenny, Abraham Washington and Zimmerman? Last two are near each other in Rivet City, and I think they are all voiced by the same person too. Apart from that, great review, and I am currently playing it for the 5th time. All on different profiles though. I cannot wait to hear something concrete on Fallout 4.
    Posted by FullMoonBeaver on 14 Jan 14 at 18:29
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    Fallout 3 is a mammoth game.

    I think that's quite literally the best way to start any review on Fallout 3, as all the reviews in the world cannot brace you for the breathtaking sights you'll see upon stepping out into the wasteland.

    Fallout 3, from Bethesda Softworks (Perhaps most famous for Oblivion and Morrowind from the Elder Scrolls series), is a survival RPG crafted in Bethesda's personal style. Continuing from the first two Fallouts, but with a new protagonist and his own mission, Fallout delves into the survival aspect in post-apocalyptia. It follows your upbringing in a 'vault' (An underground living facility designed to protect from the nuclear wars.

    Now, it really is hard to condense, or summarize Fallout into a 'review'. A lazy way to put it would be to say "Oblivion with guns", a phrase wrestled with by fans of both. But here's a breakdown, if you will:

    - Real time or 'turn-based' combat systems, using V.A.T.S
    - Massive map to explore with hundreds of locations
    - Many sidequests alongside an epic main quest
    - Complete character customization
    - Survival elements such as repairing weapons and radiation poisoning from infected water

    But, I'm sure many of you already know everything I've just said - this game is no secret, and you can find this information anywhere on the internet or in magazines. So let me shed some light on my experience of the game, and my personal opinion of it.

    Fallout 3 is breathtaking. Despite never being a fan of Oblivion, this hooked me from the very beginning. It is fairly varied and even 40 hours in, isn't stale whatsoever. There have been moments of frustrating regarding a few glitches/graphical errors, but in a game of this scale, that's hardly surprising.
    I've felt absolutely connected to the characters, due to their excessive backstory, and superb voice acting. Even smaller characters in sidequests have a real personality to them, and I've spent just as much time listening to, and doing their quests, as I have with the main story line.
    Combat is fantastic using V.A.T.S, and standard whilst not. I'm still not bored of using it to target the head and watching their arms blow off (A little extra that a perk "Bloody Mess" gives you). And leveling is fantastic too. As you will never be able to 'max out' your character, it really makes the decision of where to put your stats both difficult and rewarding.

    There really is too much to say about Fallout 3, and it's almost impossible to summarize it.
    A fantastic game that you can easily spend 50 hours playing. A true survival RPG - but don't go into this game expecting a shooter, as it's far from that.
    Absolutely 10/10 and most likely my favorite game of 2008.
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    15 Apr 2009
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    Note: This is my 1st review, so it might suck. Plz forgive me if it does.

    Fallout 3 is the latest game from one of my favorite developers,
    Bethesda. It puts you in the shoes of an inhabitant in a nuclear fallout shelter who escapes after his dad manages to find out how to, and you go through the wastes searching for him.

    Fallout's gameplay manages to grip you in every single moment, whether you're in downtown D.C. brawling with Super Mutants or firing Mini Nukes into the face of a trader crossing the wastes. The side quests are half as numerous as Bethesda's other games, but to compensate, they are three times as long: there was practically no quest I could do within an hour even if I did a speed run. The skills and weapons are evenly balanced, with the exception of sneaking. I felt obligated to get a little bit of every skill along the way, except for sneaking. Anytime I was supposed to pickpocket or sneak, I felt that it was simply kill the things preventing me from reaching my goal.Surprisingly to me, the perks and Karma were well-implemented into the game. The real fun of leveling up was getting a perk after 20 minutes of brain-splitting inability to choose, and Karma was a fun way to add replayability to the game.

    The weapons were awe-inspiring to me. Some of them redefined my image of that UbeR weapon that 1337Man would use. The laser weapons occasionally turns its victims into piles of ash, while the plasma weapons turn your enemies into piles of green goop. Pleasing. There's something satisfying about throwing a homemade flame grenade onto an innocent citizen. I sometimes had motivation to try a new weapon just to see what kind of gorey death it would grant my attacker.

    Fallout 3 is one of the only open-worlded games that I have played where I have had fun simply walking randomly. Early on, though, it was boring having to walk to all my destinations without fast-travling. Fast-traveling was also kind of strange in the fact that you couldn't while inside a building.

    Fallout's sound is amazing, and that's putting it bluntly. From the sound of a chainsaw ripping against an enemy's flesh to the exquisite dialogue of the NPCs, I felt like I could reach out and touch that atomic bomb in the middle of Megaton. The same goes for both its graphics and physics, which I have not seen rivaled throughout my history of gaming.
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    I don't want to set the world...on...fire..... The song crackles on my Pip Boy as I near a well known raider camp. As raiders drop left and right with accurate fire from my modified plasma rifle, I suddenly turn around to see a large gate swing open and I hear an all too familar roar... A hulking, massive super mutant behemoth at least 25 feet tall starts to charge me. My laser minigun toting friend unloads on the opponent to no avail. I immediatly whip out the Fat Man, a mini nuke catapult. It only takes one slow motion shot to drop the beast and I'm on my way, back to clearing out raider scum. That is only one epic moment out of many that I've had in my 100+ hours of pure addiction to Bethesda's new action RPG, Fallout 3.

    Story- 9/10

    Fallout 3's story hooks you from birth in a literal sense (the game begins with your birth), and is basically this: In 2077 China drops nuclear bombs on U.S. and a lucky (or unlucky) few people are selected to live in Vaults, safe from the Nuclear decimation just outside its steel doors. About 200 years later you are born in one of these vaults. Everything is fine until one day your father escapes from the unleavable (Is that a word?) vault and you decide to follow. From then on the game follows an epic arching storyline consisting of at first simply trying to find your dad, to attempting to save the entire D.C. Wasteland. Trust me, when your finally kill that S.O.B. Colonel Autumn you'll understand what I mean when I say it is EPIC. There are also a large number of exellent side plots to track down after (or before) you get into the main story.


    Who knew nuclear fallout could look so beautiful? From the first time you take a step out of vault 101, and until you take that last step into The Jefferson Memorial you can tell Bethesda put a whole lot of work into these graphics. The game is filled with post apocalyptic variations of famous buildings and areas in D.C. The Washington Monument is truly a sight to see. There are a surprisingly large number of graphical glitches though. Some of these can fill the screen and lead to reloading a save. Popup was also a minor issue. These things are expected in such a massive, open world though.

    Gameplay/RPG Elements- 9.75/10

    This is where Fallout 3 really shines. Fallout 3 is a FPS/RPG that does things nearly perfectly in both categories. Leveling up allows for the usual, (putting points in predetermined categories), but spices things up with the addition of "perks". These are abilities that you can choose to augment your character such as the ability to regenerate health while in the sun, or for enemy deaths to be twice as gory! Combat itself can be played in 2 ways, you can pause time and pick your shots (VATS), or you can straight up run and gun. Both are viable options, but I think you'll grow to love VATS as much as I did, including the never gets old gory deaths.

    Overall- 9.75/10

    I could go on and on about fallout 3 and how good it is but it really comes down to this: Do you like RPG's, do you like FPS games, do you like video games? If you answer yes to any of these questions then go pick up a copy of fallout 3.
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    Having just completed the game... again, as i'm sure many of you have I feel the need to write a review on it. I've written a review on fallout before but deleted it so i could go back and re-write to add on for all the dlc's.

    Game Summary-
    As we all know you start the game off as a baby in an underground vault, vault 101. You age in the vault until your father up and decides to leave the vault for some mysterious reason. You decide to fallow him. And there it is, the beautiful capitol wasteland. The rest is all up to you. You can either go straight on your main quests, or run around the wasteland.

    The gameplay is smooth and amazing with the brand new V.A.T.S. This is a targeting system where you can actually aim at the body part you want to blow apart and shoot. This makes for some really gory deaths. Especially if you have the one perk where you get ultimate gore! who doesnt love that! You can change from 1st person to 3rd person for your character( who is completely customizable). Since the world is soooo massive, if you ever get lost on where to go or what to do dont be afraid to check your handy dandy pip-boy. Pip-boy is basically everything in a small arm band. You can check all your weapons, ammo, health, caps, and karma(i'll touch on that later) For the most part i didn't find many glitches in the gameplay except for the occasion where i would get stuck in a rock or for some reason during the sometimes my right joystick would not work. I would have to load up my last save and start from there.

    THis might be the only thing that was repetitive about this game. For me and im sure im not the only one, 3 dog was mostly what i was hearing throughout 75% of the game. Other then his radio station being repetive the sounds are great. Every weapon has a unique sound to it. The conversations between you and other wasterlanders are fantastic. There is always at least 3 dialogues to choose from.

    The amount of weapons in this game are crazzy(not borderlands crazy wut 650,000 weapons) but i got about 60% through the game without using the same weapon. You can also create weapons on your aweesome work benches. There are different types of weapons as well. Such as; heavy weapons like your fat man's and missile launchers, small weapons like pistols, energy weapons like your tesel cannon and laser rifles, and melee weapons like the kickass deathclaw and spiked brass knuckles! The possibilities are endless with the weapons. Whats cool about that weapons also is in V.A.T.S. if you have a killing blow to your enemy they explode in different ways. Like the energy weapons will desinagrate them.

    Armor really comes in handy with this game. You can loot armor from fallen raiders, enclave, or purchase armor. I always ran around with the enclave power armor just liked the way it looked. Just like the weapons there are tons of different armor. You can have raiders armor and an enclave helmet and visa-versa. To many to explain in the review.

    Hundreds and hundreds of different enemies. THey go from extremely easy to major pain in the ass. There are radroaches to gun turrets who can all be taken out easily and then you have super mutant behemoths who i always whipped out the fat man for!!! Super mutants and any enemy for that matter are rarely alone so have plenty of ammo!! and when you go underground watch for the GHOULS!!

    There is so much more to talk about but im getting very sleepy writing this review. Only a few more points.

    The achievement list for this game are pretty self explanatory. A lot of the achievements come from completing quests. There are some cheevs that can have u saying wtf like roaming around for 30 nuke quantum bottles! Some can be missed like collecting all the bobble head dolls. make sure you get the one in raven rock before you exit PLEASSSE. I had to start all over again becuase i missed that one. To get the full 1550/1550 at least 50 hours. With completing 100% of the game it took me around 60 hours. THe best thing about these achievements are that ounce you completed the quest you really feel you've achieved something.

    There are 5 downloadable contents that are available for Fallout 3. You dont need them but i garentee you'll be begging for more. Operation Anchorage, THe pitt, Broken Steel (hardest DLC imo), Point lookout(best dlc imo) and mother ship zeta. Each one will add about 2 hours minimum to your fallout experience maybe a little less for anchorage. With each dlc comes new enemies which i absolulty love. Point look out had those hillbilly mutants who lived in shacks and carried shotguns ahh it was great.

    What i love of games like this are you can change the difficulty at any time. If you feel like a challenge change it to hard or very hard or if you just want to run through the game easy or very easy. In the beginning it was tough for me to go against super mutant unitil i did a few quests and leveled up. ahh leveling up one thing i almost forgot.

    Leveling up/Perks
    When you do quests or take down a raider you receive experience. The Xp you gain is determined by how difficult the enemy is and the difficulty setting your playing at. When you level up you get skill points which can go towards anything such as lock pick skill, computer skill (science skill) big guns, small guns, ummmmm speech. a ton of stuff. You also get a perk. Perks are advantages for your character. Some perks include being able to drink un purified water without getting radiation, uhhmmm having children respond to you better (which does come in handy) uhmm there are a ton of perks they're just escaping my mind at the moment.

    Sound- 6/10
    Gameplay- 9/10
    GAme itself- 10/10

    This game is amazing folks. If your reading this saying man i want to get this. GET IT. get the GOTY addition because it will have all the DLC packs included instead of buying them at 800 MP a piece. But it's well worth it.

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    A decade since Fallout 2 came out, everyone's favorite post-apocalyptic gaming world is back, in the hands of a new company and with a notably different approach than the previous games. Fallout 3 is a FPS/TPS WRPG, with one main-story chain and a multitude of side-quests that may be done to expand on the story/gain equipment/up xp/etc.

    Now, for the key elements of my review:

    Graphics/Sound (9/10)
    That Fallout 3 is a stunning visual presentation is a bit of an understatement. The lighting, especially during day/night transitions, really conveys a sense of immersion. However, it's the details of the wastes themselves that are so impressive. Though one might assume a post-nuke world would be very bland in its display of destruction, Fallout 3 really shows a wide variety of scenery, from the crowded infrastructure of downtown D.C. to wide stretches of barren semi-desert, it's really quite amazing how much variety exists. The characters and creatures, too, are as much visual goodies as they are challenges to completing the various quests.

    Sounds are scene-appropriate. A wide variety of sound effects were used for the various weapons, and are distinct enough I could usually tell what was being shot at me before I knew who was doing the shooting! Directional sound usage was also good, as I could stalk fights from where I heard the explosions coming from. Like the graphics, the audio really added to the immersion capabilities of the game. The quality of the voice acting did vary, but not to an extent that bothered me as a gamer.

    As can be seen, I did not give the graphics/sound a 10/10 score. This is due solely to the mouth movements during dialogue. These speaking portions (of which there are many) make the interactions come across as...plastic...for lack of a better word. It's jarring, in fact, to see such imperfection in a game that tries so hard in all other ways.

    Controls (7/10)
    If there's one thing I think Fallout 3 deserves criticism on, it's the controls. Like Mass Effect, this game suffers as a shooter. My hope is WRPGs that run FPS/TPS eventually decide to actually use a real shooter's engine to power their combat. Its saving grace is the VATS system, which makes combat far more enjoyable. Even in VATS, however, I had trouble from time to time getting the limb-targeting to move where I wanted it to. These frustrations were very distracting at times.

    Story (10/10)
    The story is really what you make of it, given the choices you have on the quests you take. The main plot was sufficiently deep to draw me in and make me want to complete it. The side quests varied from the super serious to the hugely humorous. There was very few quests I didn't outright enjoy, and those that I found more frustrating than fun were over soon enough that it wasn't a big deal to me (or I just didn't do them outright, since I didn't have to).

    Overall, there are a lot of tales in Fallout 3, and they are far and away above what we get in most video games.

    Replay Value (10/10)
    There is, in a word, lots. In standard RPG fashion, the main game alone can see a 60-80 hour time investment in someone interested in doing all the of the available quests. Just sticking to pure morality play (running through being a goodie-goodie, a run as a sadist, and a run walking the neutral line) would net you three complete replays. Over 150 hours out of a single-player only game is extremely good value. Each DLC package would add 2-4 hours to each play as well.

    "Fun" Factor (10/10)
    Ah, the most subjective of the categories. How much did *I* enjoy playing Fallout 3? Simple, it is, to date, the best game I have played on the Xbox 360. Despite its flaws in controls, and the graphical annoyance I had with the faces during dialogue, this game really did a great job drawing me in, and getting me to want to play it again from a different perspective. I went into this game very skeptical; as a fan of Fallout 2 I was concerned about changing from a turn-based game into a shooter, and worried that the spirit of Fallout would die in the attempt to make it modern and marketable. My concerns were unfounded. While there are some things about Fallout 2 I wish Fallout 3 had embraced better, Fallout 3 is different but still great.

    Overall score average: 9.2

    Score-to-Star Translation Guide:
    5 stars: 9.01 to 10 (out of 10)
    4.5 stars: 8.01 to 9
    4 stars: 7.01 to 8
    3.5 stars: 6.01 to 7
    3 stars: 5.01 to 6
    2.5 stars: 4.01 to 5
    2 stars: 3.01 to 4
    1.5 stars: 2.01 to 3
    1 star: 1.01 to 2
    0.5 stars: 0 to 1

    Now, on the topic of DLC, the only thing I'm going to address is my "fun" factor on doing the quests within each one (as everything else from the main game applies accurately to the DLC).

    Operation Anchorage: 6/10
    The Pitt: 7/10
    Broken Steel: 10/10
    Point Lookout: 10/10
    Mothership Zeta: 6/10
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    Fallout 3 Review
    This is my First Review, So Please excuse me if it's Crap! laugh

    What IS Fallout 3?
    Fallout 3 is set in the Nuclear Wasteland of D.C. Your a Former Member Of Vault 101, Who escapes to try and Find their Father. This is when the story becomes yours.

    Throughout Fallout, You will take part in a number of Challenging, Fun And Creepy Quests. BUT, You can choose weather you do things the good way, Helping your Fellow Survivors.... Or Just Destroy them all. The choice is yours!

    What do I think?
    I've played through the Game 3 times, And to be honest.. It's Amazing It's not that you can blow limbs off, As enertaining as it may be... It's all about the story. It sucks you in like your Watching a Film, And keeps you in suspense the same Way.

    What Features does it include?
    VATS: This allows you to pause time and Aim at certain bodyparts during Combat. HEADS WILL ROLL.

    Karma System: Be good or Evil, It's your choice!

    What are the Graphics And Gameplay Like?
    Well. The Graphics ARE Very Impressive. The first time you step outside the Vault it's a bit, Breathtaking? wink
    All the Textures and Character Models are well Designed. All though at Time Characters Look A Bit stiff Or Just Do plain STUPID Expressions.

    The Gameplay.. Well... It's Great!!! APART from the NUMEROUS Glitches that prevent you from completing quests. I was VERY annoyed I had to start several Quests Again. But the Gameplay It's self is Fresh and New. If it's your first time playing you Will Be VERY Scarse on Supplys. Also, Even though the Game is Futuristic. It's meant to be that the bombs went off during the 50's. So Expect a Hint of Bioshock

    The Sounds in the Game are also Good. I use a turtle beach Headset and the game audio sounds AWESOME!!! And I'm redface Even starting to like the 50's Music. redface

    The Final Decision
    Gameplay 9/10
    Graphics 9/10
    Sound 8/10
    Lasting Appeal (This is WITHOUT DLC) 8/10

    Final Score 9/10

    Thanks! And I hope the review Wasn't too bad!
  • ryanizzle001ryanizzle00138,777
    06 Oct 2009
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    First Review, so please tell me what you think and sorry if its crap smile

    This is my all time favorite game. I have player 85 hours and the game has still resisted to becoming saturated and repetitive. Let me explain why I love this game so much

    Storyline ( 9/10 )

    The storyline grips and intrigues you throughout the game, with unexpected twists, your decisions always having an influence, making it tough to choose what to do. Right to the end the story is exciting and the ending is breathtaking. If you get bored of following the story the side quests are never ending and will leave you glued to your tv for months trying to find them all

    Graphics ( 9/10 )

    The graphics are incredible. Reach the top of a cliff and look at the wasteland below and your jaw drops. Who knew that a destroyed town could be so beautiful

    Sound ( 10 / 10 )

    The sound is exceptional and hyper realistic. From the faint clatter of your armor against the floor to the slow motion bullets in VATS its always crystal perfect

    Gameplay ( 10/10 )

    The game play is extraordinary. The game merges you within the character and five, six hours pass without you even realizing. You wish that the day was longer, to play it more. VATS is a very impressive and enjoyable feature , watching your opponents head blow off in slow motion is a very satisfying factor to the game, and still fun to do, to this day. Initially when playing, it is slightly tedious having to walk everywhere but once you discover a range of places it becomes easy to fast travel and enjoyable looking for new locations. The characters you talk to have a range of dialogue and I cant say I saw the same character twice. They are diverse and all have their own unique personalities and storys to tell, keeping you gripped and intrigued on discovering what they are hiding. Quest are never the same, producing new things to do with every one. And when you complete the main storyline, you will find there are hundreds of others for you to discover.

    Overall ( 10/10 )

    Even if you dont like RPG games usually and games such as oblivion like myself you will still love this. It's my all time favourite game and with 80 hours of gameplay behind me, its still fresh and enjoyable
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    Fallout 3 is the spiritual successor to two of my favorite games of all time, Interplay's Fallout 1 and 2. Those games were so engrossing and detailed in their depiction of a post-apocalyptic world where you survive by hiding in a fallout shelter during the nuclear war. Well... you didn't hide, your ancestors did, but you get the idea.

    Fallout 3 isn't exactly a sequel, but rather the third (fourth if you count Fallout Tactics) game set in the same world. Once again, you are expelled from your vault into the world to embark on... well, the choice is left to you.

    There were rumblings early on from Fallout fans that Bethesda would basically recreate Oblivion with a Fallout skin on it. To a degree, that did happen, but to be honest, that only increased the experience for me. Bethesda has created an amazing, well-constructed, detailed post-apocalyptic world that you can explore. And there's a lot of exploring to do!

    The game took me 90 hours to finish 100%, which includes the 5 (five!!) DLC expansions. Some are better than others, but I liked all of them. The best thing is that now you can buy the GOTY edition which includes all of the DLC for the price of the game. A used version of the GOTY is one of the best purchases you can make for the 360 IMHO.

    You can choose to be good, bad, or neutral, and there are perks that go with each. People will react to you differently, you'll get different missions, etc. There are many nuances to these aspects.

    The achievements are varied. There are achievements for reaching levels as a particular alignment, there are collector achievements, and (of course) story mission achievements. The majority of them seem reasonably fair, as long as you're willing to put the time in.

    I honestly can't wait for the next iteration to come out. This was one that I'd been waiting a long time for, and I was not disappointed at all.
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    Fallout 3 Review
    I have to say normally I don’t like sequels but Bethesda Studios has taken the Fallout series to the next level. I have to say this review is a little bit biased because it has become one of my favorite games on the Xbox 360 console. I also would like to add that I completed the game before the downloadable content was released. I will touch on the DLC a little but concentrate this review on the main game. I also recommend watching the intro clip. It sets up the game nicely.

    Game Play And Story. 9/10
    The setting is a post apocalyptic Washington DC. You play the character of a young person who recently escaped a Vault, wandering the vast and dangerous wasteland of Washington. Vaults were used to save people from Nuclear Fallout. You wander the lands in search of your father who escaped a short time earlier than you. For the storyline that all I am going to say to not spoil anyone who wants to undertake the vast storyline this game has to offer. There are two types of quests, main ones were are linear with a few variations and quests that you find in no particular order. The game offers a few ways to complete the quests. Depending on you choice of being good or evil, the outcomes and rewards vary. From beginning until the end of the game, options and storyline unfolds the from the way you act.
    The game can be played from first person or third person (I prefer first person more lifelike) There are plenty of skills and perks that makes most games a unique experience. From using small arms to big guns there are plenty of way to mold you character the way you want. The difference between this game and a normal first person shooter is you gain levels from quests and killing. The more levels, gives you character a better chance of surviving the wasteland. There are plenty of items for to use. A nice aspect used is that some foods are radioactive and be used to heal but hurts the character in another way. The array of weapons to use is plentiful with the options to build you own from scraps of gathered from you adventures. What I like is the programmers made the weapons do the same damage if your level one or level twenty. To increase effectiveness either the character gains levels or keeps good maintenance on his equipment. The map is rather large and one can spend hours if not days just wandering around discovering all the points of interest available. Sadly one thing that prevents me from giving this section a full ten on ten is there is no multiplayer but given what we can play with I can live out it.

    Graphics 9/10
    Graphics is extraordinary. From being in a burnout house to the bigger areas you will notice the details on everything. The details on every NPC is noticeable by just looking at them you know their names from previous encounters. The background is so detailed you can look at them as land markers or even visit them. The weapons fire is another detail well done. You character is drawn with what his is actually wearing, if your playing from third person point of view you will notice if your wearing armor or the Vault 101 jump suit. Great use of next gen graphics.

    Sound and Music 9/10
    The sounds of this game are well orchestrated. The sound adds to the feeling you walking around with the wind howling to distance gunfire. The voice acted conversations add to the interactions with NPCs. The eeriness of walking abandoned tunnels is complimented with the dripping of water. To add realism even if you know over bottles you hear them clanking with each other or dropping to the ground. Now I don’t listen to “Oldies” or “Standards” too much but after playing this I do enjoy leaving the in game radio on. The soundtrack is enjoyable and not over done.

    Difficulty 1/10 (to enjoy the game)
    There are three difficulty setting available for this game. While I find easy to be a bit too easy, I recommend medium to hard for the daring and adventurous. At any setting I am sure you will enjoy the game.

    360 Achievements
    There are no glitched achievements for this game but there are a few achievements that can be missed if you don’t check everywhere you go for items. To get a full 1000 it can be done rather quickly if using cheats but I highly recommend playing the game because of its high production value.

    As a role playing game this game simply delivers. With the makeup of the game you can replay the game countless different way to get different results giving this game a high replay value. Now with downloadable content available (four at the time of this writing with another one on its way, this just gives players even more reason to play this game.
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    Fallout 3 takes place in the year 2277, 36 years after the setting of Fallout 2 and 200 years after the nuclear war between the United States and China that devastated the game's world in an alternate post-World War II timeline. The game places the player in the role of an inhabitant of Vault 101, a survival shelter designed to protect a small number of humans from the nuclear fallout. When the player character's father disappears under mysterious circumstances, he or she is forced to escape from the Vault and journey into the ruins of Washington D.C. to track him down. Along the way the player is assisted by a number of human survivors and must battle myriad enemies that now inhabit the area now known as the "Capital Wasteland". The game has an attribute and combat system typical of an action strategy game but also incorporates elements of first-person shooter and survival horror games.

    Compared to Oblivion: Elder Scrolls IV
    To arms then. For starters, Fallout 3's Capital Wasteland is a considerably smaller, albeit denser, environment than Cyrodiil. As for the main quest itself, we're talking proper short - in head-down slogging mode we caned it within a paltry nine hours. It gets worse - unlike Oblivion, once finished the game ENDS FOR GOOD - a real step backwards in my humble opinion. Worse still, it's not until the closing stages that you're really gripped by the seismic events overtaking DC. We know perfectly well that that's not the way you're meant to play the game, but we'd be lying if we said we weren't ever so slightly disappointed. Worse still, we're totally mystified as to the complete lack of any guild-style quests in the game - especially when the various factions (Brotherhood of Steel, Enclave, Raiders, Slavers) surely offered every bit as much questing potential as Cyrodiil's Thieves, Mages and Fighters' guilds.

    Fallout 3 boasts some truly incredible moments, the majority of which I wouldn't want to spoil for you. Saying that, omy first encounter with a Super Mutant Behemoth - unleashing the full force of the Fat Man nuke launcher into its growling mug and watching the mini mushroom cloud that ensues - is worth a shout. Or detonating the (now infamous) bomb that the village of Megaton has somewhat unwisely been constructed around from Tenpenny Tower and feeling the nuclear wind ruffle through your hair. There are also far less grandiose, more subtly unsettling instances though. Like when you stumble upon a faint distress signal, carefully track it back to its source only to find the long-dead skeletons of the family you were hoping to rescue. Or the unsettling, sadistic hallucinogenic flashbacks you suffer upon delving into the depths of Vault 106. It's genuinely chilling, thought provoking stuff.

    But maybe the relentless hype machine meant we simply expected too much from the Capital Wastelands. In almost all respects, Fallout 3 is a staggering, genre-defining achievement - marrying an utterly immersive world, memorable characters, incredible production values, some of the most inspired RPG mechanics ever devised and so much heart. It might not steamroll the epic Oblivion in the manner we all hoped, but maybe that was simply asking too much. Instead, Fallout 3 stands as the perfect companion piece - a near unparalleled RPG that stands so far ahead of the majority of the games on 360 that it would be a crime against gaming not to laud this title as anything other than a masterpiece. But perhaps the biggest single complement we can pay Fallout 3 is that it sits proudly alongside its cult PC brethren as an (almost) equal. For that reason alone, it joins the pantheon of 360 Must Buys.

    Main Game 5 out 5 stars
    Graphics 10/10
    Sound Effects 9/10
    Story 10/10

    DLC Section
    These were very Glitchy when they first came out

    Operation Anchorage 910
    The Pitt 8/10
    Broken Steel 9/10
    Point Lookout 10/10
    Mothership Zelta 9/10
  • nickb2819nickb2819692
    19 Jul 2009 19 Jul 2009
    35 5 0
    Fallout 3 is another masterpiece from the genius minds at Bethesda Softworks. The Fallout franchise, once an RPG/Strategy PC game, was purchased by Bethesda from Interplay Entertainment and is now definitely in good hands.

    Fallout 3 has the same idea that the previous titles had, but comes with completely different gameplay, first-person view. But this game is not like any other shoot em up first person game. With the VATS targeting system you can either play the game like the shoot-everything-that-moves badass we all want to be, or the strategic method using the VATS system, which will conserve you LOADS of ammo. There are countless NPC's in the game, which allow your character to always communicate with others and find hidden side quests. Also, the enemies in the game are seemingly countless. With most types of creatures have there own classes like the Ghouls have the Feral Ghoul, Feral Ghoul Roamer, Glowing One, Feral Ghoul Reaver, also the Super Mutant, Super Mutant Brute, Super Mutant Master, Super Mutant Overlord (Broken Steel), Super Mutant Behemoth, so as you level up the enemies become stroner and there physical appearance changes.

    The game keeps you coming back for more after the hearty main questline is finished, there are the side quests that have there own achievements and the side quests tha have to be found by yourself(or by the help of a guide)

    The game's map is absolutely HUGE and has hundreds of places to explore. Also, in Bethesda fashion, are many hidden places underwater or in caves to explore that are unmarked on the Pip-Boy 3000's map.

    Also, Fallout 3 has character customization to make your character as personal as possible. From hair style, facial hair, ethnicity, eye color, you name it you can personalize it.

    A great feature that I loved is that you actually have to take care of your character in the game. Eventually your weapons will need repairing or it's damage will significantly decrease, if you abuse the game's "drugs" too often you will become addicted and suffer from withdrawals if you can't find a fix, you will also need some Rad Away's or your character can get radiation sickness from exploring the game's lakes and rivers or drinkning or eating from an irratiated source.

    To complete everything in the game(without DLC) will add up to around 50-60 hours, so be prepared for a very long lasting experience. The quest completing achievements are pretty much self-explanitory, but the karma/level achievements will give you trouble if you do not do them the right way. http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Fallout_Wiki will help you with achievements and give you a better knowledge of the game

    So, overall this is a must-own for the Xbox 360 without a doubt

    -Tons and tons of exploring and quests
    -Great gameplay
    -Good character customization
    -Very replayable (with or without DLC)

    -Sometimes boring walking during quests to unmarked locations
    -Can be glitchy
  • buttnpresserbuttnpresser170,301
    25 May 2009 25 May 2009
    33 9 2
    In Fallout 3, War Never Changes {My Giantbomb User Review}

    Fallout 3 is an epic game that contains a great story, world, and addictive game play. It makes you feel like you are in a world that has been devastated with war and you are just a survivor living in the aftermath of a nuclear war. You start off in Vault 101, one of many vaults that promised protection against the nuclear battle that was going to take place on the surface. As soon a you start the game, you pick your race, sex, and appearance as you begin life as a baby. You quickly grow up in the vault and must eventually leave, as your father has left the vault, something that no one has ever done before. Once you leave, every decision and move is up to you. Do you look for your father, or traverse the vast wasteland looking for things to do? In Fallout 3, its all up to you.

    The game keeps track of your moral behavior, which includes Good, Neutral,and Bad Karma. Whenever you reach the next level, which is accomplished by completing quests and defeating enemies, you gain new perks to improve your character. Some can improve your resistance to radiation, strengthen your existing abilities, and one can even allow you to eat corpses. Yeah you can be a cannibal in Fallout 3 if you want. Choices are a key element to Fallout 3, and all seem important in one way or another.

    Combat is a great element in Fallout 3 as well. You can use guns, melee objects, and other tools that allow you defeat anyone who gets in your way. V.A.T.S. is also something very important to combat. This targeting system assists you in combat and targets areas you specify, and also displays your chance of succeeding with an attack. This system is great for all players and can be upgraded as well. I won't talk about the story too much, but it is definitely something that makes this game special. In my opinion it is a Must Buy for Rpg fans, and anyone willing to give it a shot. 5/5

    + Amazing Story and Freedom
    + V.A.T.S works as advertised
    + You will get your money`s worth
    + DLC down the line
    - Needed More Choices Regarding Consequences of a Player's Actions
  • W4RPHO3NIXW4RPHO3NIXThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    01 Apr 2011
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    Fallout 3 at its core is a expansive RPG that never seems to stop amazing you.

    Gameplay wise Fallout 3 is top game it has been described as Oblivion with guns but to honest, with the vats system, I feel it is a better game on combat than Oblivion buy far. With all DLCs the enemies you can kill is varied from the challenging DelathClaws to the easy Molerats. Basically the difficultly does play a part in how hard you will find the game (I played on normal then hard towards 20-30 level.

    Story on Fallout across the main game is great, but has a disapointing ending and last boss,not to mention the fact you cannot carry on after completion. That said if you are like me and have all the DLCs (Broken Steel to carry on) then the game becomes much more expansive and the main story is extended and alot of loose ends are tied up, plus with Point Lookout etc you get fun mini stories plus more weapons and legendary items to collect/use.

    The overall game looks quite good but could use a patch to stop me sometimes glitching in cliffs or getting suck. Apart from that the game is fun, easy enough to get achievements if you put the time in and if your like me and love RPG's then you will really enjoy Fallout.
    Did my best and think I 100% with all known rares and items, even a glitched huge teddy.

    For any info need or tips message me and ill get back to you when I can.
  • Wull ScottWull Scott478,242
    20 Jun 2011
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    How do I begin to approach Fallout 3? Perhaps with a little history.

    I first played Fallout back in 1998 when I picked it up from a bargain bin at my local Dixon’s for £1. I was blown away from the very start and absolutely loved, chasing every quest and scavenging everything I possibly could in the limited time the game gave you to save Vault 13. Fallout 2 I got pretty soon after release and loved it just as much, despite its far more obtrusive pop culture references that really detracted from the whole experience. Fallout Tactics, I never got round to because it sounded like too much of a departure and Brotherhood of Steel on the Xbox was a flat out plain travesty and is 3 hours of my life I will never get back.

    There are Fallout fans out there who believe because they have been there from the start that Bethesda has stabbed them through the heart and then teabagged their twitching corpses by releasing an FPS Fallout that completely misses the setting and humour of the originals. These people don’t seem to remember the fairly sombre and quite depressing tone of first game which worked far better than the irreverence of the sequel. Fallout 3 nails the tone pretty well and although there are plenty of film references, they are done far more subtly than in many games. Also claiming this game is an FPS would be akin to calling the originals scrolling shoot ‘em ups. Fallout 3 feels a little too clunky to ever be called an FPS, but then a little too immediate to be an RPG. The biggest question is - “Why the necessity to pigeonhole the game into a certain game type?” It shouldn’t matter if they released a rhythm action game based on Fallout as long as it sticks to the story and setting and is actually a good game!

    But back to the game in hand. The initial stages of the game are superbly executed showing your birth and development before the game kicks in. I imagine this will deter quite a lot of people, but it does set up some very important relationships in the game. Despite some shoddy voice work by Liam Neeson (sorry, but I am not a fan – I find him very wooden – also, more on the voice acting later), there is enough of an implied relationship to make you care about the quest to find him during the following stages. Following the main quest and nothing but would lead this to be a very, very disappointing game. Running directly through the main quest should take less than 10 hours, especially with arrows pointing to your next objective. Due to this pace and what I feel was an anti-climactic battle and endgame it was a bit of a damp squib. Also a couple of non-twists (particularly the identity of Eden, the Enclave President) sort of make you wonder what the point is other than an extended reference to the TV show Jeremiah. Even some of the main sidequests are a bit easy due to the arrows pointing where you need to go, but on the positive side, you are kept focussed and on track, so to be fair, I don’t know how I would remedy this. The inability to play on after the end of the game without the use of the DLC, no matter what you choose to do is fairly annoying and raises another annoyance.

    I would very much liked to have seen profiles for saving, because I have saved my level 20 good character right before starting the final mission, however, when I started a new evil character, it was on the same list as the good character’s saves. This wouldn’t be too much of a problem, but I find that when loading and saving, there is a fair bit of lag so loading the list takes a good 30 seconds sometimes and then appears frozen for up to 10 seconds after that. During this time it registers controller responses then plays them out, so I did lose a level 9 evil character when I went back to my good one. It was the same with Oblivion, so it's surprising that it hasn’t been fixed.

    So then why have I rated the game so highly? Well, because of the exploration. The graphics are frankly amazing. Not so much the character models which lack a certain something, but I can’t quite place it, but the scenery and the towns and the metros… Superb. The mood, tone and lighting in all the areas are absolutely pitch perfect. Because of this, the feeling of discovering new things and places is unbeatable. Little things that should be impossible to find, like Rockopolis. Or the computer in the wrecked farmhouse that tells of a small group that had left one of the Vaults. Or the school that hides raiders trying to tunnel into Vault 101. Or one of possibly hundreds of little things. There are so many tiny stories told in tableaux, like the skeleton found on a pier clutching a teddy bear surrounded by empty beer bottles. These are the things that bring the Fallout world to life, ironically – the stories of people who died over the years from the days the bombs dropped and covering the intervening 200 years. Essentially, you can play the game as a scavenger and explorer whereby you choose an area to scout out and return with your entire carry allowance filled with items to make weaponry and goods for sale or to make a stash of spare weapons for repairing your favourites. It is incredibly engaging; more so than the main quest. I have spent at least 50 hours doing just this and I find it very satisfying and strangely relaxing. I would very much like to see Bethesda create a flat out exploring game at some point (a highly unlikely proposition, I know!) because that is what has engaged me in all their games I have played.

    The VATS system is well implemented as well, but can feel a little bit like cheating until the first few times you are killed by a single rocket to the face or a car exploding beside you that you didn’t even know was there, let alone was on fire. Enemies are fairly accurate at a pretty long range, and frankly you need all the help you can get. And yes, to my shame, I find that popping peoples’ heads off or open or whatever to be incredibly cool.

    (Writer’s note – I wrote this review not long after Fallout 3 was released, so feel very happy that everything in the following paragraph was implemented in New Vegas!)

    I would very much have liked to have seen a greater survival element to the game, for example a hunger/thirst/tiredness meter as well as rad meter this would have led to a better balanced and more interesting angle than kill things, loot them, spend all your money on Stimpacks. It would have made the balancing of hit points for rads far more meaningful. Also the fact that ammo and meds weigh nothing means that you can do the rounds of the merchants after a few forays and make a ton of caps and Stimpacks. It would have been better had these things had a weight, even 0.1 of a pound. At the moment, my main character is carrying 300+ Stimpacks and 30+ mini-nukes. Yeah, I know I could leave them all behind, but it is too tempting to be utterly prepared! Even the option to toggle these options off and on for casual players… It would have been amazing.

    Which brings me sadly to the sound. Sound effects are just fine. I turned the in game music off for a better feeling of isolation, but the music from the radios is fairly creepy and the juxtaposition of their jaunty 40s and 50s stylings with the desolate wasteland works very well. Guns sound like they should. The voice acting is really quite bad, though. I feel awful saying it, because it’s not entirely the voice artist’s fault, it’s just that the faces very rarely match the emotion of the voice actors. The character Moira Brown however, is supposed to be amusing and quirky, but instead makes me want to kill. Not only is her “chirpy” voice incredibly forced and patronising as if she’s talking to a retarded child, but it has been recorded horribly and sounds louder and a bit tinnier than other dialogue. That would be fine, but you take part in one of the biggest quest chains for her with her “hilarious” dialogue ripping through you like a rusty chainsaw. There is no one worse than her in the game but some come close. To be fair on them, there are only about 4 of them voicing about a hundred characters… The only good point to this is that the fact that your character has no voice is not a problem because if Bethesda OKed this dialogue imagine what you COULD have sounded like? Hayden Christiansen perhaps? Not on my watch. Highlights are Malcolm McDowell as John Henry Eden and Ron Perlman as the narrator, both of whom are absolutely superb.

    So, then… All in all, a bit of a strange mix, really. If you are only playing for the story – don’t. You will be seriously disappointed. It might sound like a cliché, but Fallout 3 should really be seen as more of an experience rather than as a game and if you’re willing to give yourself over to it, it is an incredibly rich and rewarding experience at that.
  • G3N3R4L R41D3NG3N3R4L R41D3N130,489
    24 Mar 2014 01 May 2014
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    It's been four years since I've tried my hand at a review, so bear with me. I appreciate you taking your time to read this review and feedback is welcome.

    Fallout 3 is an open world RPG developed by Bethesda Studios. It places you, the player in the shoes of the “The Lone Wanderer”. At first you find yourself in one of the few functioning vault shelters that were built to protect its inhabitants from the dangers of the Capital Wasteland, which includes a dangerous organization vying for power, wandering psychopaths and bloodthirsty mutants. Soon enough, your character’s father unexpectedly breaks the rule of leaving the vault, resulting in chaos that forces you to venture out into the wasteland that you were sheltered from for so long. This is where the great journey begins. As the player sets forth to find their father, he/she will be sidetracked by pleads for help, daunting obstacles and alluring rewards. Almost every situation involves multiple choices and approaches that question one’s morality. Will you be loved as the messiah of the wasteland or loathed as the scourge of humanity? The choice is yours.

    The moment you enter the Capital Wasteland, you may feel overwhelmed by the sheer vastness of it. Combing through this world does in fact feel overwhelming at first, but it offers a world that you can enjoyably immerse yourself in, slowly disintegrating this overwhelming feeling. There are a variety of side quests that add depth to the wasteland and allow you to extend the duration of your journey. Difficulty plays a crucial role in determining how the game will play out for you. Playing on an easier difficulty will allow you to easily steamroll through the game without paying much attention to the various perks and skills made available to you. Playing on a higher difficulty causes you to have more appreciation for the tools at your disposal and creates a more apocalyptic feel seeing as you will have to manage your resources while constantly scavenging for more. VATS is a unique combat system that aids you in having a greater deal of precision and critical damage with your weapons. It is advised that you make use of VATS as often as possible to handle combat situations more efficiently. The overall combat plays fluidly, requiring you to take advantage of any and every weaknesses your enemies may possess. Lower difficulty players will be able to run and gun through almost every situation while those playing on higher difficulties will generally have to strategize prior to engaging the enemy.

    Astonishing is a word that best describes the vast and detailed Capital Wasteland. Every location contains distinguishing features. Much attention is paid to the detail of every building, especially the ones of significant importance such as the Capital Building and the Washington Monument. No location appears to be out of place and reflect the apocalyptic atmosphere Bethesda sought to deliver. As for the character models, they appear functional. Character designs and appearances never seem to be out of place but they do appear to be somewhat simplistic and at times dull or lacking.

    There are two forms of story apparent in Fallout 3, the main story and side quests. The main story is nothing spectacular, rather it serves as a means for you to begin your adventure. That being said, it does have its moments and provides a background that creates more depth to the Capital Wasteland. It also has you explore some of the important locations in the game. Side quests on the other hand, are where you will supposedly spend most of your time. They serve to enrich the journey, introducing you to a vast array of new characters that offer you missions that result in being exposed to most of what the Capital Wasteland has to offer. These side missions also serve to build your character to his or her full potential. Morality plays an important role during most of the occurring story. As stated earlier, it has you determine how you desire to be viewed by those around you.

    It’s Three Dog and you’re listening to Galaxy News radio! Sooner or later you will be exposed to this radio station and it’s lively host Three Dog, hearing his commentary generally dealing with the actions and decisions you make. At first his commentary can be lively and comedic, but that quickly dies down as his dialogue becomes repetitive to a point where you may simply turn off the radio when you hear his voice. This fares the same with the songs played on the station. There are quite a few enjoyable songs to listen to that also collaborate extremely well with the atmosphere, but still grow redundant after some time. There is also the Enclave radio, which serves more as a means to understand the ideals of the primary antagonist. The background music serves well to create an eerie feeling as you journey through the wasteland. Sound animations for the weapons and interactions among other things are suitable and never abnormal. The majority of character voices are lifeless, but they don’t do too much to take away from the overall experience.

    Seeing as this game is an RPG, it goes without saying that there will at least be some time involved with acquiring every achievement. The difficulty of the achievements varies according to the difficulty you wish to play the game on. If you play on a casual difficulty then time will most likely be your only real obstacle, but should you decide to play on a more challenging difficulty, then there is a high possibility that you will spend a much greater deal of time to acquire every achievement as well as the fact that enemies will become actual obstacles to progressing through the completion of achievements. There is variation among the achievements with many requiring specific quest completion and others requiring finding collectibles or locations, building certain items and achieving levels in accordance with the level of morality you possess at the time which also serves to create a sense of replayability. It would be wise to have a look at the entire achievement list before approaching this game with the intention of achieving a 1000 gamer score.

    Fallout 3 is certainly a game worthy of the great deal of praise it receives even to this day. Although the story is nothing memorable, the grand journey and the well-crafted gameplay easily remedy this. The abundance of quests available will have you immersed in the Capital Wasteland for quite a while. Greatly detailed environments, a memorable adventure, a unique combat system and an overall beautifully dark world create the Capital Wasteland and a memorable gaming experience.
  • CrankyBauer24CrankyBauer24173,078
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    Ive never really been into RPGs as they never really held my interest but after trying out Fallout 3 on my bro in laws PS3 playing until i left Vault 101 i went and picked up my own copy for my Xbox and im glad that i gave this my time . As soon as youre out of the vault you proceed on a long quest to find your father in a very decimated D.C. or the Wastelands . And i never knew how many quests , characters and locations there were and how much traveling you could do as i started my 1st playthrough . The quests range from saving townspeople from Super Mutants to stop Ghouls from gaining access to a high end hotel and theyre are plenty more . And during quests or just plain traveling the karma effect comes into play whee you decide if you want to help or hurt people which can also help you or hurt you , for example a situation in Megaton where you can decide if you want to help or prevent the town from blowing up from a nuclear bomb sitting in the middle of the town . This game blew my mind with how much you can do and see and seeing the White House and the Washington Monument sitting there in shambles can be downright scary but beautiful at the same time . And what else is fun is your Pip Boy which shows all your stats and health etc... you can listen to music and radio broadcasts played Three Dog ; hes a cool dude and its nice to hear some tunes while you explore . Even after your first playthrough it doesnt have to end as you can play this game another 2-3 times as you can take other paths along the way which opens up other oppurtunities and with 5 DLC stories which take place from going 10 extra level caps after you reach the end of the main story you which is called Broken Steel , Mothership Zeta - on an alien spaceship , Point Lookout - which you have to get to by boat near the river , Operation Anchorage - where you go back in time in Alaska ( couldnt figure this out much ) and finally The Pitt which takes you to Pittsburgh . And each story pumps more hours into your Fallout experience which whenever you get kills or complete quests you recieve which everyone knows as XP or experience points and it helps you pick perks like being able to move faster , aim better , carry more weight of items you pick up along your travels and you can raise your science , explosives , small guns etc .... to be more effective which believe me makes it easier when stumbling across Raiders or Deathclaws . So even if youve never played an RPG before i highly recommend starting with Fallout 3 as it opens up a new world , fun story , gameplay and alot of more and its an experience unlke any other game ive ever played before . Good luck in the Wastelands and always be prepared for some good fun .
  • 23 12 1
    Soo Fallout 3 huh? Well this is a first or third person RPG on the 360 as people should know also on the PC as Game for Windows (meaning two sets of achievements smile) well simple fact this is just a WOW game. This review will be giving a general overview on this titan game however will go into dept and detail within some topics.

    Well main story is your a "vault dweller" and your dad thought it was clever to leave the this "vault" and its your job to find your father in basic terms...as the player you get to customize your character how you like make him or her black white chinese upto you! The main ways this game works are from different in game mechanics which i will explain now.

    The game can be considered to work on a 3 core game basis. Karma, Leveling (skills), Combat (V.A.Ts).

    Karma is used in the game to basically judge you on how you took on a situation a good example of this is when your outside Rivet Cuty and theres a Strangle sat down and he asks for water, and you can either not give him any or give him some, if you give him some you will result in Good Karma. If you steal from people or kill "innocents" you will result in Bad Karma. Simple mechanic which works perfectly within the Game.

    Right, Leveling. At the beginnign of the game you get to pick your S.P.E.C.I.A.L which are Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intellegence, Agility AND Luck, These result in giving you different characteristics overall for example Luck helps you find more rarer items or Random events, also Charisma helps your Speech which can be used in dialog to get you something better (in most cases). Then to top this when you level you have 20 points to start off with and you can place these points onto skills such as Big Weapons, Lockpick, Sneak etc. This helps determine basically how powerful your character is with this since specialising in Big Weapons means you can use Rocket Launchers, Miniguns and etc. to a high degree making it easy to use. As well as these after everytime you level you gain perks! AFTER EVERYTHING YOU GET EVEN MORE!!!! I KNOW I WAS LIKE GOING CRAZY TOO!!! clap However this is needed when looking into this, since these perks help your charcter in numerous ways from giving extra skillpoints to skills to being able to have animals like you? (seems crazy but can have its benefits) and yet this is still just a Dint...A FREKING DINT! into Fallout 3.

    Then theres Combat system or in other terms V.A.T.s which is a special targetting system within the game which can be used (you dont need to use it if you dont want to however,...without it you dont get the same satasfactory of blowing someones head of wink if im honest) however yeah.... V.A.T.s basically works on this simple basis term....The higher your skill in a certain weapon category (Big Guns, Energy Weapons, Small Guns, Melee Weapons) the higher % of hit on the target, as well to this, it determins on What weapon you use and the Distance/Position of the target then gives you like i sed a % on the target but ... but ...BUT! its not the easyyy....they went for MORE! you can aim for certain parts of that target soo like you can aim for the headshot or YOU CAN SHOOT THE GUN out of the targets hand and then...blow his head off! However this me seem like a easy way out, Bethesdia thought this through and put AP (Action Points) which limits the amount of hits you can do in one go, when used you will have to wait for replenishments.

    Well thats, Overall Rating on the Game System 9/10

    Now even more! Well within the game theres obviuosly a Main quest which is around 14-18 quests long (tbh i never counted and dont care just giving a rough overview) however then there is another like 40+ side quests to do...as well as the 3 DLCs which add another like million hours of fun smile however yes...Now more intresting which may allow you to buy the game, Every Quest is an Achievement worth 20G (unless storyline related) and the majority of the achievements are Quest related however there some which is like, "pick 50 locks.....Hack 50 terminals....Collect all bobbleheads" and so on but like i sed theres around 9 of these ones (again never counted them i cba with that if you want to check TA archives on the game) yes i did say BOBBLEHEADS! this is the in-game collectable and there is erm one for Each S.P.E.C.I.A.L and for each skill which is erm 20 ... or 30 i forget however each bobble head gives you a bonus 10+ skillpoints on that skill which helps AAAAAAAA LOT! headspin

    For Story and Leveling system 10/10

    Sounds within the game vary in a Large proportion, The gun sounds are fitting for the each gun if that make sense? for example the Pistols sound like a pistol and not a Nuke so this is a nice little thing which appeals to me. Also the dialog from characters are very good, since the voice of a character fits the look of the character giving it a personality, and with this you can choose certain options to talk back to the character almost like an conversation however you have only 2-6 options to choose out of. The world itself in a sound style is quite pleasant, with my surround sound headphones, the game sounds in each invidual place and atmospheric creating the mood for the player. This i enjoyed since it gave maybe a Dungeon a dark and desolate atmosphere which it needed to get the player to be more wary and more into the game itself.

    The sound can be disputed to be really really good or just okay since there is kind of a limit of sounds since every Shotgun sounds pretty much the same (even if its an Combat Shotgun and the Terrible Shotgun) you would think they may change the sound a little to make the gun sound more powerful than it is which could be a positive aswell as an negitive in peoples views. I Rate the sound 7/10

    Well to finish this Review off, within the game as i said there is weapons, however there are erm Legendary? weapons? if thats what we want to call them which are basically One of a kind weapon such as Lincolns Reapeter which a throughout the game and if you want them all!!!! this adds maybe 10+ hours ish...

    Well after all this i will state some negitives since i dont want to appear "Bias"....Well the only means of transport is to walk to every location however on a positive note once you discovered a location you can just fast travel to if ever you need to again. Well erm another bad thing is...Sometimes your screen glitches..the best way to explain it tbh is if you ever played MW2 and done the Elastic man glitch its like that on your screen, basically our screen looks normal and sometimes when you look somewhere you will have these weird grey shapes pulled across the screen like erm an elastic band lolz...o O O !!! also sometimes AI have a weird thign and spaz out for nooo reason (this maybe only me but yeah) erm anything else bad please comment but thats general jist of that as most people would agree,

    Well this is my Review on Fallout 3...i Know i havnt mention Graphics but in simple terms They arnt Shit...and they arnt AMAZING! but they are really good, The sounds within the game are clean and very crisp but this review was more on the Gameplay more than anything.

    But i Would Rate this game a 9/10 out of anything

    laugh laugh laugh
  • TheLongingTheLonging60,589
    21 Jun 2011
    20 18 4
    This review is only about the main game; no separate rating for the DLC will be given.

    Intro: If there was ever a game more deserving of hype when it came out, it was Fallout 3. The gritty, 3D, and open ended reboot to the Fallout series, Bethesda has done their best to make sure it was a fun and enjoyable experience for all. And while it works in short bursts as a fun hybrid between an RPG and a Shooter, there's just too much that would drag an otherwise 4.5* game down to an only manageable 3*.

    Looks: The environments are beautiful. Bethesda isn't kidding around with the locations they make, whether they're deserted city buildings, the world of Oasis (not the band mind you), or the Capital Wasteland itself, they always manage to look beautiful. Surely the character models themselves are good?

    Well, if you're not looking too close. The character models don't like to move their mouths or bodies, preferring to stare right into your soul and suck it out forcefully. Also the character palette is too similar across some minor characters and enemies. (3/5*)

    Story/Quests: The story is very strong, despite being linear (not counting side quests). You live in a vault to protect yourself from the apocalypse, Vault 101. Your father has escaped for unknown reasons, and you are now trying to find and track him down to learn the truth. You can be a good guy, a bad guy, or neutral, and the outcome of the game (if you don't have the DLC Broken Steel downloaded) is determined by what your decisions were and what towns/people you've came into contact with. The only thing though; the game just ends and you can't reload that save and start a new game. It's just, start a new game. However, the story is engaging enough to be entertaining.

    As for the side quests? There's plenty of them, and with so many locations, you'll have so many quests. There's quite a bit of a difficulty curve in them though, even the ones you encounter early on (Those! has to be the most infuriating, with those damn fire ants) can be tough at a low difficulty level, But you don't have to do them if you don't want to. There's also plenty of unmarked quests that you can do for fun/caps/XP/various items. The best part of the game I would say... (4/5*)

    Gameplay: ...except for the gameplay. Combat, traveling, leveling up, the whole shazam.

    Fallout 3 does an excellent job of balancing the RPG and shooting elements, seamlessly blending the two. Leveling up allows you to boost skills and add perks to improve combat and gameplay. Leveling up takes too long though, and with not enough encounters in the Wasteland (for every 4 or 5 enemies I killed, I picked one lock), it can be tedious. This is where the short bursts come in; playing until completing a quest or leveling up once or twice (or in the case of later levels, a half - full level) is satisfying and fun. Going on for longer than that is just tedious, boring, and feels too much like grinding.

    The combat itself is smooth enough, and VATS bring a whole dimension to it. It sometimes makes fights a bit unfair, but it does help, and there's also a bit of strategy to it (Do I use my VATS here or save it for a harder enemy? Or wait until I hit another group of foes?). Repairing your items is also fun, to improve damage resistance and improve damage it can deal out. (4.5/5*)

    Achievements: The achievements can be easy to get... if you're willing to put maybe 2 - 4 playthroughs in. You're obviously not gonna get the karma based ones straight through if you're following one path, the many many side quests can make you miss some, and the bobbleheads are just scattered ALL over the map. The rest can take some gradual building up to. These are some easy achievements, and often fun (the vast majority of the quest ones), just be sure to put some time into them. And even when you complete the game, there's still some replayability left. Just not a lot. (4/5*)

    Glitches: However, this game seems rushed, with multiple glitches for every quest, weapon, event, etc. I know it seems nitpicky, and obviously you can't fix EVERY glitch ever, but there are some ones that are, for some reason, glitched when they shouldn't be. Angela's wedding at Rivet City for example. It was impossible to complete, due to Angela never making it in the room due to a time glitch. Fighting all the Super Mutants all by myself, even the Behemoth, during the Galaxy News Radio quest, is incredibly frustrating, and I had to force myself to load a save from about 2 hours back after discovering the source of the big (losing 3 levels and some items). There's also the occasional glitch where I had an item lost after accidentally dropping it or stuck in a wall, unable to be retrieved. Sometimes ragdoll physics would go into full effect, and sometimes VATS or my Pip-Boy wouldn't open. It gets frustrating and just slowly decreases the quality of the game. (1/5*)

    Overall: Oh yes, this game is fun, no doubt about it, and in short bursts, the game can be a blast. But the glitches, sometimes poor graphics, sparse fighting, and some of the lengthiness of gaining some achievements, knocks it down to a slightly above average 3 stars out of 5.

    Looks: 3/5
    Story: 4/5
    Gameplay: 4.5/5
    Achievements: 4/5
    Glitches: 1/5
    Overall: 16.5/25
  • cc99999cc99999320,205
    11 Oct 2009
    4 6 3
    In a Minute Review - Fallout 3

    Judging by the five star rating from the more than 3600 users on this website, you don't need me to tell you that Fallout 3 is a great, fantastic, incredible game. I'm glad you don't need that because I'm not going to do that. Fallout 3 is not a great game. It is actually a great concept that is only partially realized on the Xbox 360 and is also one of the buggiest titles on the system.

    Let's start with the story. You are, in one of the game's best sequences, born, go to a birthday party, and are forced to leave your home, an underground nuclear fallout shelter called Vault 101, to find your father. This very basic Homeric conceit gives way to an interesting, but not altogether satisfying story line in a bleak sepia-toned post-apocalyptic wasteland.

    Where the game falls short for me is the lack of diversity there is to offer here. Every town looks generally the same, the ruined cars are all derived from one or two models. The city of Washington DC is mostly a closed off maze of rubble. There is absolutely no bio-diversity to the creatures that roam the wastes. You have bandits that roam everywhere but seem to have no back story, no point to their existence, and no community. The Galaxy News Radio channel plays approximately 3.25 songs. The game freezes more than any other Xbox 360 title. The DLC is notoriously buggy (Anchorage, the first installment is an absolute waste of time. The Pitt, Point Lookout, and Mothership Zeta are worth a look-see) with the Pitt literally breaking the game for thousands of players for a couple weeks before Bethesda figured out how to patch the DLC.

    So by now you are probably clicking the thumbs down icon because I've hurt your feelings by talking all mean about your favorite game. And that's fine. If it's your opinion that all of these issues can be explained away or overlooked then go right ahead. For the one or two people that haven't played the game know that despite Bethesda's best efforts to sabotage the thing, Fallout 3 contains just enough of whatever that gaming magic is that lets you ignore its obvious problems. But be sure to save often and don't expect too much. A quality experience this is- a great game, however, this is not.
  • youDOORnobyouDOORnob85,208
    22 Sep 2009
    2 6 0
    Id give this gme a 10/10 for everything. I loved playing through it.

    you start off being born then playthough a few years as a child until your dad leaves the vault and you go in search of him. you go to many places meating many people until you then find him and help him with "project purity". along the way there is a lot of traveling until you unlock areas of the map, but i enjoyed that as you get to see some details you might otherwise miss. also there are lots of side quest and each with desisions to make, eather bad or good, you meet people who can follow and help you, some are just annoying and you end up protcting them, but fawks is ace. then there is the dlc, i thought a lot of it seems different to fallout, some being sort of like a different game with the same charactor but eaqaly fun.
  • Rodent XRodent X155,064
    01 Jul 2009
    3 7 1
    I'm a big fan of Oblivion, so I knew I'd enjoy this game - even without all the addons. Once I got going, I couldn't put the controller down. The graphics aren't top notch compared to other games out there, but they are still beautiful. I absolutely loved the sound and gameplay. My only real complaint is that at times there were allot of dead travel time, where it seemed like you would walk forever before actually doing something. I can't really complain though - there was definitely enough to do throughout the game. The game played just like Oblivion - just with guns and an awesome VATS system.

    I've really enjoyed the addons too. My favorites being Broken Steel and Point Outlook. I'm proud to have finished the game and all the addons (thus far). Looking forward to more addons.

    Gameplay 10/10
    Graphics 9/10
    Sound 10/10
    Lasting Appeal (This is WITHOUT DLC) 9/10

    Final Score 9 /10
  • ll Darkknight xll Darkknight xThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    31 Aug 2011
    5 10 2
    Fallout 3 is a 1st and 3rd person shooter that gives you the choice to progress as a good, neutral and evil changing the way people think and react to your chracter. Fallout 3 requires lots of quests and different locations and killing a wide range of enemies in the wasteland of D.C such as super mutants and mole rats. On my first playthrough the quests have you helping the humans protect the earth but there are a few raiders who try and stop you. Also lots of DLC for this game and each one is lots of fun and allows lots of new quests and locations and weapons and new allies and friends.
  • Alice In 8bitAlice In 8bit293,270
    21 Feb 2011
    6 12 1
    If you haven't heard of Fallout 3 yet you either have a life and aren't into video games or been under a rock. Fallout 3 is one of the best games on the xbox 360. A game which its world will suck you in and you will be hooked there is so much to do it's amazing. I 100%ed all achievements but even then there was more to do. Fallout 3 is a very unique game there is no other game on the market like it. Shooter/RPG is a new genre and it works so well. Somehow Bethesda found a way to make the wasteland fun. Hunting bad guys wearing a hockey mask and using an axe and pretending you are jason or wearing a dress and a sun hat and frying the whole of megaton with a microwave gun or just firing a random fat man at passers by there is always something to do and so many missions its almost impossible to do them all. I would say it's a must buy for xbox 360!
  • Zealous74Zealous7413,510
    02 Aug 2009 24 Oct 2009
    9 16 4
    Fallout 3 is the best RPG out there for the 360!

    Bethesda did it again! They made... What did I lose you again?sleep

    Okay! OKAY! I'll stop the talk and get to the REAL point!smile

    Fallout 3 IS the best game for the Xbox 360. It is a fair price at it's $50 value.
    And trust me, you'll be playing this game for at least a couple of weeks straight!
    I've replayed this game at least 5 times, and still aren't bored with it! Oh and the expansions are SWEET! Adding about 3-4 hours of play each (and giving you some pretty awesome weapons and armor in the process to!)! My ONLY concern is for new players who might get stuck at the beginning, I've seen it happen a lot...My advice? Go to www.fallout.wikia.com, OR get the $20 official game guide. Other than that! Great game!

    At LEAST rent it, I know you'll enjoy it!

    Until next time,
    Zealous74 wave