1. Fallout 4 Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Welcome to the Commonwealth! We're about to begin our journey across post-war Boston and the surrounding region. Grab your Pip-Boy (real or in-game), and get that vault door open!

Fallout 4, as with most of Bethesda's open-world jaunts, is best experienced absent of guidance and with as little knowledge going in as possible. However, you may well be reading this walkthrough to minimize the amount of time spent obtaining every achievement. So I've done my best to tailor this guide for both those looking to avoid missable achievements but otherwise explore the game in their own way, as well as those looking to just play through and knock out the 1000 as quickly as possible.

One thing to keep in mind is that Fallout 4 is a very complex game, with an unimaginable number of variables in play throughout the Commonwealth at any given time. For that reason it's impossible to say for sure how any given scenario will play out. Bethesda have championed their Radiant Quest system, and while this doesn't impact the story and faction quests quite as much, it's always possible that what you encounter in game will be slightly different to what's detailed in the walkthrough. Please feel free to submit any questions or concerns in the Walkthrough thread, especially if you notice significant variation in how your quests play out.

I've added a little summary of the pages in this walkthrough below.

General hints and tips - You'll find here a few general tips about character creation, as well as other general gameplay advice.

Minimal-spoiler walkthrough - If you want to avoid as many spoilers as possible, this is the page for you. I've detailed the story achievements which you should expect to achieve and in which order, and when, where, and how to proceed with certain quest lines that will minimize time spent replaying to get them all.

Story: Act 1 - Follow this guide for the quickest route through the first half of the story and major side quest achievements. Plenty of spoilers in here.

Story: Act 2 - Continuation of the story and faction quests, culminating before siding with a faction. Plenty more spoilers in here.

Institute Ending - One of two routes to the end of the game, that will allow us to unlock all story achievements.

Brotherhood of Steel Ending - Another route to the end of the game, to be used in combination with the Institute ending.

Collectibles/Other - Follow these guides for locating any collectibles you didn't grab during the story walkthrough, as well as the quickest way to clean up any other achievements you didn't get while following the story. This page is intended to be used after completing the story walkthrough.

DLC: Automatron - A walkthrough for the first story DLC pack, Automatron.

DLC: Wasteland Workshop - A walkthrough for the first workshop DLC pack, Wasteland Workshop.

DLC: Far Harbor - A walkthrough for the substantial story DLC pack Far Harbor.

DLC: Contraptions Workshop - A walkthrough for the second workshop DLC pack, Contraptions Workshop.

DLC: Vault-Tec Workshop - A walkthrough for the third workshop DLC pack, Vault-Tec Workshop.

DLC: Nuka-World - A walkthrough for the fifth and final Fallout 4 DLC, where we follow the story of Nuka-World (in progress).


amenazamenor JF for authoring the original outline for achieving all story related achievements in 1 and a bit playthroughs (+ a strategic save). He has a helpful diagram on his solution.

Fallout Wikia & GameCrate for several screenshots, in particular of bobbleheads.

/u/lunamoonraker on reddit for authoring a superb method to knock out the Benevolent Leader achievement and DURDENS WRATH for bringing it to TrueAchievements.

UndeadPixell on Imgur for the Institute and Brotherhood of Steel artwork.

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