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Wasteland Workshop is the second DLC released for Fallout 4, reaching gamers on April 12th, 2016. It's priced at $4.99, but is also included in the Season Pass. Unlike Automatron, there are no quests as such in this DLC. Instead, Wasteland Workshop adds a significant number of settlement items that can be built at your settlements across the wasteland. There is no level requirement for engaging in the additional content.

Because Wasteland Workshop does not have quests as such, I will divide this walkthrough by achievement. First though, a couple of tips to make this DLC easier:

  • The quickest and most straightforward method to the 3 achievements is not the most aesthetic or organized when it comes to your actual settlements. For that reason I recommend creating a master save, and then reloading this once done with the achievements. That way you don't waste the level up points or resources required for these achievements.
  • To unlock all achievements in this DLC, you will need Charisma at level 9 and the perks Animal Friend and Wasteland Whisperer at the 1st rank. For this reason, it is worth playing the regular game or any other DLC until you are sitting on several level up points. Then you can return to Wasteland Workshop (probably make a save point), and then invest the level up points needed.
  • You also need a significant number of raw food items from different wasteland animals. If you haven't already grabbed the copy of Wasteland Survival Guide from Sunshine Tidings Co-op (directly west of Lexington, by the map edge), now's the time to do it, as it will allow you to collect more meat from killed animals. I've listed the food required below, but as recommended above, it might be worth playing the regular game for a while and just hoarding these when you come across them. This will save time when it comes to working on this DLC. I mentioned in the general hints and tips to grab food when possible, and cook it for XP and health. So continue to do this, just don't cook the food when preparing to go for these achievements.


Requires: Steel, Wood, Copper, Circuitry, Glass

This is by far the easiest achievement of the 3, and simply requires you to pit two settlers against each other in a hastily built arena. Find some empty space in a settlement that has several settlers or companions, and enter the workshop menu. Build a red and blue arena pad relatively close to each other, and then place a quitting bell nearby. The bell will need to be powered, so construct a power source too if you don't have one nearby. Once these are all built, find a settler or companion and assign them to one of the two arena pads with cn_A. Once the first is assigned, simply find another person and do the same with the second arena pad. As soon as both are assigned, activate the quitting bell to summon any other settlers. This will unlock the achievement.


Start a Spectated Arena Fight in a Settlement

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Worth noting is that once both fighters are assigned, they will start fighting as soon as they see each other, even if they haven't reached their pads. If you've used any non-named settlers, it is possible that they can be killed in battle, which is another reason to reload your save after unlocking the achievement.


Requires: Steel, Copper, Meat/Food

Working towards Trapper is what will take the longest in terms of unlocking the 3 achievements in this DLC, requiring you to build one of each cage that can now be built at settlements. There are a total of 15 cages: 4 small, 5 medium, and 6 large. Thankfully the cages themselves don't require much in the way of resources (just steel and copper), however they do require a number of often rare meats/foods that you'll need to source. I have listed the total resource requirements below, and I recommend that you play the regular game naturally for a few levels to accumulate as much of this as possible. That will hopefully minimize the amount of extra running around you'll need to do to collect everything.

You will need the following resources:

  • 170 steel
  • 38 copper
  • 24 gears
  • Bottlecaps (500)
  • Jet (6)
  • Brahmin Meat (7)
  • Canned Dog Food (3)
  • Carrot (4)
  • Mirelurk Egg (4)
  • Mole Rat Meat (4)
  • Mongrel Dog Meat (4)
  • Radroach Meat (4)
  • Radstag Meat (4)
  • Razorgrain (4)
  • Softshell Mirelurk Meat (2)
  • Stingwing Meat (4)
  • Yao Guai Meat (4)

If you're still in need of a few food resources by the time you go for these achievements, there is a store in Diamond City that will sell you any meat you're missing. Tag the items you need from the Workshop menu (cn_RB - so they have the little magnifying glass next to them), and then fast travel to Diamond City Market. Slightly behind you to the right from the spot you fast travel to will be Polly, who runs Choice Chops. She will sell you a selection of random raw meats and food. If she has what you need, buy it, and if there's anything else missing just sit on the nearby bench and wait 24 hours. Her stock will refresh every 24-48 hours, so keep repeating this cycle until you have all the food you need.

Polly at Choice Chops in Diamond CityPolly at Choice Chops in Diamond City

If you're still missing some of the harder to find items, take a look below:

  • Canned Dog Food can be found up on the major highway southeast of Jamaica Plain. This is where you'll fight several named dogs.
  • Razorgrain can be found in the central square at University Point.
  • Yao Guai Meat can be looted off a few dead Yao Guai that are north of Coastal Cottage.

Before going any further, also remember that you will need at least level 9 Charisma so as to unlock the first rank of Animal Friend and Wasteland Whisperer. We don't need these to build the cages, but it is required to build the beta wave emitter which we'll need right after we obtain Trapper. It might be worth creating a master save before investing these level up points, so you don't waste them just for the sake of these achievements.

Once you're leveled up and have the resources in hand, you simply need to build everything. You'll want to pick a settlement that has enough space first, so something like Sanctuary Hills, Starlight Drive In, Boston Airport, or Spectacle Island. Travel there with the resources listed above and simply build 1 of every single cage. It's worth grouping these together, but keeping it organized as well will help with the next achievement too.

A couple of medium cages built at Sanctuary HillsA couple of medium cages built at Sanctuary Hills

Once you've built all 15 cages you will unlock the Trapper achievement.


Build One of Every Cage Type

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We want to go for Docile right after we complete Trapper, however it does require a little additional work from what you've done so far. To unlock Docile, we need to capture some creatures in the cages you've just built, and then release them into the settlement while under the influence of a beta wave emitter (which will tame them). First you'll want to build enough power generators to power the cages. While we don't need all 15 cages powered, it's probably worth doing it anyway. It can takes days of in game time to capture creatures, so the more we power initially, the sooner we'll have enough captured. Second, you'll want to build a beta wave emitter and attach it to its own independent power generator. The reason for this is so that when you cut the power to release any captured creatures, you don't also cut the power to the beta wave emitter.

The resources below are based on you building the beta wave emitter, as well as one small, medium and large power generator. You should hopefully have more than enough at your base settlement by now. If you choose to build different, or fewer, sources of power, it may differ:

  • 20 copper
  • 3 circuitry
  • 20 aluminum
  • 4 crystal
  • 8 nuclear material
  • 11 rubber
  • 11 gears
  • 8 screw
  • 11 steel
  • 2 ceramic

With resources in hand, built the medium and large generator and hook up all 15 cages. Go ahead and then build the beta wave emitter nearby, and power than up to its own independent small power generator. With everything powered, find a bed or chair and wait out several 24 hour day cycles. You'll notice that the cages start to shut, as more and more capture the creatures they're baiting.

Once the majority of your cages are shut, it's time to release the creatures. Now before doing this, have a quick check and make sure you have capture 5+ creatures, while excluding raiders, gunners, super mutants, cats, dogs and brahmin. The reason for this is because these enemies/creatures either can't be tamed or are already tamed. Of the remaining 9 cages, if you have 5+ with occupants, then it's time to release them. Double check your beta wave emitter is still powered, and then simply cut the power to the generators powering the cages. This will open the doors, and release all the creatures. Some mayhem will ensue as any captured raiders or gunners attack your tamed creatures, but just sit back and watch the fireworks.

Captured enemies fighting among themselvesCaptured enemies fighting among themselves

Assuming you released at least 5 creatures that were tamed by the beta wave emitter, you'll unlock the Docile achievement. At this point I recommend reloading the master save you made earlier in the DLC, so you haven't wasted any resources or level up points on your character.


Have 5 Tamed Creatures in a Settlement

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That wraps up Fallout 4's second DLC, Wasteland Workshop. Congratulations on the completion, and the rather small 50 additional gamerscore. You've explored the vast majority of the limited content added with Wasteland Workshop, however if you enjoy continually customizing and tweaking your settlement, then you'll find plenty of additional items waiting for you in the workshop menu. Enjoy!

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