Fallout 76

Fallout 76

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Fallout 76 Achievements

Most Earned

A Fighting Chance
A Fighting Chance10 (10)Craft a Weapon
Tested Mettle
Tested Mettle31 (30)Complete 5 Challenges
Junker Funk
Junker Funk11 (10)Gather 200 Pieces of Junk
Reclamation Day!
Reclamation Day!11 (10)Leave Vault 76

Least Earned

Field Medic
Field Medic105 (20)Revive 20 Fallen Players
Fallout Forever
Fallout Forever150 (30)Reach Level 100
Code Cruncher
Code Cruncher139 (30)Hack 50 Terminals
LITerally93 (20)Read 20 Magazines
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Latest Fallout 76 News

Fallout 76 Players Access Hidden Vaults, Bethesda Confirms Future Plans For Them

After both miraculously and unintentionally entering Vault 63 in Fallout 76, a player turned to Reddit to share the findings within, prompting Bethesda to confirm their future plans for the title.

Posted 5 days ago by Nicole René, 15 comments

German Game Stores Giving Away Fallout 76 Free With Used Controllers

Promotions can come in many interesting forms. For Gamestop in particular, the latest advertisement is based around Fallout 76, in which customers who purchase a used PS4 controller receive a copy of the title for free.

Posted 14 days ago by Nicole René, 19 comments

Fallout 76 Hotfix Addresses Issues From Patch 5

A new Fallout 76 hotfix is now available to download. Aims to address a handful of issues that were introduced with this week's patch 5.

Posted 18 days ago by Dave Horobin, 27 comments

Patch 5 for Fallout 76 Brings Both Balance and More Bugs to the Game

Bethesda previously teased information for Fallout 76's Patch 5 earlier this month, and now it's finally arrived to the game, bringing all sorts of changes. With wide scale fixes across the wasteland, there's plenty more to see.

Posted 19 days ago by Nicole René, 26 comments

New Survival Mode Teased for Fallout 76

January is a busy month for Bethesda as they've been working hard to repair the numerous concerns that surfaced with Fallout 76. Thankfully, as more patches arrive, more updates do too, including the new Survival Mode beta.

Posted 22 days ago by Nicole René, 42 comments

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