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    19 Nov 2018
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    As I find myself waiting for the huge 48gb patch to get done, I feel like maybe it is time to open my voice and share my experience with the newest addition to the wonderful Fallout universe. For less than a week now, I've been jumping unto the game daily and even before that... I enjoyed the B.E.T.A. experience.

    Before I begin, it should probably also be noted that I got aboard this Doomsday Train with the gloomy (but quite excellent) Fallout 3 and have played the crap out of both New Vegas and Fallout 4, even though it doesn't show from my achievements.

    Anyways, enough of that, let's dive into Vault 76!

    The Story...
    You are an inhabitant of Vault 76, one of the first vaults to open... if not THE first. Also, your vault experience have been quite good, meaning... no weird experiments or depressing problems along the way. You basically turned out great and is not looking forward to exiting Vault 76, to make a new life for yourself in the hilly countryside of West Virginia.

    You do wake up a little late though, after a long celebratory night - finding that you are the only one left. Instead of going all Home Alone - Vault Style - you pull on the ol' vault suit and make your way towards the exit, picking up a few things along the way.

    The sun is shining and from the looks of it, West Virginia weathered the storm and is doing fine. It doesn't take long before you realize that it really isn't fine... not even for your dear Overseer lady, who left early. As you make your way towards her first C.A.M.P. site, you realize that there might not be many people out here... except your fellow vault 76 companions.

    It is time to man up and figure out how to rebuild the world!

    If you have played 3, 4 and New Vegas - you should be very familiar with this gameplay. You are presented with a huge world to explore, but instead of NPC's to guide you along... the game itself hold your hand and offer you meaningful quests along the way. Some will open up as you visit a certain area, finding a holotape or simply by being part of the world. You can choose to follow the path presented to you, or... as I do most of the time... simply make your own path. There are no rules really and you'll become as much part of the Fallout universe as anyone else.

    And before you rip off my head for forgetting the most obvious point. This is a multiplayer game, but nothing like what I had imagined or (let's be honest) feared! You can only play the game online and whenever you enter the Fallout 76 world... you drop into a new server. Everything you own or have created using your (very handy) C.A.M.P. is still there, though, and you won't feel anything is missing. Just invite your friends, and they will appear on your server as well.

    Being a multiplayer game, there is pvp, but it is optional. I don't play Fallout 76 for the pvp, so yeah, this was one of my fears, but I am happy to report, that I have not had any issues with other players. In fact, it is fun running into others occasionally and helping each other in small quests. It seems to me that Fallout 76 players are very mature and all agree on how to experience this game - which is quite frankly... awesome!

    At the heart, any Fallout game is a Scrounger's game, meaning... loot is plentiful. This is very one minor issue comes into play. You don't have a lot of storage for all that loot, and since there aren't many ways of selling loot either (for caps!) you'll quickly find yourself managing your loot, instead of just cleaning out every location you go to. This is not as bad as it sounds. One of my favorite survival games is The Long Dark, and that game is much more brutal. You'll also soon find that scraping weapons and armor will yield lovely mods for future use.

    There is a lot more gameplay to cover, honestly, but I don't want to write a review that takes days to read, so... moving on!

    Sounds and graphics
    Fallout 76 is... Fallout 4(.5). It looks exactly the same, which is not a bad thing in my book., For me a good Fallout game is a very dirty and gritty world, and that's exactly what this is... with exceptions. Like the beautiful hillsides. I didn't like these to begin with, honestly, but they are growing on me... it is a very nice contrast from the brokendown cities to this calm and serene countryside. You won't even find many monsters out here, which is a shame if you ask me. But... I can totally see the reasoning behind this, to keep entities in the world to a minimum (probably for fear of lag).

    The soundscape in 76 is even better than all the other Fallout games combined, and I often find myself stopping and listening to the music. Great job, Bethesda!

    My Worst Fears and... the Future of 76?
    I had imagined the worst, as many probably had. Other players... griefing... pointless killing... nuclear bombs dropping left and right. However, I have experience none of this. There was this one person... who tested out his gun on me, but only for a minute... then he left for more meaningful endeavours and we were both better off.

    I had also feared the lack of NPC's. Would the world seem empty? Would it be meaningful for me to go exploring for hundreds of hours? Yes. I have not once missed an npc, and honestly... there are npcs, but in the form of robots and super mutants. And there are lots of human stories, much like in any other Fallout game I've played... in fact... maybe I enjoy them even more now, because I find myself reading every little note I come across and listening to all the holotapes! And then there are the other players... I really hope that the will make specific roleplaying servers some day, because I would love taking on an actual role in the Fallout world and serving a purpose to the other players.

    In conclusion... I am hopeful for the future and I hope that they integrate multiplayer aspects in all upcoming Fallout games. Small servers with 20-30 players are just perfect for a world of this size. I could do without the yellow dots around the world, but that's just personal preference. If given the option of not having them, I'd take it in a second.

    This game has so much potential... like imagine making factions in the world, which allows for much bigger bases, if not actual cities! And trading... how cool would it be if you could set up your own trading posts at your base? And the customization of the bases... the options are infinite. Going in search of plans and recipes is actually among my favorite things to do in 76... because I want that cool looking base!


    If you don't agree with me, that's absolutely fine. You can probably find another game to enjoy and they did promise us that another ("proper") Fallout game was in the works... I personally couldn't care less about FOV sliders, base sizes, stash limits (which would be nice, but is not at all essential for a good experience) and of course... Push-to-talk. First-world problems, honestly. This game is well worth the money for me and I can't wait to spend an entire lifetime exploring every nook and cranny of Fallout 76.

    Hoping to see you all there...!
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    JudgeDreddpoo1I'm afraid to say that you're just digging your own grave with this biased review KAxelC.

    I personally played Fallout 76 on my new PS4 Pro not long after it came it (Wasn't bothered with getting it on XB1 when I'm playing through Assassin's Creed Odyssey at the moment) and to me, it didn't feel like a proper Fallout game.

    Lack of NPC's & the many bugs/glitches is what turned me off. Honestly, the only thing that worked was the crappy Microtransaction store. I had hoped Bethesda could've done yet another good game... I was wrong.

    I get the whole "People have their own opinions" statement, but this is... How much did Bethesda even pay you to do this biased review?
    Posted by JudgeDreddpoo1 On 14 Jan 19 at 18:51
    SolaceConquestNow, I wrote the review over on Truetrophies, but don't seriously jump down someones throat for their opinions.

    I'll tell you why I personally downvoted this review. It's not because I disagree with his opinions persay, although, I struggle to see the fun in repitition and would have prefered an actual storyline with optional co-op to what ot turned out to be. Vault dwellers seemingly attacking each other doesn't make sense to me.

    I do admit it has potential if they fix the bugs and try to bring NPCs in to it to put some life in to it. Fallout 4 had more life to it and it is currently the second worst (following 76's release) in the franchise.

    Now, someone mentioned Skyrim up the top there. Can we please stop using Skyrim to say that Bethesda's games are always good. They aren't. No studio (barr possibly CD Projekt Red) has a 100% record with brilliant games. So, stop it. Infact most of the good games that have Bethesda's name on it aren't even developed by them (see Dishonored, RAGE and WET for example).

    Also guys, paid reviews will only end up on sites where the website will be trying to sell the game to you e.g. Amazon. Let's not over use the phenomena.

    I personally gave this a 2/5, as it is, it's a very poor entry, especially for those that want to buckle down and play the "single-player" storyline. Really this could have done with an MMO-style server split. PvE and PvP servers. Would have taken a lot of the bad reviews away.
    Posted by SolaceConquest On 17 Feb 19 at 12:56
    Darklord1899Feeble game. A huge uninteresting landscape devoid of interaction. Awful additions to the real time combat making vats useless, pay to play bs, loot box ideas via the shop. Luckily it is free this week for a week. I give it half a star out of 5. Thirst quest I am on. The guy has diabetes he needs to drink so much.
    Posted by Darklord1899 On 12 Jun 19 at 19:27
    GiantBRactually, after 6 months or so from the launch date, this game is playable right now. i've been playing it this weekend and i am having fun, it´s not fallout new vegas of course, the best 3d fallout ever, but it has some charm and i believe that with the wastelanders DLC this game will become good in fact.
    Posted by GiantBR On 24 Jun 19 at 16:03
    J0K3RW1NSHere after it went up on Game pass lol
    Posted by J0K3RW1NS On 10 Jul 20 at 07:06
    The S bot 9000Just started this game today and it seems like Bethesda missed their mark on this entry. The exploration is still on par with Fallout 4 in my opinion (if not too sparse at times with all the nature navigation) but there's a bunch of bugs present in the game and it's been a very unintuitive experience thus far for me (mostly all the "MMO" elements like the party system and quest management). Maybe this will change as I put in a few more hours but i'd have to say that even if the game is better than it was at release, it still feels half baked.

    Edit: it didn’t get better lol. I still have to wait 30 seconds for player camps to literally pop in one asset at a tome, have enemy health bars go wonky and not track damage right from time to time and constantly struggle with the GUI. If you’re not going for a Fallout series completion: I’d suggest just buying F3 or F:NV (Latter is on game pass)

    EDIT 2: Alot of technical issues I mentioned above are fixed on the series x so it seems like this game just can't keep up while on an hdd. The design issues still persist but I figured I would update my comment anyways in case anyone was considering starting this game
    Posted by The S bot 9000 On 18 Jul 20 at 06:48
    I sincerely reconmend playing this with people who enjoy it (only the few out there i know...) But for real they will try make you like it too, playing this 100% solo damn yeah thats rough thats like doing Raids in WoW without a team, also try finding interaction with people who have the same intrests like its stupid you need all this for a game, but thats how MMO's usually work they are tedious for sure, getting 99s on runescape takes forever too longer then the time you need completing this game.

    I could not see myself playing it at release either just picked up this game and im quite enjoying myself as i have a 2 friends who like this game making getting into it and getting core basics right so much easier
    Posted on 28 Jul 20 at 13:42
    FullMoonBeaverI started the game 3 weeks ago, as the Wastelanders update piqued my interest for the first time ever, and since it was put on Game Pass, I felt like it was the perfect time to give it a go. If I didn't like it, no harm as I never paid for the game.

    I've now been playing as often as I can, as it has been a lot of fun. Its a familiar setting, and feels like a Fallout game, yet feels artificial at the same time. Sure there are NPC's scattered around the world, but the lack of direction, a real story, a reason to care is missing from this title. This is what I feel where Bethesda fell foul, and the resulting fallout (not sorry for the pun) from their choices in direction for the game practically nuked (again, not sorry) the game.

    What I personally think would have been a better option, would have been a fully fleshed out story with coop thrown in for good measure. I could have accepted that, or perhaps the second player starting up their own Raider faction to take on the Lone Wanderer.

    Do I like Fallout 76? Yes. Is it a great game? No. That Atomic Shop isn't getting used for sure. Its improved, and it should serve as a stark reminder of how not to handle a game. I just hope that when Fallout 5 drops in 2145, it will return to the previous releases from Bethesda.
    Posted by FullMoonBeaver On 14 Nov 20 at 12:05
    FFX BrotherhoodGonna give you a +1, I enjoyed the review and I enjoy the game
    Posted by FFX Brotherhood On 16 Feb 21 at 11:43
    DrySpongeYTThe amount of dislikes because of the "hurr durr 76 bad" crowd is insane.
    Posted by DrySpongeYT On 30 Jan at 01:45