Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

NOTE: The infinite experience glitch mentioned below cannot be done if playing via backwards compatability on Xbox One. It can only be done by playing offline on the 360. Playing online forces you to download the title update that removed the glitch.

A brief overview of the path to a 25-30 hours base game 1000gs is below. Remember, if you choose to play on a higher difficulty this particular method may not work as well.

1. Set difficulty to Very Easy

2. Set Hardcore mode to ON when leaving the Doc's house, and don't ever change it.

3. Never steal or pickpocket unless you're 100% sure you won't get caught. You can afford a Karma ding here or there since we're playing this through as the 'good guy' type, but you don't want to risk faction loss that might result in an additional necessary playthrough.

4. Create your character with the following base stats: 6 STR, 5 Per, 5 End, 4 Cha, 8 INT (for more skill points between levels), 5 Agi, 7 Luck

5. As you level, take the Educated perk as soon as you can for the additional skill points between levels.

6. Other than Educated, you want to take Intense Training a full 10 times, putting one point into INT, 4 points into END, 3 points into STR, one into Luck and one into PER.

7. For your 3 TAG skills, take Speech, Lockpick, and Energy Weapons to make the early game easier. When you hit level 2, get Speech to 40.

8. Head straight to Camp Golf and speak to Sgt McCredie to start Flags of Our Foul Ups as soon as you exit Doc's house. The story walkthrough contains a detailed path to getting there safely when you're a weakling level 1. Make sure you're level 2 before you start the infinite exp glitch here though. Start the quest and progress talking to people until you're on O'Hanrahan's portion where he asks you to talk to several people. When you're about to speak to Razz, make sure you're level 2 with Speech 40, then save and quit.

9. Go to your dashboard > System Settings > Memory > Hard Drive > Games > Fallout: New Vegas and delete the Title Update (should be Title Update 5).

10. Start the game, declining the update so you can play offline. Use Razz's infinite speech challenge loop (40 speech for success) to get infinite exp. You can save and quit at the very end of level 9, 19 and 29 so that you can download the update and datestamp the level 10, 20, and 30 achievements if you wish. Then just delete the title update again and reload the saves at 9 or 19 to continue to power level. You can't level past 30 this way, so once you're near the end of level 29 just download the update, reconnect to live, and continue on. The update removes this infinite exp loop.

11. As you're power levelling to 30, make sure to get Speech, Barter, Science, Lockpicking, Repair, and Medicine to at least 75. This will help you pass any challenges throughout the game and will be enough for most locks and computers. I would even suggest lockpicking and science at 100 so you can pick/hack EVERYTHING since you really don't need points in explosives or melee/unarmed unless that's your thing. After that just spread your points into whatever weapons and other abilities you prefer, but ignore Stealth and Survival entirely. They are completely unnecessary, even for the pickpocketing achievement and hardcore mode. Trust me, I left them both around 20 and was fine.

12. Once you're level 30, do all the ACHIEVEMENT-specific SIDEQUEST (not main story/faction quests). These won't ruin your faction with anyone, will level you further to 31 or 32, and will get all the miscellaneous side quest achievements done.

13. Progress the main story until you finish Ring-a-Ding-Ding. Save your game and make a backup.

14. Take care of the Boomers quest line so that you become Idolized by the boomers.

15. Take care of the Brotherhood of Steel quest line so you can join the Brotherhood and wear Power Armor. This also saves some time later in the 4 faction quests and makes you more resilient so you can power through the faction quests and shrug off damage.

16. Go to the 3 strip casinos and play blackjack until you bust all 3 casinos. Now you have seed money.

17. Collect the 7 snow globes and sell them to the bot in Lucky 38 for more seed money.

18. At your first opportunity, head to the Medical Clinic and purchase all the stat upgrades to get your stats maxed out as high as they can be (10 for the essential ones, high enough for the rest).

19. If you choose, do the Dead Money DLC for even more seed money although the above two steps will give you far more than you need to complete the game. Dead Money can be done as soon as you're done power levelling to 30 and at the end you can carry 7 or 8 gold bars out with you and sell them for 8000 caps apiece.

20. Create your final BASE SAVE and do not save over it after this. Using this base save, do the 4 faction-specific main story quest lines, which should take 2-4 hours each tops.

21. Reload final base save again. Mop up miscellaneous damage achievements, stimpacks, food, pickpocketing, etc.

22. Reload final base save again. Move on to DLC. You can of course choose to use one of the saves after you've completed one of the 4 factions' main story and are at the "end game" to do the DLC if you want to be a higher level when you start it.

FYI------>> I mention using a couple of unique weapons as you progress through the game to get a couple of the damage achievements. The weapons I suggest using are from the Gun Runners DLC, so if you do not have this DLC you won't be able to use those particular weapons and will have to find other unique, named weapons to use.

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