Family Game Night 4: The Game Show Reviews

    19 Nov 2011
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    Whos up for another Family Game Night game, after how bad part 3 was I know this game was on the bottom of my list. The question we need to ask is was the magic from the original returned or is the cheating ways of the AI going to return.

    Instead of just picking a certain game to play (which is still an option) Hasbro and EA made a game show out of it. When you play game show mode you play against one player (either the AI or competitive). Each game is decided by who wins best two of three. If ou beat our opponent you get a Monopoly card. When ou play all five games you turn in your cards, which have random scores attached to them. Whoever has the most points at the end wins. The cards take the real competiton out of the game, I was playing a game versus the AI and I won 4 of the 5 events but still lost the game because the AI had got over 12000 points out of their card, most of the time the cards are worth 300-900 points.

    The different games are Bop-it. For the first half dozen commands at the bottom of the screen shows which button to use but unfortunately the controls do not work 100%. There were many times my commands did not register, this mainly happened when I was trying to twist it, also if you twist it to much it will register it as your next turn. To win your opponent has to get two incorrect answers more than you. For example you would win if you missed one and the AI missed three. Speaking of the AI, they are completely retarded in regards to this game. The longest game I had against the AI was 10.

    Connect 4 Basketball is a short game but it is fun and could bring on some competition during a party. Your basically launcing a ball into the slot that you want, sometimes if your aim isnt dead on you'll accidently bounch the ball into another hole. If you and your opponent are going for the same spot you may knock each other out. When playing the AI you will always have ample time to throw our ball first (but cannot throw a ball until they throw theirs) but the AI is smart and will block you if you give them a chance.

    When playing Scrabble Flash you are given five letters. You and your opponant take turns making words out of them. The first to 25 points wins. The AI usually make three and four letter words, I played about 10 game and they made only one five letter word.

    Sorry Sliders is different than the one we played before. This time your avatar is pushing the pawns down the path. Each player only gets two pawns each round and if our pawn is hit out it stays on the board and may be moved back into play.

    The final game is Yahtzee bowling. Your avatar pushes the bowling ball toward the pins and you try to make a hand. Again you get one hand per round but the game seems to be more like poker than yahtzee because two pair counts as a hand. I also encountered a weird situation, the AI had a large straight and I had a four of a kind but I won the round. I dont know what game of Yahtzee they play but in real Tahtzee a large straight is worth 40 points and the best possible four of a kind is 30 points (If you count five 6's).

    Each game like before have a second version but add nothing new to the game. On Yahtzee you can have up to 8 pins instead of 5. Your timed on Scrabble, There are three "sumo" pawns on Sorry Sliders, Connect four you can throw the balls as fast as possible, and there are additional commands for bop-it.

    The achievements are basically a grind fest but nothing to hard. To get the full 1000, you'll have to play the gameshow 50 times, during this time you should have pretty much every achievement because half of them require you to play each game a certain amount of time. There is also a single achievement for each of the five different versions of the games. The only achievements for the regular version of the game you will not get during your 50 playthroughs is the 20 and 30 streaks in bop-it.

    One glaring thing missing from this game is there is no online playability. This makes absolutely no sense to me. I can excuse a game like Monopoly if it had no online because it can take hours to complete but a game show last about 15 minutes and would be a blast against other people.

    At the end of the day this game is far better than part three and will make a great party game but it sucks that it is only a two player game. For a four player game they could have made Connect 4 Basketball an elimination game to accomidate that many players on one console. I hate that there is no online, with games like Uno showing how much similar online games can be it is just blows m mind why it wasnt included. The achievement list is very doable and is what I would expect. I would recommend this game for pre-teens siblings for a little fun competition but adults would ask for more and the limited amount of players kills the idea of this being a real party game, which is to bad because it really could have excelled.
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    SonderfallJust playing this junk. Regarding the weird Yahtzee scores: You can view the rankings (which hand beats another) by pressing Y while choosing the dice to keep.
    Posted by Sonderfall on 04 Dec 12 at 12:32