Hasbro Family Game Night Reviews

  • HoffmanHoffman153,974
    24 Mar 2009 20 Nov 2009
    28 1 10
    Hasbro Family Game Night is exactly what the title suggests, a family game. This is basically a big collection of board games from Hasbro. The controls are very simple to learn in each of the games, and the games are ones that we all know and love. You download each game in this title individually for ten dollars (800 MS points) but don't worry you don't have to pay for all of them to enjoy the game. You can just pick one or two to download. (I only bought Scrabble, Battleship, Connect Four, and Yahtzee) Each game has new play modes as well as the original ones you are used to playing, so it helps put fresh spins on great classics. All games are available to try before you buy. With all this being said, I have to recommend this to anyone who likes board games, and wants to feel like a kid again.

    EDIT: As of this writing, Scrabble, Yahtzee, Battleship, Connect 4, Boggle, Sorry, and Sorry Sliders are available for download 800 MS points each.
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    asedtWhy are not these 7 games just regular XBLA games, I prefer that.
    Posted by asedt on 02 Mar 10 at 19:08
    ERIKDOTCOMGood review I suppose, but I expected more from you Jon! :P
    Posted by ERIKDOTCOM on 15 May 10 at 17:36
    HoffmanMeh, I can't write stories very well. I'm a lot better with one liners. That's how I picked up your mom.
    Posted by Hoffman on 15 May 10 at 23:18
  • SashamorningSashamorning2,350,908
    05 Mar 2010 04 Sep 2018
    30 8 7
    Now that this game has been out for a bit, you can get all 7 games for the price of 4 on disc. So instead of spending $10 (800 MS points) on each game (which to me is a good deal), you can get $70 worth of games for $40. That's a great deal! If you find 4 you like, might as well get the disc for the extra 3 (and extra 600 points!).

    These games are fun, either by yourself against the AI, but definitely more so with friends, family, or online (where I just lost a game of Sorry! by one turn... ooh, dang it, I was holding that card!!). The controls are a little funky, but they work fine, and there's no rush... these are family board games after all.

    But for us achievement hounds, I'm forgetting the best part... 1400 points for $40!! You can't beat it (unless you're borrowing your friend's copy of Avatar: The Burning Earth)! Plus, a lot (if not all) are relatively painless. The games are fun, so winning a bunch isn't a chore (not really). A lot of the rest you can win by playing with a second controller.

    Yes, it's a family game, but these are all classics. Not quite Rock Band party excitement, but still worth the time. And 1400 points for $40. :-D
  • c36dc36d335,474
    27 Jun 2009
    15 0 2
    Plain and simple game play and this is actually fun. I was able to get video game haters to play with me. Something about boardgames without the board and missing pieces brings back childhood. Hasbro killed this one and hopefully more and more titles will link to this game in the future. The DLC is worth the price and the Achievements are pretty much simple and fun to recieve. The only difficult thing with this game is the various items you can unlock to decorate your room. Each game has seven items to unlock by completing different taks. A little web searching should find a list of how to earn the furnature pieces, but they are not linked to Achievemnets.
  • Galactic RhymeGalactic Rhyme299,655
    04 Jun 2011
    5 1 0
    Out of 91 total achievements, only 1 is online required, and you just have to finish a game of Scrabble to do it. All of the others are super easy, especially with a second controller for most, and using four controllers helps blow through games like Connect 4 x 4 and Sorry!. Easy game, but grinding through the "wins" achievements gets a little boring, especially having to win 50 games of Yahtzee.

    SOME of the achievements seem to be difficult to unlock, several fixes appear to be online, but if I encountered this issue and couldn't find a way to get it to unlock, I would delete the game, clear cache and re-download it and play it again. It's when you have to do this about three times that you feel like that the game should just stay deleted.