1. Hasbro Family Game Night Walkthrough overview

Welcome to the Family Game Night walkthrough. Since each game is a downloadable pack for the Game Night hub I've divided each into their own page, so you can navigate through the guide reading and find the pertinent information with ease.

There are 91 achievements, which add up to a total of 1850G, for this game. Please be aware that if you live outside of North America you won't be able to play one of the downloadable packs (Scrabble). While Hasbro own the rights to Scrabble in North America, they does not own the rights to it over the rest of the world, Mattel does. This mean that unless you have a US (or Canadian) account and a NTSC console you won't be able to play Scrabble at all. Please note, if you have a US account on a PAL or NTSC-J console, you'll be able to purchase and download Scrabble but when you load up the Family Game Night hub, it simply won't be there and you'll have wasted money and time!

While each of these games are available through the marketplace, you can purchase a retail disc that includes: Battleship, Connect 4, Yahtzee, Boggle, Sorry! and Sorry! Sliders.

Now for the most part we'll be using multiple controllers. You'll need a total of 4, but only for one game (Connect 4x4). For all the other games, you'll only need two controllers. Only a few achievements tied to the game require single player progress for achievements. Using extra controllers means you're, for the most part, in control of the game and therefore can work toward achievements much easier and much faster than you would if you played against the AI or online. If you don't have access to extra controllers and/or are unable to borrow any from friends, don't fret. You are able to unlock the same achievements by playing online and you might want to find yourself a boosting partner and work toward the achievements together.

With that, I think I've covered everything. Click on the next page for tips (though there aren't many because this game is quite easy) or feel free to continue to a game page relevant to you by using the pages side tab.

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