2. Hasbro Family Game Night General hints and tips

There's not much in the way of tips for this game as it's all really easy. However, you'll want to try and track down 4 controllers (for one of the game packs) and at least 2 controllers for the other game packs. Below, I've layout what is needed for each of the games, how long it'll take you, and any other useful information.

Before we get to that, here are a few tips for all the games. Keep track of your achievement progress by checking out the option "achievements" on the in game menu. In most of the games they have counters that show you the progress you've made on that particular achievement.

This last bit isn't so much a tip as it is a pointer. If you happen to have the retail copy of the game and have also purchased the extra games not included with the retail disc, you'll need to download the hub. When you boot up the retail disc, it only allows you to play the games on that disc and not any additional content that you've downloaded.


1-2 hours, 2 controllers. There's nothing much to this game pack. You'll unlock nearly all of the achievements for it in a single game then it's just a case of grinding out the wins.


1 hour, 2 controllers. This game takes a little bit of luck due to its nature but if you play on Word Hunt mode, it'll take at least having to work out which words you can spell since Word Hunt gives you a list of the possible words to spell. There is an achievement that requires a lot of 3 lettered words and, unfortunately, playing in Word Hunt won't be of any use since 3 lettered words never appear on the list. Instead head on over to this site and set the 'on screen board' up the same as your game, limiting the possible words to a minimum and maximum of 3 letters.

Connect 4

1 hour, 2 controllers. An easy completion and just like the rest of the game packs there's not much to this game. The only achievement you might have any trouble with is winning 4 single player rounds in a row, fortunately there's an amazing exploit to this and it's very simple - If you're losing... quit out and start a new game. That's right! The game doesn't count quits as losses so take advantage of that.

Connect 4x4

2 hours, 4 controllers. Here we are, the game that you need all the controllers in the world to complete. There is an achievement that you can only unlock in single player but thanks to the AI having to worry about the other AI players it's not actually that hard and should only take a couple of games to unlock. Once you've got that out of the way, use 4 controllers. While this can be a pain, it means you have complete control of the game and all the other achievements will be a breeze.


1-2 hours, 2 controllers. For the most part Jenga is very, very easy but you might have a little trouble with playing a multiplayer game that lasts at least 20 moves. There's not much to it. Just keep carefully pulling blocks from the middle sections and rotating round the tower so that you don't pull it too far in any one direction.


1-2 hours, 2 controllers. This game can be a little frustrating but it's still easy. There's not a great deal to say here in terms of tips. One thing that will save you a lot of effort is to have a camera (phones work too!) on hand. When a round starts, take a photo of it. Then if, for example, you need to find the letters to a word, you can do so with the photo while the game is paused. You'll then need to resume the game and select the letters and, with any luck, pick up the achievement for finding/spelling a word within a pretty strict time limit. The same can be done for the achievement that requires you find an image in a certain time.


2-3 hours, 2 controllers and you'll also need to play at least one online game. This is the game that upsets most people, since it is only accessible to those living in North America. There's not a lot I can suggest here in the way of tips. If you're finding it difficulty to find words to spell then be sure to check out this site as it'll help you find all the words you can spell with your current letters. The nice thing the site is it's sorted by the official Scrabble players dictionary.


2 hours, 4 controllers. Just like Connect 4x4 the hassle of playing with 4 controllers is massively outweighed by the ability to completely control the game and make sure you get what you're working toward. This game is incredibly straight forward. The only reason it'll take 2 hours is because of how long a 4 player game takes. I'd suggest trying to get all of the achievements you need 4 players for out of the way in the first game so that afterwards you can drop down to 2 controllers (and no AI players) to make things run quicker.

Sorry! Sliders

2 hours, 2 controllers (4 is optional). This game is a little long winded and, unlike the other games where having more controllers makes the achievements easier, I personally found that having AI players made it a little easier. Don't worry too much about the achievement for playing for a hour. If by chance you're done before you unlock it, just set up a game and leave it running.


1-2 hours, 2 controllers. This game can be a little frustrating because it's a little based on luck. To help even the odds, make sure to play with Wild Dice on. This will result in you randomly being allowed to change the dies value. Even with the random element to the game it's still incredibly easy. There's a nice way of clocking up wins too; Opt to play against... no-one. That's right. Play against no-one and just keep rolling and accepting the die until the game is over (playing Half-card mode to speed things up). To make things even easier, if you have a turbo pad you can use of it here.

There, with that said and done let's crack on! The games are listed in the same order I've presented them here. Feel free to go through them in whichever order you wish, making use of the sidebar to easily navigate through this walkthrough.

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