3. Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Main Story MissionsUpdate notes


When the cutscene is over you will be in control of a turret mounted on a helicopter. Just press cn_RT and aim for anything red. The lights on containers should blow up nearby enemies so you can use that to your advantage. There will be a few helicopters to take out as well. Once you have circled the base, another cutscene will start.

After the cut scene, you will find yourself on a beach. You will go through a short tutorial on the controls of the game. Once you are through those, head towards the glowing yellow ledge where you see the white diamond outline.

This white diamond outline (or blue outline if in dark mode) will be shown throughout the game to guide you on where to go.

Jump the ledge and continue following the marker to crouch into a purple opening. You will see an enemy on the other side. There will be a short combat tutorial in this next area. Use your take down on the enemy right outside of the crouch area. The next guy will introduce dice throwing to distract enemies (right d pad) and then take him down. Continue crouching to the next set of enemies. Here you will learn how to do a chain takedown by moving cn_LS toward the next enemy. You should be able to kill all three enemies here with that. If at any time you alert them, you will get to pull your gun out and shoot them. Continue down the path and climb up the two ledges ahead.

There is a missable achievement for headshotting the different enemies. I suggest always going for headshots to avoid missing this achievement.

Enter the building and now is your time to shine. Eliminate all enemies in the area by any means and head to the bunker door where you meet Spider. Protect Spider as you navigate through the bunker. I found using the Kobracon (sniper rifle) was the best for headshots since it is a one-hit kill. In this next big room, you should see some green boxes on the minimap. Those will turn brighter green when you are on the same level as them. There is money in these boxes, so I would open all that you come across. You will need $43,150 to buy all weapon upgrades. Continue to Spider when you are ready for the next area. Here, you will need to protect Spider from waves of enemies as he hacks. Another cutscene will happen that says Spider fails. Kill the enemies that have appeared as you make your way to the marker at the elevator in the middle of the room.

They're Heee-ere (Main Mission #1)

Another cutscene and you find yourself without a weapon again in a weird cave. Immediately head over to the new green box with an Omega symbol on it to grab your first collectible, Carlyle’s notes.

Follow the marker as you move out of the cave and get a cutscene that introduces the blood dragons. Lucky for you, they are attracted to sounds so just crouch and sneak around them. The last dragon will require throwing cyber hearts cn_left so just loot the enemy bodies right before it and throw a heart to the left of the dragon. You will be able to continue to sneak down to the vantage point. Once there, throw another heart into the green shield around the garrison and watch as your two enemies fight each other. Once it is clear, move down to the building where you will find some basic supplies to get started with. Use cn_up to survey the area. Next clear the garrison of all enemies by any means.

When you regain control, head toward the marker to meet up with Dr. Darling. Each garrison nets you two types of adventures. These adventures can be a hostage rescue or a predator’s path side mission. Head on over to the adventure cabinet on the other side of the garrison and learn about how to unlock attachments. This game will go so fast that you don’t really have to unlock them as you go. I am going to take the approach of doing everything after the main missions are completed because the weapon you get at the end makes everything a breeze to clean up. Start the hostage rescue.

Save a Nerd (Hostage Rescue #1)

Head over to the hostage and annihilate the enemies before they can kill the scientist. Once you have talked to him, you will not be able to loot any bodies or boxes nearby so do that first if you want to. Talk to him and then you will be introduced with the fast travel ability. Head back to your previously liberated garrison. Once back there you will see a bright vending machine. This is where you buy more weapons and down to the A.I.M. 9 and buy the suppressor for it.

Punch It (Main Mission #2)

You will kill a blood dragon in this mission which counts towards the Murder Nature achievement.

Head to the triangle with an exclamation point inside it on the map at the dam. The objective will change to grab Dr. Darling’s package when you get inside the mission area.

Leaving the mission area will cause you to fail the mission and restart it.
You can just freely run down the mountain. There is no fall damage in this game. Grab his package and follow the mountain around to the dam. Here you will have to take enemies out as you make your way up it to plant the C4000 at the specified locations. After planting the first two on the bottom of the dam, enter the area on the left side of the dam and head up the stairs. You will meet a guy with a flamethrower. You can catch on fire so watch that but continue around. Kill the two guys outside on the ledge and climb up the ladder. At the top there is 2 guys. You can wait and stealth kill them both and then set the remaining charge. Follow the dam around to safety and detonate the C4000. Use the zipline to get back down and head inside. Work your way through until you get to the vending machine and the Terror 4000. Grab it off the wall and head outside to the right. Throw some cyber hearts out into the middle of the enemies to grab the attention of the nearby dragon to come help you kill everyone. Use the Terror 4000 to take out the helicopters and finish the dragon off.
If you target the bright pink area on the dragon’s chest, you will deal more damage.

Afterwards, head toward the bright green Omega door at the marker. It is your job to protect the engineer as you move through the underground tunnel. Grab more ammo at the vending machine if you choose to and kill all enemies as you follow the marker. Once you are outside in the shack by the electric core looking thing, you will have to swim in the shark infested waters to release the cores three safety locks. Next, you have to protect the engineer while he works. Once the reactor is lowered you will have to go punch it, ending the mission.

What Is This Shit? (Main Mission #3)

You have the chance to kill a robo dog in this mission which counts towards the Murder Nature achievement.

Head to the triangle with an exclamation point and take out the immediate enemies. Head into the bunker and interact with the keypad. The objective here is to enter the facility and take out the prototypes. There are dragons on the very bottom level. Start at the top and just follow the path downward. There are a lot of enemies to go through before you get to the bottom level. Once there, interact with the podium and the floor with open up. Drop down and kill the 2 enemies on the ledge then drop the rest of the way to the ground. Make sure that you equip the pistol first then grab the flamethrower, so you get to keep your other good guns. Once you are ready, press the button. There will be a few enemies, a heavy, and some robo dogs to kill down the tunnel. Take care of those and then approach the eggs. You need to destroy these with fire and once you do, the doors on each side will open and the dragons will come out. Burn as many as you can and then run straight into the tunnel. The tunnels are in the shape of a plus sign. The easiest way to burn all four piles of eggs is to run from one side, burn a little bit and agro the dragons and then run through the tunnel and burn the other set of eggs. Rinse and repeat this method until all are burnt. You can hide behind the wall in the bottom of the tunnel really easily here and use the Terror 4000 to destroy both dragons, if you want to. Head back to the marker and call the elevator down. There will be another dragon come down so refill the Terror 4000 ammo and kill the dragon while you wait. Mount the gun on the back of the jeep and kill enemies as the elevator rises. Once you are at the top, you will get into the driver seat, and you have to drive out of the tunnel within like 35 seconds. There is some room if you crash and need to back up and start driving again. A cutscene will happen and you will find yourself on a beach.

I Don’t Deal With Psycho’s. I Put ‘Em Away (Main Mission #4)

Once again, head to the triangle with an exclamation point to start the next objective. Kill the 6-7 enemies at this point and then interact with the glider. You have to steer it to the island ahead. There will be enemies that spot you as you fly in. Work your way through the canal. In the last area, when the objective says to use the code to open the biolab, look around and you will find some caged animals: mutated cassowary and the back and white tiger. You can choose to ignore these and find them in the wild later though. Interact with the computer when you are done with the enemies and follow the marker down into another bunker. Interact with the podium at the end to open the door and jump down.

Climb up the small edge and follow the hallways through. Kill the enemies in the first room and continue to search for Dr. Carlyle. The next room can be cleared quietly using takedown combos pretty easily. Head to the back of the room and up the stairs on either side, then walk back to the other side of the room toward the marker. Once you get there be prepared for an ambush behind you. Protect yourself while you wait on the door to open. A countdown will appear at the top of the screen in the middle. Run through the door when it opens and you will start a new checkpoint, so the door will block any enemies’ fire that are still alive. Continue following the hallway past the creepy pods and take out all of the enemies in the next big room. Go up the ramp on the right and across the room then around to the door in the back. Follow the hallway to the room with the vending machine. Restock on anything here if you need it. Walk through the door towards the weird lightning hole to enjoy your fight with two dragons. The easiest way I found to deal with these was to get on the side of one of the large ledges and dodge their lasers while I used the Terror 4000 on their chests. Do what you can to kill them and the other smaller enemies that come out. Once you are done, head through the door and up the stairs.

Summon The Plague (Main Mission #5)

The short cutscene has put you back at a garrison. Head towards the next main mission area.

This is a point of no return until you beat the game and contains an enemy required for a headshot achievement that is missable. Save the game before continuing in case you miss a headshot.
Now walk into the weird portal. This mission is straightforward. You will see a shiny gun with unlimited ammo, pick it up and kill the wave of enemies and then move to the next area where you will rinse and repeat a few times. Round 1 is a pistol round. Once it is over, proceed to the next area. The last enemy available to headshot is here, so if you have done all enemy types up to this point, you should get the achievement.

Round 2 uses a shotgun. Proceed to the next area once all enemies are dead. Round 3 uses the sniper. Proceed to the next area when all enemies are dead. Round 4 uses the machine gun. Just spray them all down and then continue forward to grab the killstar.

I Must Break You (Main Mission #6)

After a cutscene you find yourself on a bridge. Go toward the marker and take the enemies out easily with the killstar. Follow the marker around to the next area where you will encounter another dragon. Take it out and the rest of the enemies.

Continue around the cliff to Hanger G Gate. You will encounter another dragon in the cliffs here. If you didn’t get the brain cage achievement previously, you may get it here. Continue your killstreak while following the marker to the weapons lab. Enter the lab and walk up to the mysterious dragon. You will get into the mechanical dragon and it will automatically walk. You just shoot the enemies and blow stuff up on the way. Toward the end of the path there will be several helicopters and a blood dragon. Kill those and then immediately target the king kong looking dragon behind the glass. One shot, pretty much, and you have just beat Sloan! Enjoy the credits, or press cn_start.

Return to the island and continue playing so we can mop up the remaining achievements.

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