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    05 Jan 2015
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    With the success Ubisoft had with Far Cry 3 there was a lot of hype surrounding the 4th installment in the series. In the trailer for the game we saw a beautiful world for us to explore and a new, somewhat eccentric antagonist named Pagan Min. For me this was one of my most anticipated games of 2014 and I am sure I am not the only one who was excited. So, does the game live up to expectations? For the most part, yes. Here I will go into detail about the ups and downs of Far Cry 4 and what you should expect to experience during your stay in Kyrat. I will keep this review as spoiler free as possible.

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    Story - You play as Ajay Ghale who is returning to Kyrat to spread his mothers ashes. You arrive on a bus and soon find yourself in the company of the king of Kyrat, Pagan Min. You find that Kyrat is in a state of civil war between Min and The Golden Path, a rebel movement seeking to free Kyrat. You will be given a series of choices which will sculpt the future of the land. The story isn't bad but it leaves a lot to be desired. Pagan Min is criminally underused and he only appears a few times through out the game which is a huge shame because he is a compelling character and given the chance, he could have been one of the great antagonists in gaming. His generals aren't really introduced properly and pop up randomly which is a shame. The story itself doesn't really flow properly and aside from glimpses of excellence it misses the mark. The choices you make don't really make much difference but they are a nice touch. Some of the other characters in the game were just irritating like Yogi and Reggie, there missions were interesting but the characters we just kind of grinding.

    Graphics - Kyrat can look stunning and may leave you just admiring the world around you. The character models are done to a high detail and for the most part you will be happy with what is on display. There are some slight shortcomings though. When you are flying around in the helicopter or the wing suit and look down at the trees below you will see them as flat, 2d trees which may show that the 360 struggles with the scale of the game as the xbox one looks superior. This is a minor gripe though and considering the size of Kyrat and the amount of detail in the game it looks stunning.

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    Sound - The music in the game is very cool in my opinion. At some points in the game the music choice was pretty unusual but worked for the scenario at hand. It sometimes felt like something Quentin Tarantino would choose in one of his films which is great because I always feel like he has a great ear for music. The music on the radio was also fitting and adds to the feel of Kyrat perfectly. The voice acting pretty descent but some of the dialogue is kind of clunky sometimes, mainly from Ajay himself, it just sounds kind of awkward at times. This isn't something that majorly impacts the game but I found myself sometimes wishing he was a silent protagonist.

    AI - The AI is nothing special in this, just your run of the mill enemy AI. They are fairly easy to pick off silently and it is quite easy to remain undetected around them, even if you're standing right next to them which makes the game too easy. Other times they will run to your location regardless of whether or not you've been spotted or made a sound. Your allies aren't exactly great either, several times I had Golden Path members running into my line of fire or running out in front of my car then turning on me, which was a bit annoying. The animal AI is similar to Far Cry 3 and the animals can be a real hassle. Nothing quite like being mauled by a tiger during a gun fight. There is a new enemy type, The Hunter, which is a nice addition because they are able to control animals and have them attack you instead of enemy troops. The AI isn't really a negative to the game but it isn't anything revolutionary either.

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    Gameplay - The game uses a lot of the elements found in Far Cry 3 which isn't a bad thing considering how well Far Cry 3 played. You can play the game largely how you like from trying to be invisible and picking off enemies strategically and breaking alarms so no reinforcements can intervene. There is a bar which will appear and start to fill up if you're in the line of sight of an enemy, if the bar fills up you will have a lot of enemies coming for you. You can also use animals to your advantage. Throwing bait into an outpost can lure in a predator to cause a distraction and maul some enemies for you or use tokens, which are a new addition, to call in mercenaries from the golden path to help you out. Of course, you can go all guns blazing and mow down anything in your path, there are a lot of different weapons in the game for you to cause chaos with or you can hop onto an elephant and stomp around flattening anything and everything in your path. Kyrat is huge but there is more than enough to keep you busy for hours. There are a nice variety of side missions which involve assassinating certain people, rescuing hostages, escort missions, bomb defusing missions and hunting missions. There are also lots of random events taking place you can take part in. Liberating outposts make a welcome return with the addition of fortresses which are similar to outposts, just harder to take. You can also upgrade your skills and craft new gear from hunting animals like in Far Cry 3. There are a lot of collectibles in the game too which could keep you busy. If the normal world gets too boring for you then visit Shangri-La where you can face off against demons with a white tiger spirit in a weird trippy and very original world. Exploring Kyrat is great fun if you decide to do it on foot, by car, by helicopter, boat or wingssuit getting around is easy and it is always fun to explore the huge world. One missed mark is the grappling hook, it is a nice addition but it is very restricted and can only be used in certain areas. Also, the game never really challenges you, you might die a few times but for the most part it is very easy.

    Achievements - The achievements list is pretty varied and it isn't hard to get the 1000 gamerscore up for grabs. There are collectible based achievements but you don't have to get every collectible in the game which I am thankful for. Same with the side missions, there are achievements tied to them but you only have to do a handful of each one to get the achievement. There are a few online achievements which are easy to get too. The only one which takes a little time is getting all the skills but even that is easy to do.

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    Multiplayer - The online game modes are actually pretty good with 2 very different teams available. The Golden Path who have a variety of guns, grenades and vehicles at their disposal. On the other side there is the Rakshasa faction, they utilize the bow weapon and rely on stealth. They have the ability to be invisible when crouched and the utilize animals instead of grenades so you can spawn in a bear to help you. There are 3 different modes which differ from the usual team death matches. Though the online side is pretty good I doubt it will have an active community for too long and it will likely end up pretty dead. The map editor also makes a return with a lot of design choices, which is great as the maps available on the game are pretty generic. Co-op mode also makes a return and this is the feature I was most disappointed in. You can't advance in the story with your buddies and quite a few things will only count for the host like liberating outposts, your guest will have to replay anything like that once they return to their world. You are also tethered to your partner and can't get too far apart. The game can be really fun in co-op but I think it could have been so much more.

    Replay Value - Since there is so much to explore and so many collectibles and side missions there is plenty to keep you going after the main missions are finished. You could also have fun replaying the story and choosing different sides when you're faced with the choices. There is a lot of content in the game so expect to spend several hours in Kyrat.

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    Verdict - Overall Far Cry 4 hits the mark. Kyrat is huge and stunning and it offers tonnes of things to do and plenty of ways to do it. There is a lot to discover and see and the online multiplayer is fun too. It is a shame certain aspects weren't fully realised and the player is sometimes left wondering about what could have been.

    - Stunning
    - Huge world packed with content
    - Lots of variety
    - Plenty of replay value

    - Very easy
    - Fairly weak story
    - Characters aren't used to full potential (especially Pagan Min)
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    Rowdy185Great review, although I disagree with the online and co-op cheevos being "easy". The main game missions give you the option to choose sides, which definitely gives replay value. I first played on the One, and then rented it for the 360, just to see the opposite of my first choices, while also stacking the achievements. I saw the music a little different. The pause menu music reminded me of the soundtrack to "Book of Eli", which I love, so I liked that. I didn't spend a whole lot of time in vehicles, but the radio narrative was funny, and I preferred it to the Asian themed music, though quite fitting for the game. I rarely play a game multiple playthroughs in a row, but the added bonus of stacking different systems gave me a bonus to experience all this game has to offer. I also agree with the reviewer in that the graphics are defined and gorgeous on both systems, but this was the first game that I noticed the true potential of the One, vs. the 360.
    Posted by Rowdy185 on 07 Jan 15 at 04:46
    Papa El LoroHey, thank you for the feedback! I found the online cheevos easy because you got them wether you win or loose the game. Personally I had no problems finding a match so they were easy. The co-op ones only required you to take a base and perform a vehicle takedown. The radio host segments were fantastic. When he was describing Pagan Min Saying he dressed liked joker made me laugh. Glad you liked e review!
    Posted by Papa El Loro on 08 Jan 15 at 20:03
    Good as always paps +1
    Posted on 12 Jan 15 at 02:44
    Papa El LoroThanks again man!
    Posted by Papa El Loro on 12 Jan 15 at 14:11
    Warboy925Not being the owner of an Xbone (yet), I must say that there are very few games I played on the 360, that I would get again for the One, and this is one of those games.....the graphics are so beautiful on the 360, that I shudder in anticipation to see what it looks like on the One....this game is fun to play and easy to put down and come back to it later still amazed.......cheevos are relatively easy, but not liking the only 1 forced co-op one....all in all, great sequel to Far Cry 3.......+1
    Posted by Warboy925 on 13 Apr 16 at 15:13
    Papa El LoroThanks for the feedback man!
    Posted by Papa El Loro on 06 Jun 16 at 19:39
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