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    Before I get into the breakdown I have to say this is a straight-up 5 star, AAA game. Everything from the environment to the dialog, the pharmaceutical experiment side quests to the cultural decisions you face amongst the main storyline, to the serial killer tracking and array of weapon selection available – it’s all there with this game – and that isn’t even the half of it. I had high hopes for Far Cry 4 and I can confidently say I wasn’t disappointed.

    If you’ve played Far Cry 3 and want to experience that same genre at the next level then grab a copy of this game.

    Graphics - 9/10

    I played this on the Xbox One and the game designers definitely took advantage of the newer platform. Everything from the detail on posters spread across the landscape to the facial expressions of the key characters is excellent. A lot of time and effort has been invested to provide a consistently high level of detail across all assets within the game - which is great as sometimes the odd fuzzy texture applied to a particular object can prove distracting from the suspension of disbelief the storytellers are attempting to impart. I only gave it a 9 as it’s not perfect, the odd supporting characters haven’t been given the same treatment as the main ones but you can’t discredit the creators too much for that, and I still think there is room to improve on the graphics on the Xbox One platform so held back on a 10/10.

    Story - 10/10

    Far Cry 4 earned it’s 10/10 rating for story. The game gets straight to it – you immediately find yourself in that familiar open world environment with the knowledge that a whole mountain of trouble is coming down on you but not yet knowing how you’re going to resolve it, or we’re the boundaries of the stories lie. Ajay Ghale’s (the character you play) character is well constructed, the back story is excellent and the world you’re placed in, with its characters, history and culture, is terribly engaging. I was praying that they’d equal or better Far Cry 3’s story and they have.

    If only Hollywood would make movies with such a great storyline.

    Gameplay -10/10

    So much fun. There is an array of ways to play this game; using stealth with the suppressed sniper rifles or kitted out bows, or guns-out with the high-end rocket launchers and your elephant stomping skills. The addition of the buzzer is a bonus – helping you scoot between locations.

    Multiplayer/Co-op - 10/10

    I didn’t spend a lot of time in multiplayer – it was fun but certainly not something that was designed, or can measure up to, the more well-known multiplayers out there. Coop was a blast, especially if you’ve got a good buddy to work with – I teamed up to grab the coop achievements and had a ball. I was laughing for most of it while we tore through Kyrat causing all sorts of mayhem.

    Achievements - 9/10

    So I 100% the achievements in this game so let’s qualify that first – WOOT! For the most part they’re really easy. A few require a bit of preparation and some of the coop ones can be a pain if you’re having trouble finding a partner to work with. In addition, a few game features have been added to make it easy to address achievements that may initially seem missable.

    Sound - 9/10

    First off I have to say that the dialog, especially that of Pagan Ming (the antagonist) is incredible! Every time a new piece of dialog was played in the game made it made all the more enriching. Add to that all the unique weapon sounds, creature and characters sounds and you’ve got an impressive mix. Huge kudos to the person who wrote the dialog for Rabi Ray Rana – he comes on over the radio as you drive around Kyrat – hilarious stuff. And Hurk – my god that guy is gut-bustlingly funny.

    The music is also something that stands out – cutting to specific songs at very key moments. It reminded me of the “The Guardians of the Galaxy” soundtrack where at first you think “odd song choice” but then realise that it’s been very cleverly, and appropriately, chosen. Beats the stereotypical rock track like selection that you find in a lot of games these days.

    Longevity - 10/10

    I’ve spent over 55 hours playing this game so far and intend to extend that further by tracking down more of the collectables and playing the DLCs. So it’s not a short game by any stretch and well worth the money.

    Overall - 10/10

    I could go on forever about a lot of the little touches that make this game so special; the notes scrawled throughout the game adding more to the story, the side quests that look for Kyrat’s serial killer or the journey to Shangri-La … it’s all incredible. There is so much I haven’t touched on in this review, partly to avoid spoilers and partly because there is so much to this game and I didn’t want to make this the world longest review.

    In short this game gets an overall 10/10 and is definitely in my top 10 Xbox games of all time. Bring on Far Cry 5 … smile
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    MAJIN BOOSHNice review. I got the game today I hope I enjoy it as much as you did
    Posted by MAJIN BOOSH on 16 Feb 18 at 01:26
    AhziiadalHappy to see someone write such a passionate review! Too many people play it safe, trying to analyze a game from an almost scientific level, rather than just talk about what they love and hate about the game, how it made them feel. Personally, I felt this game had too much to do with too little motivation to do it, more so than the Far Cry's before it, or even any of the Assassin's Creed games. The saving grace is that the story was very engaging, and the game peaked whenever Pagan made an appearance. Far Cry always has great villains! Can't give more than a 4/5 because of the boring collectibles and repetitive side missions, though
    Posted by Ahziiadal on 19 Dec 21 at 04:47
    Dawneslayercan't play this game anymore bc my disc is screwed up lmao. but i really want to 100% this game already since i did so on 360 on my original account. brings back a lot of memories
    Posted by Dawneslayer on 15 Sep at 14:49
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    Far Cry 4 is the successor to the critically beloved Far Cry 3, a game that people enjoyed for its premise and its open world design. However, can Far Cry 4 compete with its predecessor? Here is my review on the 2014 Ubisoft game, Far Cry 4:

    Far Cry 4 takes place in the Himalayan nation of Kyrat, a country where traditions and violence reigns supreme. You take control of Ajay Ghale, a Kyrati-born American whose main goal is to send his mother's ashes to a place known as 'Lakshmana'. However, after meeting the self-acclaimed king of Kyrat Pagan Min, and being forced to escape captivity by a rebel group known as the Golden Path, it is the player's goal to fight for Kyrat's freedom with the Golden Path's two contrasting leaders - Amita & Sabal.
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Overall, compared to Far Cry 3, the story in Far Cry 4 is not as interesting and in-your-face as the former. But it gives the player choice in what they think is right for the future of Kyrat.

    I rate Far Cry 4's story-line a 7/10. Although it has its moments like Far Cry 3, it doesn't have an interesting enough premise to make the player care for Ajay and the world around him.

    Far Cry 4's cast is very extensive to say the least. Protagonist Ajay Ghale was born in the game's setting of Kyrat, but he is completely new to his surroundings and has just as much of a clue as you do on what's going on in Kyrat when you first play the game. However the issue with Ajay is that he seems to be a 'yes man' to the Golden Path, and the Royal Army are seen as the enemy with no clear motives set.
    The main antagonist of the game is Pagan Min, who is played by Troy Baker. He is very charismatic but is also a sociopathic killer, he obviously has an ill temper but quite clearly cares for Ajay and treats him like a son. The relationship between Pagan Min and Ajay is one of the highlights of the game's story.
    The other supporting characters in this game include Amita and Sabal - the leaders of the Golden Path group. They both have their own personalities and goals for Kyrat.
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    The characters in this game compared to Far Cry 4 are more distanced from Ajay, who doesn't know anyone well enough throughout the game to care about what's going on. In Far Cry 3, the main character Jason has more of a broader connection with the side characters. Which is something that you don't really see in Far Cry 4.

    Overall the score of the characters in Far Cry 4 is a 7/10. While Pagan Min was the most interesting character not only in terms of personality, but background history, the other characters of Far Cry 4 don't fare well as you don't have enough time to connect with them.

    Far Cry 4 has the most enjoyable gameplay in the series to-date. I would go as far to say that it is more fun than Far Cry 5. Their is a multitude of things you can do in Far Cry 4, from hunting to taking down outposts. But it is up to you as the player on how you do these things. You might want to ride on an elephant to destroy an outpost, or you might want to use your bow and silently take down anyone who stands in your way. There is a plethora of side quests and things to do outside of the campaign, it seems to me that there is more to do in Far Cry 4 than in 3. There is also more added content in Far Cry 4 such as the gyrocopter, drive-by shooting in vehicles, and the grappling hook.
    Although Far Cry 3 also had the same 'do it however you want' approach, Far Cry 4 feels more nuanced and gives the player more tools for destruction. Making it a more enjoyable and satisfying experience.

    The score I give to the gameplay of Far Cry 4 is a 9/10. It is geniunely enjoyable and the map editor side of the game gives Far Cry 4 replay-ability. However, the gameplay can be ruined by the relentless attacks from the wildlife (mostly eagles and honey badgers) of Kyrat, who seem to want to attack you at all times, (a problem which is commonplace in the other Far Cry games).

    The game is essentially a slightly better looking version of Far Cry 3, but on a standard Xbox One - the environments of Far Cry 4 look stunning. Character models look very detailed for the time and effects like fire look as good as ever when it comes to the Far Cry Franchise.

    The graphics score a 8/10 in my opinion. They look slightly better than Far Cry 3, which is good because Far Cry 3 looked good enough on Xbox 360 anyways.

    The overall score of the game is not as memorable as in Far Cry 3, but is good enough to stand up on its own, with a few decent tracks. However, the in-game radio is a mixture of good and bad. Kyrat has two radio stations that are dependant on the 18 radio towers scattered throughout the map: Radio Free Kyrat, which plays some radio excerpts from host Rabi Ray Rana with a number of Indian songs playing in the background. There is also the Royal Radio, which plays Pagan Min's propaganda as well as some WWII marching music.
    In general, the music is average in Far Cry 4. But I prefer the tracks and licensed music on the radio in Far Cry 3.

    I'd rate the soundtrack of Far Cry 4 a 4/10. The worst part about the soundtrack is the lack of music on the radio, and the constant repetition of Rabi Ray Rana.

    If you've played Far Cry 3, then you shouldn't be expecting anything new with the achievements. The same few achievements from Far Cry 3 appear in 4 (such as distracting 30 enemies with rocks, and collecting X of an item). They are also generally quite easy to grab. Without DLC, I was able to get 910G alone from the main game.

    Overall, the achievement set of Far Cry 4 gets a 4/10. It's what you'd expect from the Far Cry series from now. So don't expect anything new from the achievements.

    Conclusion - 4 OUT OF 5
    Far Cry 4 takes everything that was good and flawed about the previous title and improves upon it with varying success. But overall Far Cry 4 is good for newcomers, and greats for hardcore fans of the series like yours truly!