Hours of Darkness

Maximum TrueAchievement493Maximum Gamerscore2007
3.1228,6005,959 (21%)3-4 h
Hours of Darkness

Hours of Darkness Achievements

The Hours of Darkness Add-on for Far Cry 5 has 7 achievements worth 200 gamerscore.

  • Welcome to Nam

    DLC Vietnam: Get back your gear at the helicopter crash site.

    09 January 2020 - 1 guide
  • Leave no one behind

    DLC Vietnam: Free the 3 US prisoners of war (Host only).

    Locked - 2 guides
  • Make them count

    DLC Vietnam: Kill a total of 25 enemies with airstrikes (Host only).

    Locked - 2 guides
  • Silent Death

    DLC Vietnam: Perform 25 stealth kills while you have the 4 survival instinct tokens.

    Locked - 3 guides
  • Wendell's Story

    DLC Vietnam: Complete the game (Host only).

    Locked - 1 guide
  • Roguelike

    DLC Vietnam: Complete the game in Survivor Mode (Host only).

    Locked - 7 guides
  • 80s Hero

    DLC Vietnam: Complete the game in Action Movie Mode (Host only).

    Locked - 1 guide