Far Cry Instincts Predator Reviews

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    01 Sep 2014 01 Sep 2014
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    This review contains minor spoilers. Nothing too big, but just that you know before reading.

    Far Cry Instincts lets us take control of Jack Carver, a former US Navy Commando-now turned-fishing boat captain who is on the run from his past. Eventually, after having his boat annihilated by an attack chopper in the begin of the game for at that point unknown reasons, Jack finds himself battling for his life on this island against pirates, mercanaries, and a mad doctor named Krieger. Soon enough this Krieger fellow gets a hold of you and injects you with some virus that transforms you into a lethal killing machine with abilities such as smelling people, seeing in the dark, super strength & speed, and the ability to jump great distances. Anyway, you basically have to kill Krieger and the leader of the Mercanaries named Crowe and escape the island. For a 2006 game, and a straight Original Xbox port - nothing too fancy. As you could possibly expect.

    In Evolution, the 2nd "spin-off story" we find that Jack has been spending his time basically getting drunk when this young dame hires him as a muscle during a weapons sale between her and some local militia. Just as the sale is about to go down, some rebels come and obliterate the militia - and after you kill them - it looks like everyone is poiting the blame on you for the death of the militia. Anyway, your trying to escape from this new island when you get assaulted by people who have the same kind of powers as you, and the big cheese known as Sereum (or something like that) tries killing you and that dame from early... so naturally you want vengenace...
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Though different stories, both games play exactly a like. Through Jack's eyes you get a lot of weapons from assault rifles, shotguns, .50 caliber machine guns you can rip out of the ground, sniper rifles, and others to destroy numerous enemies - though you can only carry 3 types of weapons, most of the smaller ones can be duel wield. You can also use your animal moves which can be entertaining like when you punch a pirate 100 miles away. There are a lot of vehicles to drive such as hummers, ATVs, hand gliders (that was cool), various types of boats, trucks, and many more.. though there are no tanks. In both games you can set traps, which include laying claymore mines into the ground or tying up branches so when enemies walk near them the branch whips back scoring you an instant kill. It was pretty cool, but got pretty useless later on.

    There is a multiplayer and it is pretty fun. There are many types of game modes ranging from mere deathmatches & capture the flag games to "Predator" games where one person becomes feral and stalks other players. There is also a map editor where you can make your own stages with any kind of box, vehicle, emplacement, or anything which is a really cool feature. Great for X-Box Live. Especially from such an early "big and creative" Xbox 360 game.

    Lets talk difficulty. Far Cry Predator is a pretty hard game for a few reasons: You'll be fighting ALOT of enemies at one time (both in air and on ground), the weapons seem sort of weak when you're using them, and your health depletes WAYYY too fast - for instance you'll get shot like twice with an assault rifle and you're almost dead. However, the boss fights are pretty simplistic and just require you to slash at them with your claws for a few moments.. so its a win-lose situation: It's hard to get up to the boss, but the boss is easy.

    Graphics are kinda subpar figuring they just used the normal X-Box mechanics, but they still look pretty good. The white beaches, dense jungles, dark caves, and crystal clear water look beautiful... the character models look a little lame and boxy, but one quick glance at the enviroments and you can easily forget about them.

    Almost all of the sounds were great. The music was really thumbs up and helped add a bit of lonliness & freakyness to the atmosphere. The guns sounded great, and the voice acting was awesome - Jack Carver is the man. He curses, is sarcastic, tough... he has a lot of personality that is shown through his dialouge.

    Now for Achievements: Worth the nice Ratio (1000G worth 2721 TA) because it IS a hard game on the highest difficulty. And it doesn't stack, meaning you need to do 6 full playtroughs. 3 for each story. No way around it. Ofcourse you can use cheats, which doesn't disable Achievements... like quite some original Xbox games... from Infinite Feral abilities, Infinite Ammo and restore Health. (No Infinite Health - this requires a manual input everytime).

    There are collectibles, a LOT, and there is no way of tracking which you already have and thus missed. There are about 5 collectibles in every level, and in both stories. But with a good video guide on easy difficulty with cheats and some dedication, nothing you can't handle. wink

    The Multiplayer Achievements are quite easy, you can create your own custom map and rip trough the x weapon kills and x total kills. Place 10 spawns infront of yourself and you will get a 1000 kills done within a few hours for multiple players. Another MP Achievement is for playing for 80 hours, but you can simply afk that overnight in a 1 player private lobby. Even a silver account works for this, and this can be left overnight without any trouble.

    Overall: 4/5 stars. For it's launch and though it's a port - the Multiplayer is (was) fantastic at it's time and the graphics are still superb to this day. especially the sea and such are beautiful, The story could have been better, but nothing too much to complain about. The other aspects surely make up for it. It is quite dated, but this is a great, classic and original FPS shooter - still to this day.
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    In the early year of 2006 there wasn't a lot of shooters for the 360, good ones atleast but Ubisoft decided to help us out with two action games that year. One being the praised and loved G.R.A.W. and the other was, well, FC: Instincs Predator. Now Far Cry was a good game on PC back when it was new and exciting back in 2004, but the time that the expansion story was out so was gamers attention towards the game. Far Cry was ported to the original Xbox twice, one being Far Cry Instincts and the other Far Cry Instincts Evolution. The ladder game is the expansion story. The Xbox360 version is basically those two games combined with a smoother frame rate and overall better gaming experience. There's no doubt that this game is a hate-it-or-love-it type, and i freakin loved it! (Hence the generous 3 stars)

    Jack Carver is an ex-marine with an attitude. You learn more about his personality by his reactions to plot twists and his colorful conversations with Crowe, who is the games bad guy. After the intro you're stuck in an island with guys shooting at you so of course you shoot back. Then you hook up with this guy Doyle and you become his little puppet without the "would you kindly" shit. Once you learn the name Dr. Krieger things start to get interesting. I won't spoil it for those who haven't played the game. The story is ok, not the strongest part of the game but interesting enough to keep you going. Sike.

    Well this game came out in '04 so it looks like a game that game out in hmm.. '01 maybe? Besides the beatiful water effect, the game looks average. I mean i swear Final Fantasy X looked better than this. Now some people might say that this game is basically a launch game so people haven't learn the power of the next-gen console. To that i say kiss my ass, Dead or Alive 4 was a launch game and it still looks good 5 years later. So the game doesn't look all that good we all get that so let's keep it moving.

    Weapons sound like shit. Point blank. Water splashes sound normal, rainforest sounds normal and the dialogue, oh the dialogue, is the best part of the sound section. Enemies talking to each other during firefights can be hilarious at times, don't know if it's intended or not but gotta give props regardless.

    Anybody whose played an FPS before know the drill. Feral abilities become second nature in combats and you will learn not to try feral punch a guy with a shotgun. The binocalurs are great to use, so is the air glider until some bastard snipes you down. Back attacks are only useful in the beginning of the main story, after that you propably won't use it except the multiplayer. Ain't nothing like sneaking up on a sniper that's killed you several time's and just stab that guy in the back. Well maybe shooting him with a shotgun. I dunno. I hate snipers. Dammit moving on.

    The best part of the game easily. Map editor allows you to create your own perverted version of "a good map" and then u can play god as you kill of helpless gamers that don't understand the map at all. If this game should be noticed for something else that Jack Carver's punclines it's the map editor.

    Pretty easy for the multiplayer part but for the single-player it's awful. You gotta play through both the main and the expansion story 3 freakin times in different difficulties! I mean you can't simply go for the gold by playing the on the hardest difficulty level and assume it unlocks previous difficulty achievements (ahem, Halo 3, Gears of war 2). Damn that's just messed up. But you can use cheat codes (so very ninetys, i know) to unlock unlimited ammo health etc. so it aint that bad.