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    13 Feb 2020 13 Feb 2020
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    Being my first ever Far Cry game, I'm impressed with some of the detail and scope of the game world. While the created language for the game really sells the time period, it does become old fast and you end up drowning the dialogue out. I'd recommend some music or a good podcast while you play this game.
    While the subtitles give you all the information you need, they are only in place for important dialogue, so any passing tribesmen will either be wasting the language on you, or you'd have to somehow become fluent in the tongue to understand them.
    There are far too many collectibles for my taste, 184 I believe, and some of them are in some creative places. The bonfires and outposts get repetitive after a while, and once you reach the XP cap which is easy to do before the end of the game, you've got very little incentive to continue the side stuff unless you're a completionist.
    With a lackluster story and zero character arcs, the best experiences are roaming the world with a tamed animal companion. Some of which you can ride, with decent combat on the back of the three animals you can ride. Two of which have re-skins which have been buffed for endgame play.
    The worst part is should you be close enough to trigger a random event, you'll be forced to complete it. Leaving the designated area, to no one's surprise, fails the event but the game will reload your game spawning you close to said event. My attempts to walk around the area after this point failed. As an added note, to ease frustration, do not use fast travel while in a mission/quest, you will lose ALL your progress in said mission/quest.
    Overall, it is not a bad game, I imagine Far Cry fans would get way more out of this than I did. Considering the All DLC Edition, at the time of posting this review costs roughly $12-15 USD, you would lose far more time than money picking this title up.
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    SchinderdivI just played this back in January and was never forced to play any random events, I ignored a good 95% of them with no consequences. I wonder why your experience was different?
    Posted by Schinderdiv On 02 Mar 20 at 18:27
    xSunshadowxI wish I knew, they didn't seem to be any important ones, but the game refused to let me avoid 'em if I was in a certain radius of the spot.
    Posted by xSunshadowx On 03 Mar 20 at 03:52
    WTG x RoCK STaRBuddy you gotta update this review, cuz' almost all complaints and bugs must of been patched by now, And by that patch meaning fixed in good ways, not necessarily nerfs.

    Also while your at it, Make it a lengthy review but without spoilers of course.
    Posted by WTG x RoCK STaR On 15 Oct 20 at 01:09
    StelioKontosIt just seems like you hated the game and wrote a hater review lol because this is easily one of the deepest far cries but I do agree with the characters being lame besides tensay
    Posted by StelioKontos On 22 Feb 22 at 17:09