Farm Frenzy 2 (WP)

Windows Phone

Farm Frenzy 2 (WP) Achievements

Most Earned

Front Runner
Front Runner10 (10)You completed the level in record time!
Sink or Swim
Sink or Swim11 (10)You completed a level without using any tips!
Eager Beaver
Eager Beaver11 (10)You have collected 300 products!
Place in the Sun
Place in the Sun11 (10)Your warehouse is packed to the rafters!

Least Earned

Moment of Truth
Moment of Truth65 (30)You've collected every award!
Golden Goose
Golden Goose65 (30)You've earned a Gold ranking on every level!
Win-Win19 (10)You've beaten every level!
Make or Break
Make or Break19 (10)You completed the level without tapping any products or bears!
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