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    04 Jun 2019
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    Farming games have...well, they've become a thing this generation. A surprisingly large number of titles have come out in this genre that one would imagine would be unspeakably dull.

    Yet the games aren't bad.

    This is very much the case with Farm Together, a game seemingly designed to keep you playing "just a little bit more".

    Milkstone Studios has developed a game that is far deeper than you think, but is also rather intuitive and easy to figure out. You have three main types of currency (cash, diamond, and medals) and they are used to purchase, for wont of a better term, different tiers of products. Cash buys most crops. Diamonds purchase higher tier crops, expansions to your farm, and shops, while medals buy important farm gear. Want to fast travel (yes, you do. Trust me)? You'll need medals for that. Want to buy a swath of land? You'll need diamonds for that. Harvesting crops generally gives you cash. Doing quests gives you medals. Selling selling goods (and harvesting some crops) gives you diamonds.

    But it doesn't end there. You want higher level crops? Then you have to level up your lower level crops (my God did I plant a crap ton of pumpkins in my game) to do so. This goes for trees, flowers, livestock, etc. I'm level 65 (farm level 73) and I have not unlocked everything. I have some livestock I have no access to. Ditto some fish. The leveling up actually is useful as the higher crops give a big bang for your buck.

    The expansions make the option to recycle your ENTIRE farm a godsend. .Because you will have a seriously messed up farm if you do not do so eventually. Trying to keep things close to each other (i.e crops in an area) is about the only way to keep anything organized. Because your farm gets very, very large. And you start to recognize flaws in your design (I used to love sprinklers but grew to not care about em).

    I have no clue how long I played this. I'd assume north of 100 hrs. And I enjoyed it immensely. Far more than I thought I would. The achievements are not that bad...yes, the least one takes over 100 hours to get, but they are handed out fairly regularly throughout. This is a must buy, $20 is an insane bargain. Sales, if they happen, would make it even more of a must buy,
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    JUSTTHINKSDdon't have any friend to play with you?
    Posted by JUSTTHINKSD on 24 Jun 19 at 11:06
    snake42069i dont get why alot of people arent playing this. I love it, and i plan on keeping it on my hard drive even after i 100% it. I may move on to other games, but at least twice a day ill log into my farm to harvest.

    Its the closest we will get to Harvest Moon on the xbox one.

    also, sprinklers are very, very important, especially when it comes to flowers. When you pre-place sprinklers where you are planning on putting flowers, when you harvest them, you get a boost depending on the percentage of time that they were watered. Also, if you have a crop watered constantly, its timer is cut in half, So growing wheat or other day or more crop takes only half that time.

    The best and quickest way to level up is to log onto someone elses farm and harvest or water until your lightning meter is maxed out, then transfer to your farm and do as much harvesting/fishing as you can in 20 minutes. Harvest amount is doubled, therefore profit and exp is doubled as well. Very useful when fishing, especially with the new pond filter system that increases the bonus even further for fishing. I boosted many farm levels in a day after realizing this, after being in a slump for a couple days because i was still new to the game.
    Posted by snake42069 on 27 Jun 19 at 07:11
    DaMikeSCKnew about the crops but with my schedule playing it, it was immaterial. No clue on the bonus for flowers. I might need to do that. I'm still playing after 100% and love it.
    Posted by DaMikeSC on 27 Jun 19 at 15:05
    Gamegoddess 21LOVE this game i used to play farmville back in the day but the microtransactions were annoying. This game is way more fun I can play for hours and lose track of time there are some dlc packs for this game but they are not neccesary if you want to earn every achievement they add a few new crops and the like so if you really like this game there is nothing wrong with buying the dlc
    Posted by Gamegoddess 21 on 11 Sep 19 at 15:09