7. Farming Simulator 17 (Win 10) Gold Nuggets 56-100

This page picks up assuming you are standing at Nugget #55, located at the top-left of the map.

Nugget Map


Drive directly south across Field #1, onto the paved road that runs down the west side of the map. Follow it south and as it curves slightly back to the east, look to the left. Nugget #56 [192, 483] is by the base of a tree nearby.


The next is another one that can be tough to locate so perhaps rely on the GPS coordinates more than the image. Head east, up the hill. After going up a couple of rocky walls, turn south to find Nugget #57 [229, 499] at the base of a tree.


From here, go south and when you come a hill, look down to the right (west) to spot Nugget #58 [220, 529] on a grassy ledge halfway down.


Continue down the hill. At the next drop, look down to the left (east) to see Nugget #59 [225, 553] at the bottom of the rocky hill.


Just to the south will be a road leading east. Drive along it and stop when you get to a large red building to the south. It’s a train station. On the south side of the tracks here you will find another two buildings. The smaller building to the east has an open crate behind it with Nugget #60 [485, 684].


Drive back the way you came, keeping an eye on the train line to the south of the road. It will be blocked by a fence. When the fence stops, head off-road to the south. Go to the left (east) of the circular wooden structure then climb some steps by the small shed attached to the building here. Around the first corner is Nugget #61 [316, 696].


Walk to the water to the east of the building. If you look on the south side of the lake, there is a wooden fence that runs out into the water. On the east side of this fence is Nugget #62 [375, 732] at the shore.


Warp back to your vehicle and drive west, crossing the road and beyond until you come across some train tracks. Just to the south you should see three wooden buildings at a station. The northern building has a fenced yard on its north side. Inside you will find Nugget #63 [117, 719].


Now drive south along the trail tracks. Once you are in line with the bottom of Field #12, run up the hill to the right (west). On a grassy ledge you can find Nugget #64 [79, 864] at the base of a tree.


Drive a little further south on the train lines. Down to the left (east) you will see a large building with a shed behind it. Hidden by the black bags on the west side of the shed is Nugget #65 [115, 970]. You’ll need to pick one of the bags up with and throw it away with to get to the Nugget.


Warp back to the vehicle on the train tracks and follow them south. They will turn to the east and pass under a bridge – Nugget #66 [144, 1128] can be found to the south on the western side.


Drive up onto the bridge and go north. At the large buildings with a crossover above the road, on the east side is a sign for “The Goldcrest Northern Lodge”. Up against the back of the sign, on the east side, is Nugget #67 [186, 983].


Now run up the hill to the north-east. Roughly in line with the bottom of Field #10 you can find Nugget #68 [287, 879] on a grassy ledge.


Continue just a little further north-east. Up the next hill you should spot Nugget #69 [300, 854] on the grass ahead.


Swim out to the island in the large lake to the east. Look for some reeds by the north-west side of the island. At the water’s edge near them you can find Nugget #70 [412, 1007].


Look east from here. Up the hill you should see two larger trees with some small plants between them. At the base of these plants is Nugget #71 [440, 1007].


If you have it turned off, go into the “General Settings” menu and turn “Switch to trains” back on for a moment. Pressing should put you in a train next to Field #11. Exit the train () and find the ramp leading into the large green building to the east. Inside you will find a small side room and in here you can find Nugget #72 [804, 852] on the wall.



Exit this building to the south. Turn right and go back to the train line. If you look south, you should see a set of steps attached to the next building. Up those steps and around the corner is Nugget #73 [795, 909].


Now go south along the train lines. By the western line, you will see a pair of small buildings. Behind some steps on the east side of the first building you can find Nugget #74 [755, 1041].


Run south of these buildings you will see a small rocky hill. If you stand on it and look to the south-east, you will see Nugget #75 [766, 1084] next to a large rock.


Now go back to the west, towards the large lake. You will see a house a little to the south with a shed behind it. At the back of this shed, Nugget #76 [601, 1124] is next to a power box.


Just to the south is a red train bridge. On the south side of the bridge is a small landing where you can find Nugget #77 [583, 1177].


Cross the bridge and follow the train tracks west. Jump into the yard attached to the large “Maplefield Pool” building where you will find Nugget #78 [467, 1165].


Go north, back to the large lake. Follow the shoreline west and as it turns north you will come across Nugget #79 [356, 1085].


Now go back to the train line to the south. Just a little further west is a water tower with Nugget #80 [285, 1160] at its base.


Warp back to the vehicle which, if you followed my advice, will be back at the lodge near the Maplefield Mill. Drive south, past Field #17, as the road turns to the east. When you enter thetown, drive across the first intersection. On your left will be a white house, a grassy area then a brown building with a “Panoramic Maplefield Real Estate” sign at the front. Park near the green awning, so you can jump onto the roof of your vehicle then up onto the awning. On the roof you will see Nugget #81 [317, 1268] by a satellite dish.


At the intersection just to the east, go south a little but head across the grassy area to the east when you can. You will see a park and almost directly ahead you will see a large rock on the grass. Behind the rock you will find Nugget #82 [404, 1330].


Go directly east. You’ll pass two pairs of park benches just to your left. After the second one, cross over the path and behind an angular rock on your left will be Nugget #83 [484, 1324].


A little further to the east you will see a bridge that crosses diagonally over the river. Walk over and by the tree near the wooden water trough you can collect Nugget #84 [604, 1293].


Follow the path east where it will meet a road. Continue east. Past another intersection you will see a grassy area on your left with lots of trees. There are two wooden buildings in there – the eastern building has Nugget #85 [800, 1260] on a shelf on the western side.


Go along the road that leads to the south from here. When you reach the river, Denton Bakery should be just to your left. Before going there, walk west along the river bank, on the northern side. You can find Nugget #86 [782, 1548] at the base of a tree.


Now make your way over to Denton Bakery – you’ll need a vehicle for this one. Park your vehicle by one of the awnings on the south or east side of the building and use it to jump up. From the awnings make an improbable jump up to the small piece of angled roof that sticks down below the rooftop and from there jump up to the flat roof. Under some pipes here you will find Nugget #87 [876, 1544].



Go south and follow the river to the south-east. At the top of a hill where the river turns east again, Nugget #88 [927, 1662] is hidden in a small depression.


Next is the most difficult collectible in the game and will require a vehicle. Make your way back into town, heading towards the “Spinnery” building. To the east of that building is a large building with signs for the “Goldcrest Valley Farmers Union”.



Once again, park your vehicle near on the awnings and jump up to it. From here, you need to jump onto the narrow sign that sticks out from the wall. From the sign, jump up to the railing around to the top of the roof. If you are too close to the wall you will hit the railing so move a little out on the sign. When you do reach the railing, you’ll often get stuck on it and not be able to jump again. You should be able to walk onto the roof.

For those who want a video, take a look url=

[/url]. (credit to Youtuber Heespandexx)

This is tricky and may take a few tries. Once you are finally up, head towards the flag at the northern end and on the raised area here you can find Nugget #89 [637, 1510]. If you really struggling and want a more extreme method, you could try to replicate this. (credit to Youtuber dn4mycrown)



Take the road on the north side of the building and go west. Cross a couple of intersections but keep an eye on the south side of the road. You will see a round outdoor pool and just up the hill next to it, Nugget #90 [441, 1508] can be found by a seat.


Continue west. You will come to a row of buildings and a large carpark. On the south side of the first building you come to, “Goldcrest Arcade”, Nugget #91 [383, 1510] is hidden in a small walled-off garbage area – use the red barrels next to it to jump in.


Go to the western end of this row of buildings. You will find “Patterson’s Sandwich Gold Mine” at the very end. On the western and northern sides here, you will see angled awnings. Use your vehicle to jump onto one then jump again onto the roof. Once again, if you are too close to the edge of the roof you can’t jump, so move back down the awning a fraction. By some pipes on the south side of the roof is Nugget #92 [332, 1503].



The next building to the west is “Morgan’s Massive Motors”. On the south side by a large red barrel, some fuels cans and a car jack you’ll find Nugget #93 [286, 1513].


Drive west across Field #25. You will see a building on the west side. Behind the fence to the west of the building is Nugget #94 [51, 1614].


Head back along the south side of Field #25. After you pass a single rock near the edge of the field you should see a single tree and another rock on a plateau half way up the hill. Nugget #95 [187, 1697] is beside the rock there.


Drive to the south end of Field #27 and take the path up into the hills at the western corner. At the junction, turn right to go to the western end. By a rock at the front of the mine you’ll find Nugget #96 [247, 1921] and inside the mine-cart is Nugget #97 [249, 1924].


Go back to the east, back along the northern path. At the far end you can see a viewing platform. From the platform, look north and down to the left. You can spot Nugget #98 [427, 1864] on a ledge by a tree.


From the viewing platform, head south. At the next corner Nugget #99 [459, 1945] is hidden behind a rock.


Finally, drive to the south-west corner of Field #28. Directly to the south there are four trees on a ledge a little way up the hill. Between the two eastern trees you can collect Nugget #100 [579, 1911].


With all 100 collected, you will receive $1,000,000 and unlock:

All That Glitters...

Find all 100 gold nuggets

All That Glitters...
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