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Most Earned

Knox's Training Day
Knox's Training Day20 (20)Complete every training job for Knox.
Brooklyn In The Bag
Brooklyn In The Bag71 (70)Complete every job in Brooklyn.
Sleight Of Hand
Sleight Of Hand52 (50)Rob 10 Targets using the Safecracker Tool.
Ace's Training Day
Ace's Training Day21 (20)Complete every training job for Ace.

Least Earned

Diamonds Are Forever
Diamonds Are Forever96 (90)Three diamonds on all jobs, a perfect score, you are a truly gifted thief!
The Last Heist
The Last Heist85 (80)Last known job in NYC complete! You've bleed the Big Apple dry, there are no more places to rob in t
Pop A Wheelie
Pop A Wheelie53 (50)Disable 10 cops using Dali's Tire Spikes.
Fog Of War
Fog Of War53 (50)Disable 10 cops using Fish's Tactical Smoke Grenade.
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