Fatal Inertia Achievements

Full list of all 50 Fatal Inertia achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore.

  • 200 Wins

    Win 200 or more events.

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  • 600 Combat Points

    Score 600 or more combat points in a single event.

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  • 1000 Combat Points

    Score 1000 or more combat points in a single event.

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  • Try All Tracks

    Finish a race in all of the tracks in every environments (51 total).

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  • Remove Magnets

    Using a single brake-boost, knock 10 or more magnets off your craft.

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  • Remove Rockets

    Using a brake-boost, knock an attached rocket off your craft.

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  • Perfect Start

    Perfectly time a brake-boost at the start of a race to get maximum acceleration.

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  • Remove Weapons By Rolling

    Do a barrel-roll to remove an attached weapon.

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  • Connect 2 Opponents

    Using the primary fire of the Cable, attach two opponents together.

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  • Snag Opponent

    Using both the primary and secondary fire, attach an opponent to the ground with a Cable.

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  • Speed Demon

    Accelerate your racecraft to 750 km/h (469 mph) (excluding during Time Dilation)

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  • Destroy An Opponent

    Destroy an opponent during an event.

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  • 50 Second Time Trial

    Finish a Time Trial on any course in 50 seconds or less.

  • Smokescreen Master

    Affect all 7 opponents with the same Smoke Bomb.

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  • Show-off

    Lap all 7 opponents in one event.

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  • Velocity Au Naturel

    Win a Velocity race without using any weapons.

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