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    14 Dec 2008
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    This is my first review, so please be gentle smile.

    I admit I was reluctant to pick this game up. I'd tried the online version a few years ago, and was not impressed. But when it went on sale on the Marketplace, I decided to give the demo a try. Using a controller instead of a mouse makes a HUGE difference. The premise is simple -- you are a fish. Eat fish smaller than you, and avoid fish bigger than you. As you eat, you grow, and can eat larger fish. You progress through 40 stages, until eventually you are able to eat the Shark King. There is something vaguely satisfying about being able to eat a type of fish that has killed you repeatedly.

    A variety of powerups are available, including speed boosts, point multipliers, and ones that stun every fish on the screen and explode floating mines. The game is lenient with extra lives, giving you one every 6,000 points in addition to ones hidden inside clams on the seafloor or floating up in air bubbles. You also get two continues, however, unless you are going for the "Points Champion" achievement, you really don't need, them, as the game lets you continue from the last level you completed once you run out of lives and continues.

    Unfortunately, I have encountered some technical glitches. On one occasion, my fish ceased being able to move vertically, so all I could do was move back and forth on the seafloor. When I finished the level, it went back to normal. More troubling is the fact that twice (so far), it has completely locked up my console, so I have had to shut it off (manually, as the guide button wouldn't work) and restart the console. I understand that glitches and "undocumented features" happen. However, this game isn't new, and it's completely unacceptable for the problems to have not been fixed by now.

    As for the achievements, they are fairly balanced. Half of them are achieved just by finishing the game. The others encourage exploring the other game mode, Time Trial, and replaying the game. While a couple of these require at least a little skill, unfortunately some just require grinding, such as eating 1000 sharks, or the always classic "10 Hours."

    The graphics are definitely cute, though nothing special, and the background music is inoffensive. Overall, it's fairly fun, though certainly not spectacular. I've found it to be a good game to play when I'm not feeling up to anything requiring actual effort or thought. I'd give it a B-, and say is worth picking up at 400 points.
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    OtisFamilyNice review, although I'd like to point out that I've never encountered any glitches while playing this. Might be due to the fact that I play it off of the XBLA Unplugged disc though.
    Posted by OtisFamily on 14 Dec 08 at 19:25
    ERIKDOTCOMYou give it a B-? On a scale of what to what?
    Posted by ERIKDOTCOM on 24 Oct 09 at 16:08
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    27 Jul 2011
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    PopCap Games, the creators of titles such as Bejewled and the highly addicting Plants Vs. Zombies, take their talents to the open water in Feeding Frenzy. The premise of this game is quite simple: Eat your way to the top of the food chain without becoming part of the food chain yourself.

    As I mentioned before, this is a simple game that just requires you to eat fish fast while being careful of not being eaten yourself by bigger fish. The story, if you can call it that, has you controlling 5 different types of fish. Each fish has it's own stage, with each stage consisting of 8 levels. The level structure is the same throughout the game. You start of as a small fish and must eat fish smaller then you in order to grow. Each fish variant has three stages, and you must keep on eating smaller fish until you reach the final stage, in which you can then go crazy and eat all the fish on the screen. You also receive various powerups which range from speed boost to shields which assist you in your journey to the top of the food chain. This can be considered a very casual game in that it never gets too overly difficult, even in the later stages. This is a good game for those of us who need a break from doing other,more difficult games. It is fairly easy to pick up and play since the only functions on your controller you will be using is the left thumb stick and the A button for boost. There is also a timed mode, which is essentially the same game except you must clear all 40 levels within the time limit, so this does add some difficulty to this game, although not much. I never experienced any problems while playing this game and overall, I feel the game is pretty fun, although it does not offer that much of a challenge in beating it.

    The replay value of this game depends entirely upon the type of gamer you are. This game does get boring after a while, so if you are the type of person that enjoys action packed games, then this game probably won't appeal to you as much. It does get boring after a while which is why this game should be played in small doses so as not to get burned out after one playthrough. However, there are some features which could appeal to some gamers. This game has a leaderboard, which could increase the life of this game to those of you, like myself, who enjoy trying to get as high as they can on the leaderboards. You can also compare yourself to those on your friends list, so if you are highly competitive with your friends like I am, then this could prove as an attractive title to own. Overall, I'd say the replay value of this title is mild to moderate

    The achievements in this game are fairly easy. Five of them are awarded by simply progressing through main game. One of them is for progressing through the game in Timed Mode.The rest require you to eat lots and lots of fish. If you can suck it up, then this should be a fairly easy 100%. There is an excellent walk through that has been published, which I have used myself, that should guide you through this game should you be determined to get all 12 achievements. The only word of advice I can give you is to listen to some music while you are doing these as they can get boring.

    Overall, this is an OK game to pick up and enjoy. It will definitely offer some enjoyment to us all. How much enjoyment, however, is entirely up to the type of gamer you are. If you are simply in it for the achievements, then I can't see you play for more then the required minimum of 10 hours. However, if your the typical casual gamer and enjoy quick games that you can just pick up and play, then I highly recommend you pick up this title. Either way, this is a good game that should be played by any and all gamers of all ages.


    I would appreciate any feedback on this review so that I may improve in the future.
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    28 May 2012
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    Feeding Frenzy is a fun little arcade action game about undersea Darwinism. What you do in it is eat any fish that's smaller than you are, simply by guiding your fish around a small 2D area teeming with undersea life--and occasional explosive mines as well as pearl-bearing oysters, for good measure. Power-ups temporarily speed you up and freeze all other fish in place, helping to keep things interesting. The two modes of play let you munch through several dozen stages either against the clock or not. The game's slippery feel fits the setting well, and your fish has a couple of abilities: It can lunge forward or vacuum up anything in front of it at the touch of a button.

    The game's graphics are simple, crisp, and colorful, especially in HD, and it's satisfying to watch your fish grow bigger and bigger during the course of one of Feeding Frenzy's brief levels. The chomping noises and upbeat soundtrack fit the game well, and the cartoony look makes this one suitable for Finding Nemo fans of all ages.

    Feeding Frenzy might not have what it takes to keep you coming back for more, but it provides simple, addictive fun for an hour or two. A dozen unlockable achievements and online leaderboards entice you to play through the main modes and then to stick around for a while to accomplish some tougher challenges. One achievement is automatically unlocked after you've played the game for 10 hours, but you probably wouldn't stick with Feeding Frenzy for nearly that long without the carrot-on-a-stick, which is 20 additional gamer points. At about $10, the price of admission is a little steep for this one, but you'll find it to be a nice, mindless diversion if you give it a shot.