Fermi's Path

Fermi's Path

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Fermi's Path Achievements

Most Earned

Quantum Leap
Quantum Leap20 (20)Jump as high as possible
Casimir Effect
Casimir Effect23 (20)Complete a level without taking damage
UHECR29 (20)Complete a level with maximum energy
Phases Confinement
Phases Confinement18 (10)Set a score of at least 1600 points in the level "Phases Confinement"

Least Earned

Twisted Entanglement
Twisted Entanglement10 (10)Set a score of at least 3600 points in the level "Twisted Entanglement"
Loose Interference
Loose Interference10 (10)Set a score of at least 16500 points in the level "Loose Interference"
Local Supersolidity
Local Supersolidity10 (10)Set a score of at least 4200 points in the level "Local Supersolidity"
Superfluidity Condensation
Superfluidity Condensation148 (10)Set a score of at least 7000 points in the level "Superfluidity Condensation"
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Fermi's Path Coming To Xbox One

If you think about it, this gameplay trailer for Fermi's Path is a lot like the 3D iterations of Sonic, especially with the inclusion of those golden rings scattered throughout the levels. No sneaker

Posted 4 years ago by Mark Delaney, 3 comments

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