Field & Stream Fishing (Windows) Reviews

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    15 Jul 2013
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    If you're looking for a change of pace from all the puzzle and physics games, this is the game for you. It has great graphics with simple and consistent mechanics.
    While I am not a fisherman, this game gave me the feel of it (without the mosquito bites.) I got an education in different lures and fish. (Well, that is if the game is accurate. Fisherman out there - can you confirm that, please?)
    The goals on each level we're similar enough that I could use what I learned in earlier levels and different enough to avoid getting boring.
    The achievements we're spaced out well so there was always a goal ahead and they were consistently obtainable.
    The only negative was that if network connectivity was not solid, lures that I had purchased were unavailable. As soon as I was back on a good network, they became available again. This may be a problem for someone who plays Win8 games offline.
    Overall, I was looking for a different game when I started this and it hit the spot. While I don't think it inspired me to grab a tackle box and get out there, I enjoyed playing the game and would recommend it to everyone.
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    Vr EnglishThanks for the review, the offline thing is a big deal for me as I tend to play them on the train, so thanks for the heads up. May get this just for the fishing knowledge sometime ^^
    Posted by Vr English on 16 Jul 13 at 11:41