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Posted on 12 July 17 at 14:02, Edited on 12 July 17 at 17:25
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Field & Stream holds the honor of not only being one of the lowest rated games on TA, but it was (for a time) the lowest rated game on the entire Xbox Live Marketplace. These notable distinctions did not spawn from thin air, as this is most likely the worst game I have ever played on the Xbox 360. What exactly distinguishes this dumpster fire from every other mediocre hunting game on the market which plagues the console like a herpes outbreak? Let's have a look.

First and foremost, the framerate is disgusting. I'm not quite sure I hit 30 frames per second even once, even on the main menu. The game chugs along painfully slow, which is a real treat when trying to aim up a shot or fire your weapon, only for the crosshair to go spinning wildly or your bolt-action rifle to spew out 3 bullets at once. I'm not even quite sure why the game can't keep a stable framerate, especially seeing as how every single map is nothing more than a medium-sized square covered in blobs of dull browns and blindingly bright greens. I thought someone swapped out my visine for a bottle of lime green paint upon booting up the first level. Somewhere within these too-brown browns and too-green greens, there exist a number of animals for you to hunt. The issue is that these animals are all also brown (even the ones that aren't supposed to be) so finding them may be a bit difficult.

Don't worry about finding animals, you have hunter sense! This highlights the little blobs of brown with small clouds of gray, making them stand out distinctly against the blobby brown background! Issue is, it'll also highlight the animals behind land formations that haven't textured in yet, so aiming down your sight to get a clear shot at them results in you staring at the side of a hill, yearning for more. By the time they come into your view, they very well could just be a fox instead of a coyote and you'd have to get very close to your television to know for sure. I have to play most of this game standing up, staring intensely at the TV and hoping it'll make me blind.

Speaking of blinds, you have the option to use some in this game. Of course, that requires you to know how to first, made difficult by the horrible controls and lack of any kind of tutorial. Items purchased can re-lock themselves and need to be purchased again as well, so have some spare points on you. Once you have all your stuff unlocked, you need to cycle through items with B, use them with A, then switch back to your weapon with X. Once inside your stand or blind, you have to activate hunter sense with LT (which also stops you from moving) and aiming down the sight with RB. If the animal isn't hundreds of miles away at this point you can attempt to kill it, but since the hit detection is nearly non-existent you're mostly just re-enacting that scene from Saving Private Ryan where the sniper has to say a prayer before he shoots and hopes he'll hit his target. He took a tank shell to the face by the end of that film and you'll want the same for yourself by the end of this game.

Upon firing a shot, getting too close, or it being between the hours of 6 and 9 PM EST every weekday the animals will scatter around wildly, the same animals that are near impossible to hit while standing still. They run around forever in this intricate and impossible to predict pattern, often getting stuck and madly spinning around until they free themselves and start running again. Unfortunately that strategy doesn't work for when you get stuck between two trees or rocks, a fact I learned and the cause of multiple restarts. Many missions have absurd time limits, such as killing 15 animals within 20 minutes and giving you no advantage whatsoever. None of the guns are truly different from one another, making it an exercise in futility to swap them out in the field. You also get warnings for ridiculous things such as killing the wrong animal, wounding an animal (Seriously, where in the world does it say your kill is disqualified if you have to wound and track it as opposed to killing it instantly?), shooting an animal behind a bush (find me that one on the rule books while you're at it) or using the wrong firearm to kill a certain animal. Accumulate 5 of these warnings, game over. Time runs out? Game over. "Predator" animal gets within your mile wide hit box? Game over. This could be the hardest game I've played for all the wrong reasons. With 40 missions total, I have a very long road ahead of me.

So let's do a quick recap. Laughable graphics, non-functioning controls, PS1 era framerate, infuriating gameplay and disgusting design. Looking at the achievement descriptions will show you that, with "from" being spelled as "form" in half of them, inconsistent capitalizations, bad sentence structure, spacing errors, etc. This should not be played by anyone under any circumstances. You need this about as much as you need anal seepage. 40 likes on this review and I post a video of me urinating on the disc.

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Posted on 07 December 10 at 23:39, Edited on 01 February 11 at 19:26
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Field & Stream is, by far, the most broken, unplayable, nightmare of a game I have ever tried. If this review stops one person from wasting a game rental, or worse, actual cash to purchase it, my job is done.


Field & Stream has mediocre graphics. The various settings may as well be the same map. Tall grass completely obscures most targets, and the “hunter sense” does not help much. The environment is much more of a hindrance to you than a means of cover.

Also, the game developers made no real effort to give clear graphical differences between the various varmints. You will often shoot the wrong animal and be penalized because you could not distinguish what type of animal it was. More on this soon. 2/10


Ah, here we are at the heart of it. The overall impression of the gameplay can be summed up in one word: frustrating. I’ve already mentioned one of the biggest problems. The various maps are full of animals that are not part of the current hunt, and can actually cause you to fail a mission when you shoot them. And since the game does not bother to display what type of animal you are aiming at, you have to hope you are aiming at the right thing. More importantly, in many missions, you must shoot a certain number of multiple types of animals within a time limit, and a lot of time can be wasted aiming at the wrong animal.

For example, one mission has you hunting foxes, wolves, and bears. Not only do you need to bag a total of 15 critters, you have to do it in 18 minutes. That’s an average of one kill every 72 seconds or so. This is not a target total, with fewer kills accepted for a lower score. You must bag all targets, or fail the mission. That brings up a question: is this a FPS or a hunting simulator?

Did I mention that you cannot move, aim, and use “hunter’s sense” at the same time? Did I mention that when you shoot at one animal, any others in the area scatter to the four corners of the map? Did I mention that the “tracking” tool is completely worthless at guiding you to another group of animals?

The various lures, scent covers, and weapons seem to be used to provide a false sense of variety to the game, but all seem to have little effect on the actual missions, other than requiring certain kills from a blind or tree stand. The trophy room is a nightmare to navigate, as each animal must be deleted individually to make more room, and every time one is deleted, it starts you again from the first trophy, so you must scroll through them all. The fact that a number of achievements are tied to the trophy room is all the more frustrating. 1/10


A few of the achievements for Field & Stream are tied to repeating the same missions over and over again, trying to get enough kills to meet the requirements. Others are given for purchasing all possible gear and using them. Not because they are helpful, just to use them. The majority of achievements are given for completing all missions in a particular region, and these are the killers. With so many great games out there to play, the hours spent trying to 1k this game is like pouring lemon juice in a cut. 2/10

Final Thoughts

Have I made my opinion of this game perfectly clear, yet? If you enjoy hunting games, pick up any of the Cabela’s games before this piece of… well, you get the idea.
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Posted on 07 October 11 at 12:07, Edited on 07 October 11 at 12:17
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Everything Ligerslayer said is true. So I thought I would throw in my 2 cents with some of the other probs I found....things like no setting to switch 'Y' axis for targetting.

The AI is terrible, as mentioned after your first shot everything living thing on the entire map runs for the hills. Animals will run into a tree/rock/mountain, then run in a small circle and head right back to the same obsticle over and over.

All weapons seem to do the same damage, so I would suggest to just grab one of the semi-auto shotguns (10 or 12 guage) like I have seen others post for every hunt. It's usually a one shot kill on either a duck or a grizzley . Many times I have been able to get up to 3 kills with one shot when they are in a group (birds and coyotes this works great on if they are still and it's your first shot). Then, after they run away, chase one till it got caught in a loop and got the other kill.

At the beggining of each mission it will also automatically throw you into sense mode when you are near one of the targets for that mission, but the animal might still be on the other side of a mountain. And then trying to switch into or out of targetting and sense modes will cause you to loose sight of your target many times.

It's not the worst game I have played, but I do regret not looking at others reviews before renting it. Take Ligerslayer's warning, I would have rented something else.
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