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    26 Jun 2010
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    first off let me say that i am NOT a boxing fan at all in fact i hate it. so with that being said lets get to the review.


    so being that the game came out in like 07 or 06 something like that i wasnt expecting outstanding graphics but i was presently surprised when i put the game in to see how great they actually where. you see the sweat dripping off the boxers busing on the face sweat flying off when you throw hard punches i found it pretty sweet to have the graphics it had so id give em 5/5


    now like i said im not a boxing fan im more of a MMA UFC kinda guy so i didnt exactly like the controls having to use the joy sticks to hit because i could to the same movement with the sticks and get a different punch but if you can get over that aspect of the game gameplay is great being able to bob and weave around your opponent making them miss every punch is great. so evenn though there is one part I myself dont like about it i still give it 4.5/5


    if your like me and you dont like boxing but you want an easy game for 1000gs this is a great game to do that with. all you have to do is fight threw career and you get all of them and you can turn off illegal shots so you win everytime but its fun just playing for real. you should have no problem beating everyone but maybe Ali that was the only person i had to use knees and lowblows on (i couldnt hit him with any punches... lol) but easy achievements no the less 5/5

    in all this is a great game even if you dont like boxing the controls are a little wack but still great game 5/5toast
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    P4NDA CAKESThanks! =)
    Posted by P4NDA CAKES on 11 May 11 at 16:50
    GammyGreenGianthow long to get the 1000G then?
    Posted by GammyGreenGiant on 31 Jul 11 at 15:04
    P4NDA CAKESIf I remember correctly it took me no more then 4 days, that's with out being on the whole day. I'm sure you could knock it out in a single day if you fought dirty and played for 5 hours in a day.
    Posted by P4NDA CAKES on 31 Jul 11 at 15:10
  • FittedCabFittedCab224,811
    07 Dec 2010
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    Let me start this review by saying that I'm not a big sports game fan let alone boxing fan.I picked FNR3 back in '06 after trying it at a friend's house and liked what I saw and played. That should prove this games appeal since it got a RPG freak get into the ring and start layin' them haymakers on the opponent!

    FIrst thing about the FNR3 stood out was the graphics but that was 4 years ago so they aren't as impressive anymore but do deliver still for a first wave game. The atmosphere in the ring is brought to your couch pretty damn well and the punches sound like they hurt (except the jabs) when they land. Sure sometimes your fist may look like it's going straight through the opponents head but this happens pretty rarely plus the fights are fast paced (unless you run around the ring like little girl) so you'll be focused on the right defense and countering than graphic hiccups. There's a reason to check the opponents face though since you can see cuts and bruises on it wich can indicate to you about the condition of the enemy and where to keep punching untill the match is called off.

    Matches are hosted by two guys giving you some hints on your gamestyle and your stats. Mainly they'll let you know when you're losing and when the opponent is hurt badly. Hosting get's old fast and you'll hear the same phrases again and again. You can edit these guys off or silence them which you will after 20+ hours into the game. Audio in the game otherwise is good there isn't music playing during the matches but in the menus there's quite variety of music to go with. Matches end up being pretty quiet when all you hear is your footwork and some grunts when somebody gets punched.

    Gameplay is pretty damn solid. You'll learn basic moves fast and the more complicated combos take while to master but aren't overwhelming.
    Playing online can turn out to be hell of a fun when you're going against a pro! Also there's training section where you build your boxers stats by lifting weights and doing target practise ect... These training parts are mandatory before each match and are fun but easy.

    You can also buy alot of gear for your customised boxer starting from shoes all the way to the puck you hold in your mouth. Gear can improve your performace in the ring making it easier to move so choose 'em well!
    The more it cost the better it is that's how it goes.

    Achievements are a walk in the park and will unlock as you play through the career mode. If you're looking for a challenge this is not it. Try FNR4 instead.
  • Removed Gamer
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    at first i thought that this was going to be like all most of the WWE games. but when i first played it i found out that this is a very excelent game.

    the campaign is pretty straight-forward, you play as either a custom charachter or you bring an old boxer back into the buisiness. once you have your guy set up, you can train him to your own speciality. you can have him fast, strong, tough, or all of the above. plus you can give your guy his own moves, taunts, and illegal moves (head-butting, low blow, knee, etc)

    the actual gameplay is the best part (obviously). you can choose how to fight any way that you want. you can be like Ali and run backwards while punching them, or you can be like Ray Robinson and just bash away at your opponents face over and over again (too bad you cant be like Mike Tyson though). and the moves that you do affect your score with the judges. for instance, if you kick the guy in the "shit-bag," then the judges will mark you down on your final score, even if you knee the guy in the face when he is going down for a possible knockout.

    the graphics arent like halo wars, but they did put a lot of work into the detail of the fights. when you knock someone down, it will eventually show a close-up-slow-motion replay, in which you can see the facial expressions of your opponent as you violently punch him. but now matter where you hit them, you can tell from their expression that that particular punch really hurt, and you can see the sweat and blood come off of their head if you punch them in the face. and if your beaten up pretty badly, then that will affect your guy. his head will start to swell where the punches mostly land, and sometimes he will get a fair sized cut somewhere and that will drastically affect him. but the next time you see your guy like that, just pay attention to the details, and you will see how much effort was put into this game.

    i dont have a really fair opinion about the multiplayer because i have only played privet matches with my friend. but i can imagine that it is just like playing the campaign, only your opponent is a LOT smarter with the gameplay.

    the only thing thats a little off about this game is the sound system. but thats no big deal, the only thing thats wrong with it is that sometimes when you get a knock down by punching the guy in the stomach, and you see the slow-mo replay, you will notice that the victims bones start to crack before your fist makes contact. but that is no reason to hate this game.

    if you like boxing then this game is perfect for you. just pull up a chair, play some good music (rage against the machine is a perfect group to listen to while playing this game, or you can play Three Little Birds while you beat the snot out of a helpless victim), and have a good time. this game will kepp you entertained, and it will easily give you 1000 gamerscore points within the first day of playing this awesome game.

    however you want to put it
  • Sonic SleuthSonic Sleuth277,990
    18 Apr 2011
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    Every so often, Two Buck Chuck ends up playing a game that's so worth two bucks, he can't recommend buying the game enough. I'll tell you right up front - Fight Night Round 3 is one of those games. Don't second guess buying it for next-to-nothing, just spend the sheckles and thank me later.

    Fight Night Round 3 is the best that next generation gaming has to offer, with great graphics and sound, smooth, lifelike animations, and a control scheme that benefits from multiple analog sticks. In fact, Electronic Arts has failed to break the solid mold FNR3 created, dropping Fight Night Round 4 sales.. why buy the newer title when the old game is just as good, and there are no truly necessary roster updates, unlike every other EA sports title? Sure, FNR4 has faster gameplay and a revamped career mode, but you're not reading Ten Buck Chuck, so let's stick with its predecessor.

    FNR3 is a great boxing sim that's easy for new gamers to grasp, but complex enough to provide hours of entertainment. There are huge names like Muhammad Ali and Evander Holyfield (both featured in less impressive earlier boxing games), as well as modern era and classic fighters like Bernard Hopkins and Jake LaMotta, and gamers can create and edit their own champion... mine was an Irish brawler with long green shorts and high socks. Be creative!

    The career mode can be as easy or difficult as you prefer, with several difficulty settings that hugely impact the game's frustration level. Play it on the easiest mode, you'll whip everybody you face once you get the controls down and walk away with a cool 1000 GS, no problem. Play it on the hardest mode, and you'll end up with cuts you can't close and knockout blows that seem to come from nowhere. Mini-games are peppered throughout, with various training games and between-round medical treatment. If your twitch skills are good, you can play the mini-games and improve your fighter... otherwise, you can avoid the mini-game and have a moderate performance boost.

    The boxing itself is fun and fairly instinctive. The analog sticks provide movement and punch types - roundhouses require a longer twirl on the right analog stick, jabs are accomplished with a quick flick of the stick. Illegal moves such as rabbit punches are possible (and encouraged if you've switched off the corresponding option in the game's settings), and blocking punches is easy with the right trigger. Strategy is classic boxing - pound the body to wear down your opponent, then go in for the kill. It's fun, and it works, especially against your buddy who does nothing but wild haymakers, one after another.

    And that leads to the real reason to purchase Fight Night Round 3 - the two-player beat downs. Boxing may be losing its audience to MMA, but Chuck isn't interested in complex controls that usually result in an unexpected broken arm, he wants to wail on some poor sap until he flops to the ground in a broken heap. There's something incredibly satisfying about knocking out a friend when the controls are simple and the sounds and graphics are top-rate. And here, they definitely are. Glistening sweat on well-muscled fighters.. well, you might even be able to get your girlfriend to play.

    Sports games are great for guys like Chuck. Millions are spent in development for hard-core fans of the sport, and a few years after their release, they become abusively cheap. While some feature dated graphics and players, others... like Fight Night Round 3... have terrific graphics, responsive control, fun game play, and a very cheap price. If you've never played the series, I'd bet two bucks you'll like it.

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    13 Oct 2009 01 Jul 2015
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    100% means a review is due

    FNR3 is boxing at its very best. Although there is nothing really to brag about in getting all the achievements as my 8 year old nephew has them. The training and actual fights are very well put together. It really tries to immerse you into the boxing world.

    If you want cartoon action go somewhere else. If you really want to box try FNR3. with a little practice you can even bob, duck, and weave your way around your opponents punches to deliver counters almost at will. the strength and stamina bars are nice. I liked playing with them off so you have to kinda feel your way during the fight. PICK IT UP AND PLAY IT AS FNR4 IS HERE AND YOU CAN GET THIS CHEAP.

    Overall 4 out of 5

    Replayablity 4/5

    Fun Factor: 3.5/5

    Playability 4.5/5