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Friday XBL Content Roundup: November 22nd, 2013

Unless you've been living under a rock for the few months, you won't have been able to escape the fact that the Xbox One launched today in 13 countries across the world. As Microsoft are now pushing

Posted 5 years ago by Rebecca Smith, 45 comments

Fighter Within Launch Trailer and Screens

For those not into actual scrapping with friends to release the stress of the day, Dakota's upcoming Kinect-required fighter, Fighter Within, is set to allow players to unleash their inner-rage throu

Posted 5 years ago by Ashley Woodcock, 9 comments

Retail Releases: Week of November 18th, 2013

In the week that will see the gaming world welcome in the next generation of consoles, the current-gen has plenty of new titles to keep everyone else busy. The latest iteration in the long-running Ne

Posted 5 years ago by Keith Gray, 34 comments

Fighter Within Inside the Game Trailer

Have you ever felt the urge to just punch someone in the face? Or have you ever thought about whether you'd win against your best friend in a street fight? This, along with other fist-related questio

Posted 5 years ago by Marc Hollinshead, 9 comments

New Fighter Within Screens and Gameplay Trailer

With the advanced hardware that the Xbox One is set to bring to the table, many gaming genres are able to advance as well. The fighting genre is no different. With Fighter Within, Dakota and Ubisoft

Posted 5 years ago by Marc Hollinshead, 3 comments

Fighter Within Screenshots Pack Serious Punch

The idea of a core title utilizing strictly motion controls is often met with a great deal of skepticism. Ubisoft's Fighter Within looks to change people's perception of such titles when it launches

Posted 5 years ago by litepink, 11 comments

Fighter Within Announced for Xbox One

At Gamescom in Germany, Ubisoft have announced the first Kinect-enabled fighting title exclusively designed for the next-generation Xbox One system, titled Fighter Within. Using the newest Kinect tec

Posted 5 years ago by Dread Reaver, 12 comments