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Posted on 16 November 13 at 22:57, Edited on 19 November 13 at 12:09
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This game has been rated poorly on here, and I don't see why. According to me it has thrilling action sequences, good controls, beautiful graphics and a sprinkle of humour.

A word of warning: this game is designed to be played co-op, if you're planning on playing it alone, try the demo to gague if you'd like to solo through it. I really, really recommend you to get a couch or online buddy though for more than double the fun!

The game is basically a classic co-op 2D hack-slash-shooter with multiple characters, unlockable weapons and skills. The fighting is smooth, the missions, environments, skills and weapons are varied, and it's purdy and fun!

It nods its head at several old monster movies and games, and reminds me a lot of the SNES classic Zombies ate my Neighbours, though the gameplay is vastly different.

There are a few mechanics apart from the fighting and slashing, quite a bit of exploring and a tiny bit of problem solving. I won't go into specifics not to spoil anything, let's just say it doesn't get boring or tedious.

Is there anything bad about it then? well, let's talk about difficulty... This game caters to hardcore gamers in many ways. You rank up combo points for playing not only variedly but also flawlessly, as soon as you get hit you lose all your bonus points. If you're playing local co-op, you share the combo meter, if one of you gets hit the combo is over. So try to pair up with a fellow achievement hunter if you can.

So what, "points, who cares" right? Well, like it or not points are part of what determines your upgrades at the end of the level. So the better you fare, the better off you'll be. Conversely, take too long or die a lot and you'll end the level with zero points and upgrades.

The game is intended for replay, maybe a bit heavily so, as you're pretty measily rewarded for picking a higher difficulty but rather for playing fast and without getting hit, which is near impossible before leveling your character. That "easy" sessions are in the top ten of the leaderboards is a clear indication of how unbalanced it is. Once you level your character and get the hang of how to score highly, the higher difficulties start to yield massive bonuses though.

That being said, you'll have to adapt your playstyle heavily for the second playthrough/highest scoring cheevos so it stirs up the game enough to keep it interesting! I find myself replaying levels to improve my highscore about as much as I did for Mark of the Ninja and that's a good grade in my book!

As for achievements, they're also dependent on replaying the game at least once at a higher difficulty, but you'll probably need (and want) to play a few levels more. There are a few that require co-op, one online co-op and a few grinding ones that can be achieved during regular (re)play. All in all, not a quick game to 100% at all, but it's pretty damn fun so who cares?

Cons: Difficulty might feel a bit unbalanced. Intended for co-op play so solo play is less fun. And why is it so goddamn hard to reload your gun?

Pros: Neat graphics, beautiful design, varied, fun to replay, great co-op experience. Basically everything except the "cons".

Verdict: You definitely get a lot of bang for your buck, if you enjoyed co-op:ing in Castle crashers/Scott pilgrim you'll enjoy this one. If you're trying it solo, give the demo a whirl and decide.
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