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    12 Feb 2009
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    This title was first released on the Playstation 2 a handful of years ago, its a fairly solid game, and is now available on the PC and Xbox 360 formats. Although it is unplayable on the Playstation 3 I have heard.

    When the game was released and even up to this current point in time it is a very solid MMO, but is notably one of(If not) the hardest MMO's in terms of time sinks and difficulty.

    The game has been out for quite a long time for an MMO and currently boasts 500,000 or so subscribers, which compared to World of Warcraft may not seem like much but, Pre-WoW it was massive. Even this far into the games life cycle it still boasts semi-frequent updates and a large population base.

    If your not currently playing it, I wouldn't really recommend just now jumping in, you will be at a severe disadvantage and Square-Enix is actually supposed to release more information on there next Final Fantasy MMO at this years E3.

    Please note: In order to play this game, you must have a Hard Drive, an active internet connection(Broadband in order to connect to Xbox Live) and pay a monthly recurring subscription fee(12.95+).
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    Cosmic KatamariI would say don't stop yourself from playing it simply due to how long it is out. New people always join and with the level sync system, it's easier to party and lvl now. Besides the other mmorpg SE announced was for japan only and it's only a rumor that they are working on a new one. Even if they are, it will be another 3-4 years before it is released in the US and Europe.
    Posted by Cosmic Katamari on 25 Feb 09 at 14:22
    Cosmic KatamariAlso, they are releasing 3 more expansion packs this year.
    Posted by Cosmic Katamari on 25 Feb 09 at 14:23

    They started working on "Rapture"(their next-gen MMO) shortly after FFXI had released, they also said in their latest press release, that more rapture info will be provided at this years E3, its been in development for some time, so I reckon that it will be released either late this year or early next year, not 3-4 years.

    On another note, they are not releasing 3 expansions, they will have less then a quarter of what a normal expansion has, and will introduce no new jobs, areas, and most likely not very many items. They said that it will just be to introduce more "story" into the game. So calling them expansions isn't really appropriate when you compare it to Rise of the Zilart, Chains of Promathia, Aht Urghan, and Wings of the Goddess.
    Posted by Ryo0ki on 25 Feb 09 at 14:54
    TheBigBBIt is VERY difficult to get into this game at this point, especially coming from more recent MMOs. It's extremely unfriendly to new players, offering little in the way of tutorial or direction.
    Posted by TheBigBB on 06 Jul 09 at 22:07

    While I will agree, that this is probably one of the least(Eve is worse) "beginner friendly games", the situation was remedied recently with a lot more tutorial content, a few updates back. I have been playing for years and such have no idea as to the quality of said tutorial, although I digress, that most servers have tons of very "casual friendly" linkshells(FFXI "Guilds") which will more then likely help you more then any game created tutorial.

    Secondly, I would like to note that this is not a "casual" game such as World of Warcraft, in the sense that the game does not play for you. Such as running to your next quest marker and the such, which in my humble opinion is a good thing.
    Posted by Ryo0ki on 24 Jul 09 at 18:45
    JanaakMight as well read up on what job you want to take to 75 first... Probably along the way you'll be offered a linkshell and usually that is where you'll get the most help in playing FFXI. Of course no asking to help with the Gil department, lol.
    Posted by Janaak on 24 Jul 09 at 19:01
    ERIKDOTCOMDoes leveling up ever end in this game?
    Posted by ERIKDOTCOM on 23 Nov 09 at 00:29
    HoffmanJust wanted to drop you a note Ryo0ki, SE has stated they plan on continuing to support this game for a long time. They just released another update for the game, and released another ultimate collection with all the expansions. They've also made leveling and soloing easier. I haven't played since like Jan of 2010, but I'm getting back in. If anyone wants some help my character is Matina on the Gilgamesh server.
    Posted by Hoffman on 22 May 11 at 17:22
    MFMegazeroxOh, right, looking back at this, rapture was FFXIV right? Well, we ALL know how that turned out. ^_^
    Posted by MFMegazerox on 23 Jun 11 at 05:58
    Dogeatr00Highly recommended, easier than ever to level and the jobs are awesome to lvl and experience! Found out how awesome BST and BRD really are.
    Posted by Dogeatr00 on 25 May 15 at 08:31