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Nalbina Dungeons & Barheim Passage

Nalbina Dungeons

Recommended Level 5-7

Nalbina Dungeons

You'll wake up in the Nalbina Dungeons with Balthier. Fran is off trying to find a way out. Start off by exploring the area in the first dungeon room. There are a few chests here that contain Knots of Rust. Save your game and then head into the next area. 

After a long cutscene that involves Van being captured by the Seeqs Galeedo, Gwitch and Daguzo, Balither will join Vaan. They will end up needing to fight the three Seeqs. This is an easy enough fight. Start with taking out Gwitch, as he is able to cast Cure. 

After the fight has ended, it's time to make your way out of the Nalbina Dungeons. Head into the Confiscatory. You can save your game here, and then head into The Black Watch. 

There are a number of Imperial Soldiers in this area:

  • Imperial Hoplite
  • Imperial Magus
  • Imperial Marksman
  • Imperial Swordsman

None are particularly hard to kill, but if in a group, attack the ranged enemies. Take the time to explore this area and kill all the enemies for the extra experience and License Points. You'll be able to get a small chain bonus on these enemies, which may reward you with some loot. There may also be some treasure chests.

You can make a rare enemy appear here, the Imperial Pilot. There's no added benefit, but you can kill it at the beginning of the area after you've killed all of the other enemies. 

The doorway to the next area is in the northern section, and you'll get a short cinematic here. There will be another cutscene that will show you Basch. At the end of the cutscene, he'll be part of the party as a guest to get you through the Barheim Passage. 

Barheim Passage

Recommended Level 7-10

Barheim Passage

Important Enemies

  • Mimic Queen (Boss)

You'll start in The Lightworks, and proceed down one level in the first se3ction, and then take a right into a small corridor. There should be three chests here that will give you a decent amount of Gil. Then search for a wooden bridge. This leads towards a large pillar in the middle of the room. Approach the pillar and then choose to activate the Timeworm Device. You'll be told it's not working, so head downstairs and save your game at the Save Crystal. 

Walk down to the bottom floor, and speak with the Bangaa Burrogh. He'll give you a Tube Fuse that can be used on the Timeworm Device. Once you've done that, speak to Burrogh again and he'll open his shop to you. You'll be able to purchase a number of different items. And depending on what jobs you've selected for Vaan, Balthier and Fran, it's a good idea to upgrade the weapons and armor that you can afford to, as long as you've unlocked the License Board tiles for them. 

Once you've placed the Tube Fuse in the Timeworm Device, use the Gate Switchboard to the left of Burrough. This will open the Wrought Iron GateBurrogh will then give you a brief explanation of how the Charge Gauge works (the status bar and percentage on the top right corner of the screen).

You need to have some charge left in order to keep the lights in the passageway on, otherwise, you will be ambushed by much tougher enemies if the lights turn off. Opening a gate requires a charge of 30%. The enemy Mimics will drain both the energy and charge from wires.  So you need to kill them as quickly as possible, and you'll regain a small amount of stolen charge after killing a Mimic.  

If you have a Black Mage, Mimics are weak to Blizzard Magick, otherwise, just kill them using normal attacks. From the Lightworks, head into Op Sector 29.

When you see that charge is being drained, the first thing you need to do is find and kill the Mimic. It's a good idea to ignore other enemies and then deal with them afterwards. The last thing you want to do is run out of charge. Head into the next area, Great Eastern Passage. 

This area has a set of train tracks that run through the tunnels. Run down to the lower level and kill the Battery Mimics you come across. Head south until you reach a fork in the road. Take the pathway to the right to kill another Battery Mimic. Travel back to the fork and then take the left path. You'll continue killing enemies on this path. 

Go back to the fork in the road, and head down the pathway on thr right side. This leads through the middle of the area you're in. There will be some train tracks heading off to the right, make a u-turn here to find a green Urn with the map of the Barheim Passage. 

So now you journey through the Barheim Passage won't be so hard. Then head over to the next area, Op Sector 36, killing any enemies along the way. From Op Sector 36, head into Special Op Sector 3, again killing all enemies along the way. Heading west in Special Op Sector 3 will take you to Op Sector 37. There's two Battery Mimics and some Flans here. Go back to Special Op Sector 3 and head south to North-South Junction. 

You'll have a cutscene here, and Basch will equip himself, making him more powerful. Save your game at the Orange Save Crystal and then head to the Great Central Passage. In this area, there will be Mimics disguised as treasure chests, but don't be hesitant to open treasure chests, as these Mimics aren't hard to kill. The difference between a treasure chest and a Mimic is that a Mimic has a blue glow around it. 

There's another Battery Mimic in this area, and then you can head into the next area, The Zeviah Subterrane. There's a lot of Tiny Mimics, Mimics and Battery Mimics here. Focus on killing the Battery Mimics first, so you don't lose too much charge. Then kill the other enemies. Head southwards, and when it appears that the terrain has ended, you can cross the water to kill the last Battery Mimic. Head back up and into the next area. 

Terminus No. 4 Adjunct has a blue Save Crystal. You'll want to save, as in the next room, Terminus No. 4, you'll be fighting a boss. 

Boss: Mimic Queen

  • Level: 10
  • HP: 4,073
  • Steal: Knot of Rust (55%), Storm Magicite (10%), Rose Corsage (3%)

The Mimic Queen will start out my spawning a number of Tiny Mimics to help here. You should ignore them as she will keep spawning them. The Mimic Queen is weak to Blizzard Magick, meaning that if you have access to it, this fight will be a lot shorter. She also susceptible to Slow if you are able to use it (and have acquired it). 

It's not a hard fight overall, especially as she doesn't move. 

Terminus No. 4 will collapse after the Mimic Queen has been defeated, and you'll have a cutscene that ends with your party in the Dalmasca Estersand. Balthier will suggest heading to Rabanastre, so use the Save Crystal before heading out. 

You'll get the following achievement upon exiting the Barheim Passage:

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